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American popular songs, 1895-1973 reel 30.

American popular songs, 1895-1973 [microform] : reel 30.
[Various places] : [various publishers], ©1927.

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reel 30: 1927Notated musicUse in library *ZB-2491 reel 30: 1927Performing Arts Research Collections - Music


1 microfilm reel.
  • Popular songs chiefly for voice and piano.
  • Titles in order of apperance on microfilm.
Reproduction (note)
  • Microfilm.
  • P.S. 1927, series 1, N-Z: Nay! Nay! Neighbor / by Sam Coslow, Harry Tobias, Charles Tobias -- Needing you / words by Thelka Hollingsworth, music by Jessie L. Deppen -- The far-away bells / words by Douglas Furber, music by Westell Gordon -- Nesting time / by Mort Dixon and James V. Monaco -- Night club Rose / words by Billy Rose, music by Anatol Friedland -- The night of love / by Vilma Banky -- No one (no one but you) / by Roy Henderson, Jack Chapman -- No wonder I’m happy (My baby’s in love with me) / by Benny Davis and Harry Akst -- Nobody cares for me / by Paul Whiteman, Fred Rose & Carme Romano -- Normandy / by George Price and Abner Silver -- Nothin’ does-does like it used to do-do-do / words by Irving Kahal and Manny Ross, music by Sammy Fain -- Oh! baby don’t we get along / by B.G. De Sylva, Lew Brown and Ray Henderson -- Oh! Bury me out on the prairie (The cowboy’s lament) / by Travis Hale & Dean Fitzer, a Rube Bennett arrangement -- Oh, don’t you love it? / words by Howard Johnson, music by Ernie Golden -- Oh, Doris! Where do you live? / words and music by Gus Kahn -- Oh how I love my boatman / words by L. Wolfe Gilbert, music by Al Sherman -- Oh, what a pal was “Whoozis” / words by Gus Kahn, music by Joe Burke -- Oh you south / lyric by Irving Caesar, music by Maurice Abrahams -- Ole Virginny’s lullaby / by Erno Rapee, Lew Pollack and Sidney D. Mitchell -- Oo! Golly ain’t she cute? / by Roy Turk & J. Russsel Robinson -- One more kiss (and then good-bye) / by Isham Jones -- One more night / words by Billy Rose, music by Joe Burke -- One summer night / by Sam Coslow and Larry Spier -- Oriental moonlight / by Marvin Smolev and Bernie Seaman -- Painting pretty pictures / words by Mabelle Francis, music by Johnny Weddell -- Paradise Isle / words by Ray Klages, music by Al Goering and Jack Pettis -- Passing the time away / lyric by Jack Bornkessel, music by Hughie Barrett -- Pastafazoola / by Frank Sabini, Edward Clark, Van & Schenck -- Pick a rose in Picardy / lyric by Sidney Holden, music by Otto Motzan -- Pleading / by Isham Jones -- Plenty of sunshine / by B.G. De Sylva, Lew Brown and Ray Henderson -- Pretty little Bom Bom from Bombay / by Howard Johnson, Al Sherman & Chas. Tobias -- Pretty little dear / words and music by Frank Crumit -- Rain / lyrics and music by Eugene Ford -- Rippling waters / by Erno Rapee and Lew Pollack -- Roam on my little gypsy sweetheart / by Francis Wheeler, Irving Kahal & Ted Snyder -- Rosy cheeks / by Seymour Simons & Richard A. Whiting -- Russian doll / by “Sonny” Miller and Jules K. Stein -- Sad ‘n blue / by Benny Davis & Harry Akst -- Sally Rose / lyric by Cliff Friend, music by Ted Fiorito -- Sa-lu-ta! / words by Gus Kahn, music by Walter Donaldson -- Sam, the old accordion man / words and music by Walter Donaldson -- Say a prayer for the heroes up there / by Sid Freed & Lew Porter -- Side by Side / words and music by Harry Woods -- The sighing pines / by Clare Kummer -- Since I lost my gal / words by Harry Pease, music by Ed G. Nelson -- Sing a song / by Billy Glason, Sam Ward and M.K. Jerome -- Sing me a baby song / lyric by Gus Kahn, music by Walter Donaldson -- A siren dream / by Lew Pollack & Al Sherman -- Sixty seconds every minute (I’m in love with you) / words and music by Lou Davis and Henry W. Santly -- Smile / words and music by Donald Heywood -- Smile your bluesies away / by Shelton Brooks -- Someone like you (made someone like me like you-hoo) / words by Joe Burke, music by Little Jack Little -- Something to tell (Gina and Harry) / words by Clifford Grey, music by Maurie Rubens and J. Fred Coots -- Song of Hawaii / by Merton H. Bories and Paul I. Corbell -- Southern skies / words by Walter Preston, music by Keith McLeod -- Sugar / by Jack Yellen, Milton Ager, Frank Crum, “Red” Nichols -- The sun’s gonna shine again / by Dave Vance -- Sun-kissed isle / lyric by Gus Kahn, music by Walter E. Blaufuss -- The sunrise (will bring another day for you) / words and music by Lester Santly & Cliff Friend -- Surrender / by Jeff Edmonds Jr., Haven Gillespie and Egbert Van Alstyne -- Svengali : The pest from Budapest / by Jack Meskill, John Siras, Allan Fredericks and Joe Schuster -- Swanee shore / lyric by Cliff Hess, music by Charles Bourne -- Sweet Yvette / words and music by Benny Davis and Harry Akst -- That’s how I know I love you / words by Irving Kahal & Francis Wheeler, music by Ted Snyder -- There ain’t no sweet man that’s worth the salt of my tears / by Fred Fisher -- There’s a cradle in Caroline / words by Lewis and Young, music by Fred E. Ahlert -- There’s a rickety rackety shack (by a rickety rockety road) / by Charles Tobias and Roy Turk -- There’s always a way to remember (But I can’t find a way to forget) / by Sammy Fain and Lew Pollack -- (There’s something nice about everyone but) There’s everything nice about you / words by Arthur Terker and Alfred Bryan, music by Pete Wendling -- There’s something Sanish in your eyes / lyric by Irving Caesar, music by Cliff Friend -- There must be somebody else / by Archie Gottler, Sidney Clare & Maceo Pinkard -- There’ll never be another you / words & music by Carl O. Bergner -- Tin Pan parade / words and music by Haven Gillespie and Richard A. Whiting -- Tomorrow / words by Walter Hirsch, music by Leopold Spitalny and Monte Wilhite -- Twiddlin’ my thumbs (fiddlin’ my time away) / by Fred Rose, Dudley Mecum -- Two little pretty birds / words and music by Joe Schuster and Johnny Tucker -- Under the moon / by Ev. E. Lyn, Francis Wheeler, Ted Snyder -- Underneath the stars with you / words and music by Sam H. Stept and Nick Lucas -- Wait a little longer, love bird / lyric by Mort Dixon, music by Jesse Greer -- Wake up with a smile / words and music by John E. Hayes -- (Underneath the) Weeping willow / lyric by Tom Ford, music by Louis Breau -- What a wonderful wedding that will be / words by Irving Kahal and Francis Wheeler, music by Sammy Fain -- (What do we do on a) Dew dew dewy day / by Howard Johnson, Chas. Tobias and Al Sherman -- What’s the color of a yellow horse? / words and music by James Kendis -- What makes my baby cry / by Ray Hibbeler, Harry Sosnik and Harry D. Squires -- What’ll you do? / words by Ned Miller, music by Chester Cohn -- When I am near you / words & music by J. Westermeyer -- When I was hikin’ with you / by Howard Johnson, Al Sherman and Charles Tobias -- When the morning glories wake up in the morning (Then I’ll kiss your two lips good-night) / words by Billy Rose, music by Fred Fisher, a Rube Bennett arrangement -- When you’re with somebody else / words by L. Wolfe Gilbert, music by Ruth Etting & Abel Baer -- When you played the organ (And I sang the rosary) / words by / Edgar Leslie, music by Jos. Geo. Gilbert -- Where is my mama? / by Chas. Coleman -- Where the wild, wild flowers grow / words by Mort Dixon, music by Harry Woods -- (When the pussywillow whispers to the catnip) The whisper song / by Cliff Friend -- Who’s that-knockin’ at my door? / words by Gus Kahn, music by Seymour Simons -- Who knows? / lyric by Mort Dixon, music by Harry Woods -- The whole world is waiting (for dreams to come true) / by Charlie Harrison & Deane Moore -- Who-oo? You--oo! That’s who! / words by Jack Yellen, music by Milton Ager -- The Yale blues / written by Collie Knox, composed by Vivian Ellis -- Yep! ‘Long about June / by Billy Heagney -- Yes she do (No she don’t; I’m satisfied with my girl) / words by Jo’ Trent, music by Peter De Rose -- You’re more like a pal than a sweetheart / words by Billy Rose & Mort Dixon, music by Lee David, a Rube Bennett arrangement -- You’re so easy to remember (I’m so easy to forget) / words by Mort Dixon, music by Harry Woods -- You’re the one for me / by Walter Donaldson & Paul Ash -- You can’t walk back from an aeroplane / by Irving Bibo and William B. Friedlander -- You can tell her anything under the sun (When you get her under the moon) / words by Monty Siegel & Jack Meskill, music by Herman Paley -- You don’t like it-not much / words and music by Ned Miller, Art Kahn and Chester Cohn -- You gotta be good to me / lyric by Lewis and Young, music by Vincent Rose -- You say the same to all / lyric by Fairfax Downey, music by Maurice Helfand -- You should see my tootsie / words by Jack Yellen, music by Milton Ager -- (I’m afraid) You sing that song to somebody else / words bgy Tommy Maile, music by Joe Verges, arr. by Harry Sosnik -- You’ll never be missed a hundred years from now / by Billy Rose, Mort Dixon & Redmond Farrar -- You won’t see me, if I see you (with anybody else at all) / by B.G. De Sylva, Lew Brown and Ray Henderson -- Your love is all / words by Harry D. Kerr, music by J.S. Zamecnik.
  • P.S. 1927, series 2 (A-L): Addó fatiche giuvá (Where do you work-a, John?) / versi di Frank Amodio, musica di [Mortimer Weinberg, Charley Marks, and Harry Warren] -- Ain’t that too bad? / by Chick Endor and Eddie Ward -- [song too damaged to read] -- All I want is you / lyric by Sidney Clare, music by Harry Akst -- Anything to make you happy / by Buddy Valentine -- Are you lonesome to-night? / words and music by Roy Turk and Lou Handman -- Are you thinking of me to-night? / words and music by Benny Davis, Harry Akst and L. Wolfe Gilbert -- At sundown (When love is calling me home) / words and music by Walter Donaldson -- At the end of an Irish moonbeam / lyric by Phil Ponce, music by Ernie Golden -- Away down south in heaven / words by Bud Green, music by Harry Warren -- Aw, gee! Don’t be that way now / by Roy Turk and J. Russel Robinson -- Beedle um bo / by Benny Davis, Harry Akst and Paul Ash -- Blue skies / by Irving Berlin -- The bright Sherman Valley / by Robie Kingsley -- By the bend of the river / words by Bernhard Haig, music by Clara Edwards, adapted by Tony Lowry -- Bye-bye pretty baby / words and music by Jack Gardner, Spike Hamilton -- The church bells are ringing for Mary / by Elmer Colby -- Clementine (from New Orleans) / words by Henry Creamer, music by Harry Warren -- Close to your heart / by Billy Heagney -- Cobble-stones / by Sidney Clare and Lew Pollack -- Collette / lyric by Gus Kahn, music by Abel Baer -- Coronado nights / words and music by Herb Berger, Harry Nordberg and Joe Stoval -- Countin’ the days / words by Walter Hirsch, music by Milton Samuels -- Dancing shadows / by Ernie Golden -- Dawning / by Abner Silver and Maceo Pinkard [for 3 part chorus] -- The devil is afraid of music / by Willard Robison -- (What do we do on a) Dew-dew-dewy day / by Howard Johnson, Charles Tobias & Al Sherman -- Didn’t I / words and music by Charlie Abbott -- The door of my heart / words and music by Alice Remsen -- End the day with a smile / words by William Metzger, music by Joe Green and Jack Glogau -- Fate / lyric by Darl MacBoyle, music by Nat Shilkret -- Fifty million Frenchmen can’t be wrong / words by Billy Rose & Willie Raskin, music by Fred Fisher -- From now on (you’re gonna be mine) / by Cliff Friend and Lew Pollack -- The girl who knew it all / lyric by Arthur J. Lamb, music by Chas. K. Harris -- Graceful one / by Fess Williams and Hank Duncan -- He’s tall and dark and handsome / by Charles Tobias and Al Sherman -- Headin’ home (bound for Birmingham) / words and music by Wendell Hall -- Here comes the show boat / words by Billy Rose, music by Maceo Pinkard -- I’m gonna meet my sweetie now / by Benny Davis and Jesse Greer -- I’m looking over a four leaf clover / lyric by Mort Dixon, music by Harry Woods -- I’m on my merry way / by Haven Gillespie, Seymour Simons and Richard A. Whiting -- I’m waltzing in love with you / by Louis Tappé and Louis Katzman -- I love no one but you / by Phil Spitalny, arr. by W.C. Polla [arranged for 3 part chorus] -- I love the college girls / by Moe Jaffe and Nat Bonx -- I understand / words by Sidney Holden, music by Harry D. Squires -- I walked back from the buggy ride / words and music by Hub Adams, Web Curtsinger and Irving Bibo -- I’ll be lonely / by Mort Dixon & Harry Woods ; trio arrangement by Irving Weill [for 3 part chorus] -- I’ll be seeing you (to-morrow night) / by Herb Berger, Harry Nordberg and Joe Stovall -- I’ll take care of your cares / lyric by Mort Dixon, music by Jimmie Monaco -- I’ll take my baby back again / lyric by Sam Coslow, music by Jesse Greer I wonder where you are to night? / words by Monte Carlo, music by Nat Osborne -- If you see Sally / words by Gus Kahn and Ray Egan, music by Walter Donaldson -- Is it possible! / by Mort Dixon & Harry Woods [lead sheet with minimal accompaniment] -- It all belongs to me / by Irving Berlin -- If everyone was good / words & music by Gottfrid J. Randell & Lucy C. Amirault -- Just a little cuter (than the rest) / by Lou Seidenman and Perry Alexander -- Just a memory / words by B.G. De Sylva and Lew Brown, music by Ray Henderson -- Just imagine! (If I had you) / by Rob Altman, Al Deitzel, Maurie Sherman -- Just once again / by Walter Donaldson and Paul Ash.
Call Number
*ZB-2491 reel 30
American popular songs, 1895-1973 [microform] : reel 30.
[Various places] : [various publishers], ©1927.
Microfilm. New York : New York Public Library, 1991. 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. (MN *ZZ-31921)
Research Call Number
*ZB-2491 reel 30
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