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Pokemon Black and White walkthrough, Ultimate game guides.

Pokemon Black and White walkthrough, Ultimate game guides.
Csorna : PublishDrive, 2016.
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Pokemon Black and White walkthrough, Ultimate game guides.
Csorna : PublishDrive, 2016.
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Good news to the Pokemon Black and White gamers - This PBW ultimate game guide is finally out in the market!Featuring game information, pokemon intel, and in game strategies to help you "catch 'em all!"Download today before the price goes back upPokemon Black/White Walkthrough -Once you start the game and watch the opening scenes, then select "New Game", you can be given an explanation of the Pokemon world. The Professor telling you of it is Professor Juniper. She's the first in-game female professor actually! Anyhow, after you select your gender and then your name, the camera will swoop into your house as Professor Juniper enters ...Nuvema TownYour character will be inside your room, which is upstairs (as always), with your friend, Cheren. Bianca, another friend, will soon enter and the three of you focus on the present on the table. It contains your three starter Pokemon of the Unova region.̃̃ Snivy, and all three of its evolutions, are of the Grass type. They are weak to Fire, Flying, Ice, Bug, and Poison. You'll have trouble going for the third, sixth, and seventh badges if you pick this Pokemon, although you will have an advantage in the fifth gym. Generally, this Pokemon is good for a challenge play, because the type-coverer you'll get later only helps cover one of the five weaknesses and provides no direct advantage in the Gyms, except the first (which is mandatory).̃̃ Tepig is of the Fire-type. It is weak to Rock, Water, and Ground. Its evolutions are Fire/Fighting, and add the weaknesses of Flying and Psychic while neutralizing the Rock weakness. Tepig itself will do good in the third and seventh Gyms, while having trouble in the fifth. The evolutions will have additional advantages in the second and seventh (yeah, dual-advantage) while having trouble with the sixth. The type-coverer later on will help out in the fifth gym, and it covers the Rock/Ground weaknesses. I would use this Pokemon for a somewhat-easy playthrough.̃̃ Oshawott is of the Water-type. It is weak to Grass and Electric. It'll have problems in only the seventh gym. The type-coverer will help cover the Grass weakness. So, generally, this Pokemon will help you learn the basics of the game and is best for beginners.After this, Bianca, then Cheren, pick their Pokemon, which are determined by what YOU picked.
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