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American popular songs, 1895-1973 reel 61.

American popular songs, 1895-1973 [microform] : reel 61.
[Various places] : [various publishers], ©1950-1951.

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reel 61: 1950-1951Notated musicUse in library *ZB-2491 reel 61: 1950-1951Performing Arts Research Collections - Music


1 microfilm reel.
  • Popular songs chiefly for voice and piano.
  • Titles in order of apperance on microfilm.
Reproduction (note)
  • Microfilm.
  • P.S. 1950, series 2: A-round the corner (beneath the berry tree) / by Josef Marais -- America / by Louis Maur -- Bar-b-que / words and music by Bill Hitz, Charles Holden -- The bells of St. Patrick’s Cathedral / words by James Kelenson, music by Dick Campbell -- Beloved, be faithful / words and music by Ervin Drake, Jimmy Shirl -- The blacksmith blues / words and music by Jack Holmes -- Caruso on a carousel / by Louis Maur -- Christmas feeling / music by Ray Giles, words by Randy Rogers [lead sheet] -- Ciribiribin on the mandolin / by Al Hoffman, Leo Corday and Leon Carr -- The cockney ragtime band / words by Bunny Lewis, music by Nelly Goletti -- Co-co-cocoanut / lyrics by John Latouche, music by Paulo Alencar -- Come on-a my house / words and music by Ross Bagdasarian and William Saroyan -- Country wedding day / by Vern Hansen -- Day dreaming / words and music by Al Russell and Ike Dixon Jr. -- Diggin’ for old black coal / words by Gilbert S. Watson, music by Ellen J. Graff -- Drink, drink, drink / [by] Henry Russell and Vick Knight -- Eat drink and be merry / words by Alfred Carter, music by S. Alice Wilcox -- A friend of Johnny’s / lyric by Hal Dickinson, music by Allan Copeland -- A garden on a star / words by Jimmy Kennedy, music by Lou Singer -- The glory of my wedding / by Louis Maur -- Goodbye G.I. Al / words by Eddie Maxwell and Harry Akst, music by Harry Akst -- A Gordon for me / words and music by Robert Wilson -- Green grass and peaceful pastures / by Joe Lubin and Marjorie Goetschius -- The hall of ivy / by Henry Russell and Vick Knight -- Hymn to peace / words and music by Floyd Newburg -- I’m praying to Saint Christopher / lyric by Harry MacPherson, music by Albert Von Tilzer -- I dream of you Colette = (Dormir chez-vous) / words by Jacques Larue, English version by Eric Maschwitz, music by Paul Durand -- I hear a choir / by Dave Franklin -- I just need $999,999.99 (To be a millionaire) / by Dan Shapiro and Lester Lee -- I looked at Norah (and she looked at me) / lyric by Malia Rosa, music by Anita Smith -- I never knew I loved you (till I lost you) / lyric by Jack Yellen, music by Harold Barlow -- I stole you from somebody else (Now somebody stole you from me) / by Frank Capano, Tony Starr and Tommy Tucker -- I want a Christmas drum / words and music by Ted Varnick and Nick Acquaviva -- I will love you forever, my love / words and music by Ted Varnick and Nick Acquaviva -- I’ll never be lonely again / words by Ruth Hughes Aarons, music by Albert Hague -- If you’ve got the money I’ve got the time / words and music by Lefty Frizzell and Jim Beck -- Isle of Innisfree / words and music by Richard Farrelly -- It’s Christmas now / by Louis Maur -- It is no secret (what God can do) / words and music by Stuart Hamblen -- It’s no wonder I remember you / words by Hal Dickinson, music by Jerry Gray -- Jezebel / by Wayne Shanklin -- Just live for today / words and music by Fanny Wolff and Tod Chase -- A kiss and a promise / words and music by Benny Davis -- La-le-lu / original words by Heino Gaze, English words by Mack David, music by Heino Gaze -- Love means love / words and music by Bonnie Lake and Carl Sigman -- Make believe land / lyric by Benny Davis, music by Abner Silver -- Marianna / words by Mann Curtis, music by Vic Mizzy -- Michael McInerny / words and music by Sam H. Stept -- Mommy, won’t you buy a baby brother (or sister for me?) / by Eddie Maxwell and Eve Whitney -- My brother / words and music by Mel Waters and Ted Jacoby -- My funny, sunny, honey bunny / words and music by Irvin Wagner -- My hymn of home / by Lanny Ross -- My life with you / words and music by Stuart Hamblen -- My love serenade / words by Kermit Goell, music adapted by Dick Foy and Kermit Goell -- My song, my love / words by Gerda, music by Malcolm Beelby -- Patudie / words by Randy Rogers, music by ray Giles -- The place where I worship (is the wide open spaces) / lyric by Florence Tarr and Fay Foster, music by Al Goodhart -- Popo the poppet can do anything (when somebody else pulls the string) / by Sylvia Fine -- Rock little baby (also known as “Rock little daddy”) / words and music by Eunice Davis and Alberta Hunter -- Rosy apples / words and music by Leslie Baguley and Tommie Connor -- Saturday night in Dublin / words and music by Tommie Connor and Jack Golden -- Say no more = (Pas d’histoire) / French and English lyrics by Don Canton, music by Charles Wynn -- Sea rovin’ cowboy (Tumble-i-ee tumble-i-o) / words and music by Jimmy Eaton, Terry Shand -- She made a money out of me / words and music by Paul Koy -- Sound off (Duckworth chant) / by Willie Lee Duckworth -- There’s no boat like a rowboat / by Irving Gordon -- There is no Christmas like a home Christmas / words by Carl Sigman, music by Mickey J. Addy -- There’s a rainbow smiling for you / words by Helen Hamill, music by Mabel Moore -- There’s no season on love / by Al Morgan, Deke Moffitt and Otto Bissmeyer -- Thirsty for you kisses / words by Lee Morris and Bill Ficks, music by Lee Morris -- Tulips and heather / by Milton Carson -- Until I met you / words and music by Al Russell and Ike Dixonm, Jr. -- The voice of the wilds / by Louis Maur -- Walkin’ / words and music by Mary Lou Williams, Lindsay Steele -- A wand’ring troubadour / words and music by Kay Twomey and Alice D. Simms -- What about tonight / words and music by Jack Allen -- When the saints come marching in / words and music by Edward C. Redding -- When will it happen to me / lyric by Bernie Baum and Mel Glaser, music by Stephan Weiss -- Would I love you (Love you, love you) / words by Bob Russell, music by Harold Spina -- Yea-boo / by Art Kassel -- You’re gonna love somebody, someday (Just like I love you) / words and music by Neil Lawrence, Sammy Marks, Gene Gifford -- You don’t have to drop a heart to break it / words by Al J. Neiburg, music by J. Fred Coots -- You never say ‘I love you’ any more / by Johnny Keane and Danny Parker.
  • P.S. 1950, series 3: The Alabama waltz / by Hank Williams -- All my life / lyric by Sidney Mitchell, music by Sam H. Stept -- Bashful rascal / by June Carter and Pauline Hargrove -- Because you love me / by Leon Payne -- Big Dipper / by Wally Wallace -- The billy boat boogie / by Curly Kinsey -- Bless your little thumping gizzard / by Ira Louvin, Eddie Hill, Charles Louvin -- Blue skies and sunshine / by Helen Carter and Anita Carter -- Blues in the moonlight / by Fred Rose -- The blues won’t ever leave me / by Si Jenkins -- Bumble bee / by Leon Payne -- La caña de azucar = The sugar cane rhumba / music and lyrics by Humberto Herrera -- Cane bottom chair / by Johnny Marks and Willard Robison -- Change partners / by Red river Dave McEnery -- Chattanoogie shoe shine boy / by Harry Stone & Jack Stapp -- Christmas alone / by Johnny Bailes and Al Courtney -- Clomp, click, click / by William S. Nash -- Cold feet / by Thelma Blackmon, Woody Blackmon and Jimmy Dickens -- Cold steel blues / words by Larry Stevens and Red Kirk, music by Rusty Rasmussen -- Confusin’ / by Louis Innis -- Cowwpoke / words and music by Stan Jones -- The day they laid Mary away / by Fred Rose -- Dear Mister Santa Claus / by Connie Taylor -- Don’t’ do anything today (that you’ll be sorry for tomorrow) / by Vi Ott and Terry Shand -- Don’t misunderstand / lyric by Carl Sigman, music by Charles Trenet and Marc Herrand -- Draw up the papers, lawyer / by Terry Shand, Jason Matthews -- E-A-S-T-E-R / by Cliff Rodgers -- Eulalia / by Rusty Gabbard -- Everything’s okay / by Hank Williams -- Farewell (for just awhile) / lyric by Jack Brooks, music by Eddie Lund -- Fatal letter / by Leon Payne -- Fiddlin’ boogie / by Curley Williams -- For crying out loud / by Frank Porter -- Forever isn’t long enough to love you / by Doris Schrop -- Fourflusher / by Zeke Clements -- From the manger to the cross / by Odell McLeod -- From the time you say goodbye (The parting song) / words and music by Leslie Sturdy -- Gonna shake hands with mother over there / by Ira Louvin, Eddie Hill, Chas. Louvin -- Got a little light / by James Carson -- Gotta find me somebody to love / by Fred Rose -- The grandest land on earth / by Irving Bibo and Lynn Cowan -- Great American eagle / by Leon Payne -- Grits and gravy blues / by Raymond F. Scrivner -- Harmony rag / lyric by Leo Corday and Leon Carr, music by Hal Nichols -- The land of Hatchy Milatchy / by Hugh E. Perette, Herb Fine -- The heartbreak express / by George E. (Speedy) Krise -- Heartbroken / by Helen Carter -- Here, on freedom’s frontier / words and music by Willard Gordon Vaughan -- (In the) Hills of tomorrow / [by] kBeasley Smith, Owen Bradley, Eddy Arnold -- Hit the road / words and music by Art. Crossman -- A house of gold / by Hank Williams -- How can you refuse him now / by Hank Williams -- How long is forever? / by Johnny Marks -- How many hearts do you have / by Fred Rose and Steve Nelson -- I’m a lone wolf / by Leon Payne -- I’m a regular daddy now / by Jimmie Skinner -- I’m getting’ nowhere fast / by Fred Rose -- I’m just gonna take life as it comes / words and music by Bob A. Davis -- I’m little but I’m loud / by Boudleaux Bryant and Jimmy Dickens -- I’m loved / lyric by William Engvick, music by Michel Emer, Pierre Dorssey -- I’m not alone (I’m just lonesome) / by Skeets Yaney, Moon Mullins -- I’m wearing a carnation / by Buck Rodgers and Bill Bruno -- I can’t tell my heart that / by Jack Anglin, Jim Anglin and Johnnie Wright -- I couldn’t do a thing without you / by Leon Payne -- I didn’t know life was so beautiful / words by Frank Doshen, music by Bob Carlegton [lead sheet] -- I guess there’s an end to everything / by Johnny Marks, Larry Conley -- (I’ve got a) Manager in heaven / words and music by Willard Robison -- I’ve got five dollars and it’s Saturday night / words and music by Ted Daffan -- I just said goodbye to my dreams / by Leon Payne -- I like that kind / by Audrey Williams -- I lost / by Mary Klick -- I miss that gal / by Leon Payne -- I never knew I cared so much (until you said goodbye) / lyric by Jack Gould, music by Dave Gardner -- I never let you crosss my mind / by Fred Rose -- I wanna be a cowboy (and ride ride ride) / words and music by George Morgan Knight, Jr. -- I was born to be gay / words and music by Ruth Denning and Bobby Gregory -- I’ll nevermore be shackled in a fool’s paradise / by Boudleaux Bryant and Cowboy Copas -- (If I knew you were comin’) I’d ‘ve baked a cake / by Al Hoffman, Bob Merrill, and Clem Watts -- If I could only live my life over / by Leon Payne -- If I had a magic carpet / by Dave Franklin -- If it ain’t one thing it’s another / by Boudleaux Bryant -- If tears would bring you back / by Jack Anglin, Johnnie Wright and Jim Anglin -- If there was no you / by Jimmie Skinner -- Impelliteri! For mayro of New York / words and music by Edwin J. Weber [lead sheet] -- It’s bargain day (in broken hearts) / by Jimmie Skinner -- It’s my world / by Jimmie Skinner -- It wouldn’t be the same (without you) / by Red Rosse & Jimmy Wakely -- Jesus died for me / by Hank Williams -- Johnny’s got a sweetheart / by Fred Rose -- Just call me friend, for now / words and music by Margie Brocksmith & Clitus M. Wickens -- Just say I love her (Dicitencello vuie) / lyric by Martin Kalmanoff and Sam Ward, music by Jack Val and Jimmy Dale -- King of kings / by Leon Payne -- Last go ‘round / by J.L. Frank & Pee Wee King.
  • Laughing polka / by Jules Lande, Thomas G. Meehan & Billy James -- Lead, Columbia! / words and music by Willard Gordon Vaughan -- Let me out of the stable / by Ralph H. Beittel -- Listen to your heart / words by Wayne Bardwick, music by Bob Carleton [lead sheet] -- A little bit blue / by Connie Taylor -- Lonesome / by Johnnie Wright, Jack Anglin & Jim Anglin -- Long gone lonesome blues / by Hank Williams -- Longing / words and music by Ervin Drake and Jimmy Shirl -- Lost and found blues / by Elton Britt and Jim Hand -- The man at the table asleep / by Odell McLeod -- Me, too / by Fred Rose -- The midnight waltz / by Ed Nelson Jr. -- Mississippi / by Curley Williams & Billy Simmons -- Mister Domingo = (El muletero) / words by Ray Gilbert, music by Jacques Cahan -- Mister Touchdown, U.S.A. / by Ruth Roberts, Gene Piller, William Katz -- Morning after blues / by Sam Morrison and Harry Nides -- Music in my heart / by Helen Carter -- Music lessons (It’s fun learning music) = C’est chouette la musique / English words by Harold Rome, French words and music by Paul Misraki, Leslie Sarony, Ralph Stanley, Ray Tree -- My daddy / by Walter Colvin -- My home is the dust of the road / by Fred Rose -- My last rainy day / words and music by Bob A. Davis -- My little piggy bank / words and music by George D. Hicks -- My tight wad daddy / by Audrey Williams -- Never to be forgotten / by Fred Rose and Sam Martin -- No mail from a female / lyric by Clarence E. Cryer, music by Bobby Gregory -- Ro ro rollin’ along / words and music by Bobby Gregory -- No place to hide / words by Morris A. Epstein, music by Herman Paley -- No thanks / by Fred Rose -- Oh! This love / words & music by Margie Brocksmith, Kitty Sullivan & Clitus M. Wickens -- Old man atom (A talking atomic blues) / text by Vern Partlow, musical setting by Irving Bibo -- Our love it grows / words by Mary Shaffer Fleming, music by James Bruce -- A penny a kiss—a penny a hugh / words and music by Buddy Kaye and ralph Care -- Please don’t cry (though aloha means good-bye) / words and music by Paul Koy -- The postman just passes me by / by Hal Compton and Cowboy Copas -- Prairie / by Red River Dave McEnery -- A rainy day refrain / words by Eric Maschwitz, music by Heino Gaze -- Road closed, bridge out, detour / words and music by Louise Long -- Rock me to sleep / words and music by Benny Carter and Paul Vandervoort II -- Rockin’ chair blues / by Connie Taylor -- Runnin’ ‘round / by Jim Hall -- Sambaiana / Portuguese lyric by Nestor Amaral and Candido Banzto, music & English lyric by Humberto Herrera -- Say when / words & music by Jimmie Mercer -- Shelter from the sun / by Lou Herscher, Paul Mellein, Moe Daniel -- Shuffle boogie bellhop / by Connie Taylor and Fred Rose -- Shy baby / by Harold Buskirk -- A smile on my lips (and anb ache in my heart) / by Jack Anglin, Jim Anglin and Johnnie Wright -- Some fine morning / by Josef. V. Seibert -- Someone calls me “daddy” (and his mother call me “dear”) / words and music by Stuart Hamblen -- Struttin’ with some barbecue / words by Don Raye, music by Louis Armstrong -- (Ev’rybody calls my baby) Sunshine / words and music by Jack Fulton, Lois Steele -- There goes the bride / by Mary Klick -- There’s nothing about you special / by Jimmie Skinner -- There’s nothing greater than a prayer / by Bob A. Davis and Spencer Williams -- Tic-tock polka / words by S. Guski and R.J. Martino, music by G. Lama -- Tin Pan Alley melody (from the heart of Broadway) / words by Jack Gould, music by Dave Gardner, Martin Haynes -- Too far from God / by Johnnie Wright, Jack Anglin & Clyde Baum -- Train track shuffle / by Connie Taylor -- Warm hands—cold heart / by Helen Carter and Mel Foree -- Weeping willow / by Leon Payne -- What I’ve got to worry about? (The panhandler’s song) / words by Milt Lenahan, music by Bob Carleton -- What put the pep in grandma? / by Jethro Burns and Mel Foree -- When I get rich / by Happy Wilson and tommy Coley -- Whisper waltz / by Lillian Blankenship and Pee Wee King -- Whoopin’ in the holler / by Jimmy Rule -- The white rosse / by Carl Butler -- White violets / words by Morris A. Epstein, music by Herman Paley -- When you return / by Bennie Benjamin, George Weiss -- Why don’t you haul off and get religion / by Claude Boone -- Why don’t you love me / by Hank Williams -- Why should I cry / by Hank Williams -- You’re gettin’ a good girl / by Cliff Friend -- You are my morning sky / words & music by Allan Harringgton -- You can quote me / words and music by Bob A. Davis and Nancy Louise Miller -- You don’t know my mind / by Jimmie Skinner -- Yuletide! / words by Essie Caines, music by Bob Carleton [lead sheet].
  • P.S. 1954, series 4: [incorrect label; should read: 1950, series 4]: Television’s tough on love : from “Tickets please” / music and lyrics by Joan Edwards and Lyn Duddy -- Till there was you : from The music man / by Meredith Willson -- You’ve still got a place in my heart / by Leon Payne.
  • P.S. 1951, series 1: All I gotta do is think of you / words and music by Fay Tishman -- And then I prayed / words and music by Maurice Murray -- Annie’s cousin Fannie / by Glenn Miller -- At last! At last! / words by Florence Miles, music by Charles Trenet -- At the end of the day / by Donald O’Keefe -- Baa! Baa! Black sheep / words and music by Alice Wilcox -- The big stick blues march / by W.C. Handy -- Bless all the beautiful girls / words and music by Benny Davis -- Blow, blow, winds of the sea / words and music by Harold Duncan -- Blow out the candle / words and music by Phil Moore -- Boit, Moit and Goit : (The canal song) / by Fred Hillebrand -- The boogie woogie march / by Herb Hendler and Buddy Morrow -- A boy in love / words by Sylvia Dee, music by Sid Lippman -- Briefly mine / lyric by Alan Rich, music by Maurice Engleman -- Callaway went thataway / lyric by Al Stillman, music by Peter De Rose -- Canto negro = (Black song) / letra de Raimundo Radaelli, musica de Arturo César Senez -- (‘Round the) Christmas tree at home / words and music by Bob Carroll and Jeri Sullivan -- Come back to Angoulême / by Elton Box, Desmond Cox, & Allen Roberts -- Come o’er the border (Bonnie Prince Charlie) / words by William Skinner, music by Alec Finlay -- Didja ever? / lyric by Mann Curtis, music by Vic Mizzy -- Dimples and cherry cheeks / words and music by Ben Oakland and Don Raye -- Don’t bother father while he’s at the bar / words by Bernard Lentz, music by Bob Reed and Bernard Lentz -- Don’t play that song / words by Don Raye, music by Ben Oakland -- Do you really love me? / words and music by Al Rinker, Charles Dant -- Drifting Texas sand / by Buster Coward -- The drumstick parade / words by Raymond B. Egan, music by J. Fred Coots -- Easter prayer / words and music by Pierre Norman -- (Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!) Eat, eat, eat! / words and music by William Saroyan -- The echo song / words and music by Earl K. Brent -- 8th Street Association (Barbecue and fancy dress ball) / words and music by Hughie Prince and Dick Rogers -- Enchanted land / lyric by Sammy Cahn, music by N. Rimsky-Korsakov, adapted by Lynne Sherman -- Evertrue evermore / words and music by Duke Rhodes and Kermit Goell -- Ev’ry time I fall in love / by Maxine Manners -- A fool grows wise / words by Allan Roberts, music by Robert Allen -- Gotta find somebody to love / words and music by Elmo Russ -- Grandfather Kringle / words by Leo Paris, music by Stephen Gale -- The happy calliope song / words and music by Milt Lance and John Nagy -- Harlem nocturne / words by Dick Rogers, music by Earle Hagen -- Have a heart / words by Randy Rogers and Bobby Gilbert, music by Maurice Roffman -- He holds the whole world in his hand / words and music by Robert Sheldon -- The highlandman’s umbrella / words and music by Thom. B. Shaw -- Hometown jubilee / by Vaughn Horton -- How do I love thee / poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, music by Hugo Winterhalter -- I’m feeling fine / words by John J. Wilcox, music by Gene Vincent -- I’m ready for you / words and music by Virginia Scarlett -- I’m saving dreams for a rainy day / words and music by Margaret Roderick, Chester Conn and Bill Huston -- I found a peach on Miami Beach / by Duke Leonard, Ray Walker -- I’ve got to fall in love again / lyric by Johnny Burke, music by James Van Heusen -- I just telephone upstairs : from “The halls of ivy” [radio program] / words and music by Audrey Call -- I only have one life to live / by Kermit Goell and Fred Spielman -- I said it and I’m glad / words and music by Art Kassel -- I want a wittle wabbit / words and music by Erwin King -- I wish I had a a daddy in the White House / words and music by Bud Burtson -- I wish someone knew I was lonesome / lyric by Allan Roberts, music by Robert Allen -- Idle rumors / words and music by Dave Franklin -- If you catch a ittle cold (I’ll sneeze for you) / lyric by Buddy Kaye, music by Hal Borne -- It’s all over but the memories / words by Irving Kahal, music by Sammy Fain -- Just the two of us / lyric by Alan Rich, music by Maurice Engleman -- Let go and let God / words by W. Russell Shull, music by Erik Frey -- Let’s march together (The people of the world) / words and music by Doralice Fontane -- Let’s walk along together / by Peter Lind Hayes -- Let’s waltz (just once more) / words and music by Al Rinker, Charles Dant -- The letter (Dear John) / lyric by Janice Torre and Paul Francis Webster, music by Fred Spielman -- The little fairy waltz / by Carmen Lombardo and Larry Stock -- Loneliness of evening / words by Oscar Hammerstein 2nd, music by Richard Rodgers -- The Lord’s ridin’ with me tonight / words and music by Jeri Sullivan and Bob Carroll -- Lullaby train / words and music by Les Baxter -- Merry Christmas ev’rywhere / words and music by Jerry Velasco and Frankie Laine -- Mighty navy wings / words by Mel Howard, music by Lee Erwin -- Mine / lyric by Charles Tobias, music by Sigmund Romberg -- Mr. & Mrs. Nobody / words by Johnny Burke, music by James Van Heusen -- More of the same sweet you / by Ted Meyn and Audrey MacBurney -- The morningside of the mountain / words and music by Dick Manning and Larry Stock -- Mother, at your feet is kneeling / by Sister S.C., arr. By Dan Howell -- The musicians / words and music by Tom Glazer, Charles Grean -- My flower pot ranch / lyric by Clarence and Cecil Hartzell, music by Clarence Hartzell -- My sentimental heart (is crying over you) / words by Allen Webster, music by Mel Stark -- The no soap, no hope, no mouse, no house blues / words and music by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross -- Nobody’s tears are falling but mine / words and music by Allan Roberts -- Oh! Beauty! / words and music by Ross Bagdasarian and William Saroyan -- The ocean and me / words and music by Abner Spector and Don Marcotte -- The old soft shoe / by Roy Jordan and Sid Bass -- One diamond ring / words and music by Dwight Butcher -- The one for me / words and music by Florence Rosen -- On Rosary Hill / by Eddie Pola and George Wyle -- Only, only you / words and music by Sandra Kent and Jim Morehead -- Operetta / words by Ned Washington, music by Victor Young -- Out yonder / lyric by Don Large, music by Jimmy Clark -- Peace in the valley / arrangement by Monty Mathews of the Jordanaires -- Pity me / by Julian H. Miller II -- Play me a hurtin’ tune / words by Sylvia Dee, music by Sid Lippman -- Push ‘em away / by Sunny Skylar -- Put all your kisses in an envelope / by Buddy Kaye, Fred Wise and Sid Lippman -- Read that book / by Beasley Smith and Billy Brown -- Red leaves on the campus gree / words and music by Ruth Roberts, Gene Piller and Bill Katz -- The roller coaster ride / words by Ted Donaldson, music by Molly Donaldson and Jessie L. Deppen -- Rugged but right / words and music by Bonnie Windsor -- Sad and lonely / words by Lisa Kirk and Robert Wells, music by David Saxon -- Searching for you, buddy / by Dave McEnery (Red River Dave) -- Sentimental tears / words and music by George Brown -- Snowflakes / words and music by Marjorie Kurtz -- The son of a sailor / words by Hal David, music by Don RRodney -- Springtime is here again / words and music by Carmen Lombardo and John Jacob Loeb -- Stay a while / by Irving Gordon -- Stay just a little while / words and music by Steve Allen and Ross Parker -- Stubborn as a mule / lyric by Bob Hilliard, music by Robert Allen -- The sweetheart waltz / words by Ralph Bess, music by Sy Quinto -- Take time (to pray) / words and music by Arleen Cunard and Tim Gayle -- Teardrops on the roses / words and music by Ken Carson and Johnny Lange -- Teresa / lyric by Mack David, music by Jerry Livingston -- That’s all I’ll ever ask of you / words and music by Carmen Lombardo and John Jacob Loeb -- That’s how a love song is born / words and music by Michael Carr, Walter Byron -- There’s always my heart / words by Carl Sigman, music by Percy Faith -- There’s more pretty girls than one / words and music by George Cates -- These things shall pass / words and music by Stuart Hamblen -- Thirty-two feet and eight little tails (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen) / by John Redmond, James Cavanaugh, Frank Weldon -- Tongue twisters / by Roger Edens -- Too many women / by Lee Morris and Bill Ficks -- Travelin’ light / lyric by Alan Rich, music by Maurice Engleman -- Two thousand Aprils in Paris / lyrics by Margaret Biggerstaff, music by Serge Walter -- Until / words by Sylvia Dee and Sid Lippman, music by Slave d’Esposito -- ‘Til now / words and music by Al Hoffman, Emery Deutsch, Marjorie Goetschius -- Viva amor = (Long live love) / lyric by Burt Milton, music by Jorge Henrique -- Waltz, waltz, waltz / words and music by Dave Franklin -- Were your ears b urning last night? / lyric by Edgar Leslie, music by Abel Baer -- With the coming of the snow / words and music by Jimmy Kennedy and Nat Simon -- You’re music / words and music by James E. Overton Jr. -- You’ve got me singin’ / words and music by Benny Davis.
Call Number
*ZB-2491 reel 61
American popular songs, 1895-1973 [microform] : reel 61.
[Various places] : [various publishers], ©1950-1951.
Microfilm. New York : New York Public Library, 1991. 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. (MN *ZZ-31921)
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*ZB-2491 reel 61
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