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American popular songs, 1895-1973 reel 28.

American popular songs, 1895-1973 [microform] : reel 28.
[Various places] : [various publishers], 1926.

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reel 28: 1926Notated musicUse in library *ZB-2491 reel 28: 1926Performing Arts Research Collections - Music


1 microfilm reel.
  • Popular songs chiefly for voice and piano.
  • Titles in order of apperance on microfilm.
Reproduction (note)
  • Microfilm.
  • P.S. 1926 series 2 (M-Z): Make the dream of the rose come true / words by Harold Christy, music by Alfred Solman -- Meadow-lark / by Hal Keidel & Ted Fiorito -- The Miami storm / words and music by Carson J. Robison -- The Michigan waltz / words by Sidney Holden, music by Harry D. Squires -- Mike / by Benny Davis and Jesse Greer -- Mock the mocking bird / by Harold Dixon, Sam H. Stept -- Morocco blues / lyric by Clarence Williams, music by Joe Jordan -- Muddy water / words by Jo’ Trent, music by Peter De Rose, Harry Richman -- My bundle of love / lyric by George Price, music by Abner Silver -- My co-ed / words by Agnes Friel, music by La Verna E. Kimbrough -- My heart will tell me so / lyric by Gus Kahn, melody by Walter E. Blaufuss -- My pal Jerry / by Fred Rose -- My pretty girl / words and music by Chas. Fulcher -- Never without you / words by Benny Davis, music by Joe Burke -- Niña / words by Ann Dennis, music by Frank Magine -- No one but you knows how to love / words by Jo’ Trent, Allan Frazer, music by May Singhi Breen, Peter De Rose -- Nobody but (my baby is getting my love) / by Clarence Williams and Andy Razaf -- Nobody worries ‘bout me / words by Sammy Lerner and Buddy Fields, music by Gerald Marks and Richard A. Whiting -- Oh boy! How it was raining / by Harry De Costa & Abner Silver -- Oh how she could play a ukulele / by Benny Davis and Harry Akst -- Oh! If I only had you / words by Gus Kahn, music by Cliff Friend -- Oh Lizzie / words and music by Irving Bibo -- On the riviera / lyric by L. Wolfe-Gilbert, music by Paul Van Loan and Fred Rich -- Only a kiss from you / T.W. Phillips -- Our pal the policeman / words and music by Maria Vrooman Smith -- Pal of my lonesome hours / words by Walter Hirsch, music by Abe Lyman -- Pepita / lyric by Harlan Thompson, music by Harry Archer -- Perhaps you’ll think of me / words by Edgar Leslie, music by Billy Stone -- Petrushka / by Billy Rose & Fred Fisher -- Press me to your heart again / words & music by Herbert Auerbach -- Pretty Cinderella / words and music by Will J. Harris -- Pretty lips / by Walter Donaldson & Charley Straight -- Proud of a baby like you / words & music by Chris Schoenberg, Leonard Stevens and Paul R. Helmick -- The pump song / by Sammy Lerner, Buddy Fields and Richard A. Whiting -- Put your arms where they belong (for they belong to me) / words and music by Lou Davis, Henry Santly & Herman Ackman -- Radio / words & music by Dorothy S. Drake -- Sevilla / words by Noel Wallace, American version by Irving Kahal, music by Don Corder -- Shake that thing / by “Papa” Charlie Jackson -- Silver song bird / by Henri Berchman, Herman Paley & Alfred Bryan -- Sing Katie (but leave the piano alone) / words by Bill Tracey, music by Dan Dougherty -- Sittin’ around / lyric by Gus Kahn, music by Joe Sanders -- Six feet of papa / lyric by Billy Moll, melody by Arthur Sizemore, a Rube Bennett arrangement -- So’s your old man (How’d you get that way) / [by] Charles McCord & Perry Bradford -- Somewhere along the Sunrise Trail / by Walter Goodwin and John McDermott -- Song of Shanghai / words by Raymond B. Egan, music by Vincent Rose and Richard A. Whiting -- Song of the wanderer (Where shall I go?) / words and music by Neil Moret -- The Sphinx / by Robert King and Harry Warren -- Spring is here / by Geo. J. Bennett and Sam Carlton -- Summer melodies and you / by Jerry Sullivan and Harry Hosford; a Rube Bennett arrangement -- Sweetie pie / by Benny Davis and Harry Akst -- Sympathy waltz (Just a bit of sympathy) / words by Tom Ford, music by Irving Bibo -- Thanks to you / by Seymour Simons, Haven Gillespie & Richard A. Whiting -- That’s my girl / lyric by Benny Davis, music by Lou Gold -- That’s what I think of you / by Tommy Malie, Harry Harris & Arthur Sizemore -- That little world is mine / words by J. Keirn Brennan, music by Jessie L. Deppen -- There’s a boatman on the Volga / lyric by Raymond B. Egan, music by Steve Pasternack & Richard A. Whiting -- To-night you belong to me / words by Billy Rose, music by Lee David -- Trail of dreams / lyric by Raymond Klages, melody by Einar Swan -- Under the ukulele tree / lyric by Mort Dixon, music by Ray Henderson -- Usen’t you used to be my sweetie? / words by Alfred Bryan, music by Pete Wendling -- What can I say after I say I’m sorry? / by Walter Donaldson and Abe Lyman -- What! No Women? / words by Jack Meskill & Walter C. Ness, music by Marty Bloom & Maurice Sturm -- When twilight comes / words by H.J. Tandler and Harold Hornf, music by H/.J. Tandler -- When you’re in love / words and music by Walter Donaldson & Walter Blaufuss -- When you know you’re not forgotten, by the girl you can’t forget / words by Ed Gardenier, music by J. Fred Helf -- When you were the world to me / words by William Jerome & Harold L. Cool, music by Arthur J. Daly & Harry Ellis -- Where’d you get those eyes? / words and music by Walter Donaldson -- Where is the sunshine (that’s supposed to follow the rain) / by Ted Koehler and Coleman Goetz, a Rube Bennett arrangement -- Wherever you go-whatever you do (I want you to know I love you) / by Bernie Grossman, Joe Goodwin & Larry Shay -- While the years go drifting by / lyric by Gus Kahn, music by Joe Burke -- Who are you vamping tonight? / words by Wm. J. McKenna, music by B.A. Rolfe -- Who could be more wonderful than you? / lyric by Benny Davis, music by Abner Silver -- Who took the peaches off the tree? / lyric by Ang Delucca, music by Frank Rodrique -- Why can’t a fellow like me get a girlie like you? / by Joe L. Sanders -- Why do I always remember / [by] Maurice J. Gunsky, Merton H. Bories, Jack Coakley -- Within the prison of my dreams / words and music by Mrs. Jesse Crawford -- Would-ja? / lyric by Arthur Herzog Jr., music by Manning Sherwin -- Yesterday / words by CHarlie Harrison, music by Monte Wilhite, a Rube Bennett arrangement -- Yiddisha Charleston / by Billy Rose and Fred Fisher -- You’re the one I’m looking for / words and music by Charley Schultz and Charley Davis -- You can’t cry over my shoulder (and wink at somebody else) / by Bobby Heath, Will Mahoney & Alex Marr -- Ya gotta know how to love / words by Bud Green, music by Harry Warren -- You went away too far (and stayed away too long) / words by Alfred Bryan, music by James V. Monaco -- Your heart looking into mine / lyric by John Golen, music by Raymond Hubbell -- Yours with love and kisses / words by Lou Davis, music by Abner Silver.
  • P.S. 1926, series 3 (A-L): All the world is a garden of love / lyric by Irving Bibo, melody by Max Prival -- Angel eyes / lyric by Lewis and Young, music by Henry Santly -- Any ice to-day, lady? / by “Pat” Ballard -- Apache Rose / words by Max C. Freedman and Emil Boreo, music by Vincent Scott and Harry Link -- Ashes of dreams / words by Roy Van Hook, music by Lou Herscher -- As long as we’re in love / words and music by Lew Brown and Sidney Clare -- At peace with the world / by Irving Berlin -- Baby face / Benny Davis and Harry Akst -- Behind the clouds (are crowds and crowds of sunbeams) / by Benny Davis and B.G. De Sylva -- Behind these grey walls / words by Ed Lovey, music by Carson Robison -- Bolshevik / by Moe Jaffe and Nat Bonx -- Broken hearted / by Carmen Lombardo, Al Lewis and Richard A. Whiting -- But I do-you know I do / by Walter Donaldson -- Bye bye blackbird / lyric by Mort Dixon, music by Ray Henderson -- Camille / lyric by Sidney D. Mitchell, melody by Al Sherman -- Can you imagine that / words by “Hal” Cochran, music by Carl Rupp -- Cheritza / lyric by Tom Ford and IRving Bibo, music by Louis Breau -- Clarksburg, my home town / words & music by Cliff H. Selden -- Cradle song = El noi de la mare / English version by Herbert Reynolds, music by C. Perez Martinez -- Deep Henderson / by Fred Rosse -- Desert eyes / words by May Singhi Breen, music by Peter De Rose -- Don’t steal daddy’s medal (The burglar and the child) / words by Salmo Adler and Charles Tobias, music by Jack Glogau -- Down on the banks of the old Yazoo / by Morton Jerome -- Dream house / Lynn Cowan and Earl Foxe -- The dream of the miner’s child / words and music by Rev. Andrew Jenkins -- Elsie Shultz-en-heim / by Cliff Friend & Abner Silver -- The engineer’s child / by Henry V. Neal, Maggie Andrews and R.A. King -- Evenin’ Caroline / by Al Bernard and Sam H. Stept -- Ev’rything’s peaches (for Peaches and me) / [by] Harry D. Squires -- For my sweetheart / lyric by Gus Kahn, melody by Walter Donaldson -- Give me a ukulele (and a ukelele baby) and leave the rest to me / by Lew Brown and Gene Williams -- Golden brown blues / words by Langston Hughes, music by W.C. Handy -- The governor’s pardon (The prison clock) / words and music by “Tobe” Sherman -- Guy Massey’s farewell / [by] Rob Massey -- Heinie / [by] William McKenna and B.AS. Rolfe -- Here I am / lyric by B.G. De Sylva, and Lew Brown, music by Ray Henderson -- Horses / words and music by Byron Gay and Richard A. Whiting -- How could I be blue? / by Dan Wilson & Andy Razaf -- How many times? / by Irving Berlin -- I ain’t got no hard luck now / by Johnny Tucker, Mort Dixon and Jo Schuster -- I ain’t in love no more (I ain’t) / by Darl MacBoyle and Al Piantadosi -- I’m on my way home / by Irving Berlin -- I’ve got some lovin’ to do / by Moe Jaffe and Nat Bonx -- I’ve never seen a straight banana / by Ted Waite -- I might have known / words and music by Nick Lucas and Sam H. Stept -- I’ll fly to Hawaii / by Lou Davis, Joe and Ira Schuster -- I won’t do / words by Hack Gibson, music by Art Horn -- I wish I had died in my cradle (Before I grew up to love you) / words by Lew Brown, music by Max Friedman -- I’d give a lot of love (to get a little love from someone) ;/ by Harry Woods -- I’d love to call you my sweetheart / by Joe Goodwin, Larry Shay & Paul Ash -- If I could be with you / by Henry Creamer & Jimmy Johnson -- If I hadn’t you / lyric by Neville Fleeson, music by Albert Von tilzer -- In a little garden (You made paradise) / words by Earl Whittemore, new lyric by Darl MacBoyle, music by Felice S. Iula -- In gondola / words by Bud Green, music by Harry Warren -- In my old feather bed / by Bobby Heath, Archie Fletcher & Amex Marr -- ‘Deed I do / by Walter Hirsch, Fred Rose -- It won’t be long now / words by Howard Johnson, music by Irving Bibo -- Just a girl you wouldn’t marry (but you hate to see her go) / kwords by Mike Landau, music by Lou Springer -- Just a little longer / by Irving Berlin -- Just a melody / by Carson J. Robison -- Just to linger in your arms / English words by Brank Eyton, music by Ernest Arnold -- Katinka / words by Ben Russell, music by Henry Tobias -- A lane in Spain / by Al Lewis and Carmen Lombardo -- Laughing eyes (Maka akaaka) / words by Andrew B. Sterling, music by Frank Ferera and John Paaluhi -- Let me live and love you (just for to--night) / words and music by Sam H. Stept and Nick Lucas -- The little black mustache / by John Foster and R.A. King -- Li’l brown baby / lyric by Andry Razar, music by Maceo Pinkard -- Little brown hut in the hills / by Ethwell “Eddie” Hanson -- Lo-nah / words by Bud Green, music by Sam H. Stept -- Lonely acres (in the west) / [by] Willard Robison -- A lonesome boy’s letter back home / by Cliff Friend and Harry Woods -- Look up and smile / by Harry D. Squires -- Looking at the world thru rose colored glasses / by Tommy Malie and Jimmy Steiger.
  • P.S. 1926, series 3 (M-Z): (Cock-a-doodle I’m off my noodle) My baby’s back / words and music by Howard Johnson, Al Sherman and Chas. Tobias -- My cutey’s due at two-to-two to-day / by Leo Robin and Albert Von Tilzer -- My little bunch of happiness / by Benny Davis and Harry Akst -- My toreador (El relicario) / English version by Wm. Cary Duncan, music by Jose Padilla -- Nellie Dare and Charlie Brooks / by John Foster and R.A. King -- No one but lonely me / by Louis O’Connell, Fred Rose and Paul Whiteman -- Nothing else matters but love / by Gus Kahn and Cliff Friend -- Nothing seems the same (without you) / by Benny Davis & Jesse Greer -- Oh! What’ I’d give to bring you back / by Henri Berchman, Herman Paley & Will Oakland -- Oh! You Lulu Belle / words by Mort Dixon, music by Robert King and Ray Henderson -- The old fiddler’s song / words and music by Walter Wallace Smith -- On a day in May time = Como la flor / English version by Herbert Reynolds, music by I. Casamoz -- Out in the new mown hay / by Wm. Tracey, Sam Ehrlich and Dan Dougherty -- Pining for you / words by Gus Kahn, music by Philip Spitalny -- Poor papa (He’s got nothing at all) / words by Billy Rose, music by Harry Woods -- Poor scentless flow’r = Flor del mal / English version by Herbert Reynolds, music by F. Wolter -- Querida / by Bartley Costello & Alex Mark -- Roses for remembrance / words by Gus Kahn, music by Loyal Curtis -- Say it (with a pretty little love song) / by Russell Duke and Will Waldron -- Scatter your smiles / by Max Kortlander, Pete Wendling -- She’s one of the many who took the wrong road / words and music by Salmo Adler -- She knows her onions / [by] Jack Yellen, Milton Ager and Lew Pollack -- Since I found you / words by Sidney Clare, music by Harry Woods -- Skeedle um / by Spencer Williams and Irving Bibo -- Sleepy head / by Benny Davis and Jesse Greer -- Somebody’s lonely / lyric and music by Benny Davis and Joe Gold -- Someone is losin’ Susan / by Roy Turk, Geo. W. Meyer and Paul Ash -- Somewhere (alone with you) / by Benny Davis and Jesse Greer -- South sea dream girl / by Alice White -- Squeeze me / by Clarence Williams & Thomas (Fat) Waller -- Still waters / lyric by Bob Schafer and Anthony Wayne, music by Ernie Golden -- Sunday / words and music by Ned Miller, Chester Cohn, Jules Stein and Bennie Krueger -- Sunny Hawaii / by Al Bernard & Sam H. Stept -- Sunny Swanne / lyric by Benee Russell, music by Phil Charig -- Take your finger out of your mouth (I want a kiss from you) / words by Joe Schuster, music by Duke Yellman -- Tell me to-night / by Pierre Connor & Little Jack Little -- Tell me if you love m e/ words by Leslie Hare,l music by Robert King -- That’s a good girl / by Irving Berlin -- That’s what I think of you / words by Billy Rose, music by Fred Fisher -- That’s where I meet my girl / words by HJ. Vincent Healy & Dolph Singer, music by Harry Von Tilzer -- There ain’t no maybe in my baby’s eyes / words by Gus Kahn & Raymond Egan, music by Walter Donaldson -- There’s a little white house (where the red, red roses grow) / by Billy Rose & Harry Akst, a Rube Bennett arrangement -- (I’ve grown so lonesome) Thinking of you / words and music by Walter Donaldson and Paul Ash -- Thinking of you all the time / words by Jos. W. Grey, music by Allie Moore -- Tonight’s my night with baby / words by Irving Caesar, music by Joseph Meyer & Bobby Buttenuth -- Turkish towel / by Sammy Fain, Ben’ee Russell and Irving Mills -- Up and down the eight mile road / words by Gus Kahn, music by Walter Donaldson -- The village blacksmith (owns the village now) / words by Leslie Moore, music by Johnny Tucker -- Waffles!!! / by Fred Fisher and Al Koppel [lead sheet] -- What am I supposed to do / words by Gus Kahn, music by Frank Wright -- When I’m with you I’m lonesome / words by “Bugs” Baer and L. Wolfe Gilbert, music by Harry Archer -- When love passes = Mimosa / words and music by J. Martinez Abades -- When spring comes peeping through / words and music by Al Bernard and Sammy Stept -- When the red, red, robin comes bob, bob, bobbin’ along / words and music by Harry Woods -- When you’re away / lyric by Leoane Foote, music by Beverly Ransom -- Where’s my happiness without you? / words and music by Lou Davis, Henry Santly and Herman Ackman -- Where ever the road may lead / by Walter Goodwin, Al Moquin and Jean Harmon -- Won’t somebody care for me? words by Bud Green, music by Gertrude Arras -- Will you be true? / words by Harry Pease, music by Ed. G. Nelson and Lester Morris -- You’re all to blame / words and music by Miles Oliver -- You broke my heart overnight / words & music by Benee Russell -- You know-I know ev’rything’s made for love / by Howard Johnson, Charles Tobias and Al Sherman -- You stole into my heart / by Harrry Sosnik, Sandy Meek & Al Carney -- Your wonderful lips = Nena / English version by Herbert Reynolds, music by I. Casamoz.
Call Number
*ZB-2491 reel 28
American popular songs, 1895-1973 [microform] : reel 28.
[Various places] : [various publishers], 1926.
Microfilm. New York : New York Public Library, 1991. 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. (MN *ZZ-31921)
Research Call Number
*ZB-2491 reel 28
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