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Dance Event III

Dance Event III / performed by The Juilliard School Dance Division.

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Additional Authors
  • Soares, Janet Mansfield
  • Rudko, Doris
  • Baldyga, Lisa
  • Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827
  • Ornelas, Ruben
  • Feldman, Morton, 1926-1987
  • Pihl, Margaret
  • Taylor, Owen
  • Bernstein, Leonard, 1918-1990
  • Gavalchin, John
  • Nedrow, Carrie
  • Staton, Laura
  • Hagen, Daron, 1961-
  • Lewis, Micah
  • Dinwiddie, Melissa
  • Egan, Heather (Dancer)
  • Fung, Linda
  • Lazier, Rebecca
  • McCarthy, Patricia
  • Stenn, Rebecca
  • Wright, Ronald
  • Bannon, Nancy
  • Curran, Tina
  • Holden, Nanci
  • Eupierre, Alexis
  • Kroninger, Karen
  • McPherson, Beth
  • Mohr, Matthew
  • Mohr, Matthey
  • Ray, Kimberley
  • Reider, Mitzi
  • Hansen, Reed
  • Armes, Geoffrey
  • Juilliard School. Dance Division, performer.
1 streaming video file (35 min.) : sound, color.
Alternative Title
Juilliard Workshop
  • Dance.
  • Video.
  • Filmed dance.
  • Filmed performances.
  • Title from program in original container and label.
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Source (note)
  • Janet Soares;
  • Janet Soares' Dance Composition Clases: STUDIES IN FORM. Rondo (3 min.) / choreographed and danced by Lisa Baldyga ; music, Ludwig van Beethoven -- Lost Pieces (5 min.) / choreographed and danced by Ruben Ornelas ; music, Morton Feldman -- Anniversaries (5 min.) / choreographed and danced by Margaret Pihl (#II) and Owen Taylor (#I, III, VII) ; music, Leonard Bernstein -- MAMA (work in progress) (4 min.) / choreography, Carrie Nedrow ; music, Daron Hagen ; performed by Carrie Nedrow, Laura Staton.
  • Doris Rudko's Dance Composition Classes. SECTION I (9 min.) / composite of dances staged by Rebecca Stenn and Micah Lewis ; choreographed and danced by Melissa Dinwiddie, Heather Egan, Linda Fung, Rebecca Lazier, Patricia McCarthy, Rebecca Stenn, Ronald Wright ; improvised accompaniment, Geoffrey Armes -- SECTION II (10 min.) / composite of dances staged by Alexis Eupierre ; choreographed and danced by Nancy Bannon, Tina Curran (danced by Nanci Holden), Beth McPherson, Matthew Mohr, Kimberley Ray, Mitzi Reider ; improvised accompaniment, Reed Hansen.
Call Number
*MGZIDVD 5-6985
Dance Event III / performed by The Juilliard School Dance Division.
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two-dimensional moving image
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online resource
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Original format: 1 videocassette (VHS) ; 1/2 in.
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Patrons can access streaming video files online only onsite at the Library for the Performing Arts.
Dancers, Juilliard School Dance Division students.
Videotaped in performance at Juilliard Dance Studios 320 and 321, New York, N.Y. 1986 December 18.
Gift; Janet Soares; 2010.
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Added Author
Soares, Janet Mansfield, teacher.
Rudko, Doris, teacher.
Baldyga, Lisa, choreographer.
Baldyga, Lisa, dancer.
Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827, composer.
Ornelas, Ruben, choreographer.
Ornelas, Ruben, dancer.
Feldman, Morton, 1926-1987, composer.
Pihl, Margaret, choreographer.
Pihl, Margaret, dancer.
Taylor, Owen, choreographer.
Taylor, Owen, dancer.
Bernstein, Leonard, 1918-1990, composer.
Gavalchin, John, pianist.
Nedrow, Carrie, choreographer.
Nedrow, Carrie, dancer.
Staton, Laura, dancer.
Hagen, Daron, 1961- composer.
Lewis, Micah, stage director.
Dinwiddie, Melissa, choreographer.
Dinwiddie, Melissa, dancer.
Egan, Heather (Dancer), choreographer.
Egan, Heather (Dancer), dancer.
Fung, Linda, choreographer.
Fung, Linda, dancer.
Lazier, Rebecca, choreographer.
Lazier, Rebecca, dancer.
McCarthy, Patricia, choreographer.
McCarthy, Patricia, dancer.
Stenn, Rebecca, choreographer.
Stenn, Rebecca, dancer.
Wright, Ronald, choreographer.
Wright, Ronald, dancer.
Bannon, Nancy, choreographer.
Bannon, Nancy, dancer.
Curran, Tina, choreographer.
Holden, Nanci, dancer.
Eupierre, Alexis, choreographer.
Eupierre, Alexis, dancer.
Holden, Nanci, choreographer.
Kroninger, Karen, choreographer.
Kroninger, Karen, dancer.
McPherson, Beth, choreographer.
McPherson, Beth, dancer.
Mohr, Matthew, choreographer.
Mohr, Matthey, dancer.
Ray, Kimberley, choreographer.
Ray, Kimberley, dancer.
Reider, Mitzi, choreographer.
Reider, Mitzi, dancer.
Hansen, Reed, performer.
Armes, Geoffrey, performer.
Juilliard School. Dance Division, performer.
Soares, Janet Mansfield, donor.
Research Call Number
*MGZIDVD 5-6985
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