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‏יוסף מיט זיינע ברידער

  • ‏יוסף מיט זיינע ברידער
  • Yosef mit zayne brider.
Thalia Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
New York : Kruger und Lifshits, 1895.

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1 placard : ill.; 34 x 24 cm
Alternative Title
  • ‏מצרים אין אמעריקא
  • Mitsrayim in Ameriḳe
  • Egypt in America! The year of hunger swallowed up by many sated years - where is a Joseph that we may interpret our dreams? Purim Ḳatan is a big holiday and the custom is also the obligation for Jews to be happy and cheerful...this day is also the 3426th birthday of liberation from Egypt!...Thursday evening, February 20th (Purim Ḳatan)...One-time production of the famous historical operetta...Everything is original, Oriental, and dizzyingly rich...Extra surprise! 40 live sheep! With Madame Karp (Goldstein) as Benjamin, Madame Epstein as Rachel's ghost, Madame Thomashefsky as Zilkha, Mr. Thomashefsky as Joseph the Righteous, Mr. Karp as Yehudah, Mr. Hayne (Haimovitz) az Midian, Mr. Bernstein as Yaḥtsa'el.
Call Number
**P (Thomashefsky Collection, Poster No. 152) (Flat File)
Thalia Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
Yosef mit zayne brider.
Alternate Script for Title
יוסף מיט זיינע ברידער
New York : Kruger und Lifshits, 1895.
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Added Author
Laṭayner, Yosef, 1853-1935.
Alternate Script for Added Author
לאטיינער, יוסף
Other Title
Mitsrayim in Ameriḳe
Alternate Script for Other Title
מצרים אין אמעריקא
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**P (Thomashefsky Collection, Poster No. 152) (Flat File)
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