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Unissued Edison records

Unissued Edison records, 1911-1925.


Additional Authors
  • Destinnová, Ema, 1878-1930
  • Anselmi, Giuseppe, 1876-1929
  • Melis, Carmen, 1885-1967
  • Feinhals, Fritz, 1869-1940
  • Matzenauer, Margarete, 1881-1963
  • Beddoe, Daniel, 1863-1937
  • Schumann, Elisabeth
  • Chalmers, Thomas, 1884-1966
  • Vergeri, Emilia
  • Jörn, Karl
  • Muzio, Claudia, 1889-1936
  • Leisner, Emmi
  • Bonci, Alessandro, 1870-1940
  • Korsoff, Lucette, 1876-1955
  • Parvis, Taurino, 1879-
  • Labia, Maria, 1880-1953
  • Ciccolini, Guido, 1885-1963
  • Lazzari, Virgilio, 1887-1953
  • Le Fontenay, Odette
  • Mascagni, Pietro, 1863-1945.
  • Bizet, Georges, 1838-1875.
  • Cilèa, Francesco, 1866-1950.
  • Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883.
  • Verdi, Giuseppe, 1813-1901.
  • Puccini, Giacomo, 1858-1924.
  • Donizetti, Gaetano, 1797-1848.
  • Buzzi-Peccia, Arturo, 1854-1943.
  • Meyerbeer, Giacomo, 1791-1864.
  • Flotow, Friedrich von, 1812-1883.
  • Gounod, Charles, 1818-1893.
  • Fourdrain, Félix.
1 audio tape reel : analog, 7 1/2 ips, full-track, mono; 10 in.
  • Title from contents list inside original reel box.
  • Recording of dubs from unissued Edison discs compiled by Raymond Wile for a lecture given at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts December 4, 1972. Lecture is available in *LT-10 1802.
Access (note)
  • Access to original audio tape reels is restricted; item is in need of preservation. Advance notification required for use.
Voi lo sapete from Cavalleria Rusticana (Emmy Destinn, soprano; Matrix 887A recorded in New York, 15 January, 1911) / Mascagni -- Je crois entendre encore from Les Pêcheurs de perles (sung in Italian by Giuseppe Anselmi, tenor; Matrix 1375A recorded in London, January 1913) / Bizet -- Io sono l'umile ancella from Adriana Lecouvreur (Carmen Melis, soprano; Matrix 2195B recorded in New York, 21 March, 1913) / Cilea -- Wohl wusst' ich hier sie im Gebet zu finden from Tannhäuser (Fritz Feinhals, baritone; Matrix 2757A recorded in London, Nov. or Dec. 1913) / Wagner -- O Don fatale from Don Carlos (Margarethe Matzenauer, mezzo-soprano; Matrix 3606B recorded in New York, 25 February, 1915) / Verdi -- Che gelida manina from La Bohème (Dan Beddoe, tenor; Matrix 3125C recorded in New York, 24 June, 1914) / Puccini -- Je dis que rien ne m'épouvante from Carmen (Elisabeth Schumann, soprano; Matrix 3568C recorded in New York, 8 February, 1915) / Bizet -- Ora a noi from Madama Butterfly (Thomas Chalmers, baritone and Emilia Vergeri, soprano; Matrix 6352A recorded in New York, 6 September 1918) / Puccini -- Una furtiva lagrima from L'Elisir d'amore (Karl Jörn, tenor; Matrix 4416C recorded in New York, 12 January, 1916) / Donizetti -- Mon Jardin (Claudia Muzio, soprano; Matrix 9975C recorded in New York, 28 January, 1925) / music by Félix Fourdrain; lyrics by André Alexandre -- Torna amore (Claudia Muzio, soprano; Matrix 9401B recorded in New York, 4 March 1924) / A. Buzzi-Peccia -- Qui je suis from Le Prophète (sung in German by Emmi Leisner, mezzo-soprano; Matrix 3206B recorded in London, June 1914) / Meyerbeer -- Ach, so fromm from Martha (sung in Italian by Alessandro Bonci, tenor; Matrix 2094B recorded in New York, 13 January, 1913) / Flotow -- Tutte le feste al tempio from Rigoletto (Lucette Korsoff, soprano and Taurino Parvis, baritone; Matrix 3188A recorded in London, June 1914) / Verdi -- Vissi d'arte from Tosca (Maria Labia, soprano; Matrix 3167B recorded in London, June 1914) / Puccini -- Apothéose from Faust (Odette le Fontenay, soprano, Guido Ciccolini, tenor, and Virgilio Lazzari, bass; Matrix 5709C recorded in New York, 25 July, 1917) / Gounod.
Call Number
*LT-10 1799
Unissued Edison records, 1911-1925.
Type of Content
performed music
Type of Medium
Type of Carrier
audiotape reel
Access to original audio tape reels is restricted; item is in need of preservation. Advance notification required for use.
Added Author
Destinnová, Ema, 1878-1930, performer.
Anselmi, Giuseppe, 1876-1929, performer.
Melis, Carmen, 1885-1967, performer.
Feinhals, Fritz, 1869-1940, performer.
Matzenauer, Margarete, 1881-1963, performer.
Beddoe, Daniel, 1863-1937, performer.
Schumann, Elisabeth, performer.
Chalmers, Thomas, 1884-1966, performer.
Vergeri, Emilia, performer.
Jörn, Karl, performer.
Muzio, Claudia, 1889-1936, performer.
Leisner, Emmi, performer.
Bonci, Alessandro, 1870-1940, performer.
Korsoff, Lucette, 1876-1955, performer.
Parvis, Taurino, 1879- performer.
Labia, Maria, 1880-1953, performer.
Ciccolini, Guido, 1885-1963, performer.
Lazzari, Virgilio, 1887-1953, performer.
Le Fontenay, Odette, performer.
Container of (work): Mascagni, Pietro, 1863-1945. Cavalleria rusticana. Voi lo sapete.
Container of (expression): Bizet, Georges, 1838-1875. Pêcheurs de perles. Je crois entendre encore. Italian.
Container of (work): Cilèa, Francesco, 1866-1950. Adriana Lecouvreur. Io son l'umile ancella.
Container of (work): Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883. Tannhäuser. Wohl wusst' ich hier sie im Gebet zu finden.
Container of (work): Verdi, Giuseppe, 1813-1901. Don Carlos. O don fatal.
Container of (expression): Puccini, Giacomo, 1858-1924. Bohème. Che gelida manina. English.
Container of (work): Bizet, Georges, 1838-1875. Carmen. Je dis que rien ne m'épouvante.
Container of (work): Puccini, Giacomo, 1858-1924. Madama Butterfly. Ora a noi.
Container of (work): Donizetti, Gaetano, 1797-1848. Elisir d'amore. Furtiva lagrima.
Container of (work): Buzzi-Peccia, Arturo, 1854-1943. Torna, amore.
Container of (expression): Meyerbeer, Giacomo, 1791-1864. Prophète. Qui je suis. German.
Container of (work): Flotow, Friedrich von, 1812-1883. Martha. Ach! so fromm, ach! so traut.
Container of (work): Verdi, Giuseppe, 1813-1901. Rigoletto. Tutte le feste al tempio.
Container of (work): Puccini, Giacomo, 1858-1924. Tosca. Vissi d'arte.
Container of (work): Gounod, Charles, 1818-1893. Faust. Apothéose.
Container of (expression): Fourdrain, Félix. Mon jardin.
Publisher No.
887A Edison
1375A Edison
2195B Edison
2757A Edison
3606B Edison
3125C Edison
3568C Edison
6352A Edison
4416C Edison
9975C Edison
9401B Edison
3206B Edison
2094B Edison
3188A Edison
3167B Edison
5709C Edison
Research Call Number
*LT-10 1799
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