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American popular songs, 1895-1973 reel 24.

American popular songs, 1895-1973 [microform] : reel 24.
[Various places] : [various publishers], 1923-1924.

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reel 24: 1923-1924TextUse in library *ZB-2491 reel 24: 1923-1924Performing Arts Research Collections - Music


1 microfilm reel.
  • Popular songs for voice and piano.
  • Titles in order of apperance on microfilm.
Reproduction (note)
  • Microfilm.
  • P.S. 1923 Series 2: Ashes of vengeance / words by Mabel Livingstone, music by Muriel Pollack -- Bambalina / words by Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II, music by Vincent Youmans and Herbert Stothart -- Bug-house fables / by Clarence Gaskill -- Circus days (In our one horse town) / lyric and music by Leon De Costa -- Colorado / by Walter Hirsch & Harold A. Dellon -- Dancin’ Dan / words by Wm. Tracey, music by Jack Stanley -- Dixie girl / lyric and music by Kent Cooper -- Dream boat = La nacelle du reve / words & music by Mildred White Wallace, version française de Léon Chevalier -- First, last and always / lyric by Benny Davis, music by Harry Akst -- Good-bye but not forever / lyric by Geo. Graff, Jr. music by Alfred Solman -- He’s an odd fellow / words & music by George Hunt -- Hot roasted peanuts / by Louis Breau, Charles Tobias & Harry Tobias -- I’m in love with the world to night / words by Mary L. Ildstad, music by Herman Dubois -- I love me (I’m wild about myself) / words and music by Will Mahoney -- It might have been / by Charles B. Weston -- Jazzmania / by Lew Brown, N.T. Granlund and James F. Hanley -- June is in my heart / [words by] Edward Lockton, [music by] Graham Vaughan -- Just for remembrance (Bring me a red, red rose) / poem by Mitchell Parish, melody by Eleanor Young, Harry D. Squires -- Kentucky, sure as you’re born / by George A. Little, Haven Gillespie, Larry Shay -- I like my old home town / written, composed and sung by Sir Harry Lauder -- The little church around the corner / by [Gus] Arnheim, [Arthur] Freed and [Abe] Lyman -- Lou’siana / lyric by Gus Kahn, music by Walter Donaldson -- Lovey came back / words by Joe Young & Sam M. Lewis, music by Lou Handman -- Mamma loves papa (Papa loves mamma) / by Cliff Friend and Abel Baer -- Marching down the aisle / lyric by Billy Rose, melody by James V. Monaco & Pete Wendling -- The Memphis maybe man / by Haven Gillespie, Chas. L. Cooke, and Billy Moll -- Mickey Donohue / words by Irving and Jack Kaufman and Frank Williams, music by Frank Hughes and Geo. B. McConnell -- My harbor of sunshine and smiles / lyric by Alfred Hall & Maxwell Klein, music by James. S. Rule -- My lady and me / lyric by Harold Christy, music by Otto Motzan -- My old ramschackle shack (Where the rambler roses ramble ‘round) / words by Jack Yellen, music by Milton Ager -- Nobody knows but my pillow and me / by Nat Vincent, Billy Hueston, Billy Frisch -- On a Chinese honeymoon / words by W.L. Shockley, music by C.J. Hausman -- On Hollywood shore / [by] Gloria Marshall -- Our garden of sleep / words & music by Joy Mills -- A perfect kiss = Un parfait baiser / words by Antoinette St. Ives, version française de Léon Chevalier, music by Armand Beaucaire -- Poppies for memory / words & music by Joy Mills -- Rememb’ring / words and music by the Duncan Sisters -- Riga Rose / words by Mort Dixon, music by Anatol Friedland -- Roamin’ to Wyomin’ / words by Sidney Clare, music by Walter Donaldson -- La Rosita / words by Allan Stuart, music by Paul Dupont -- Rose of old Castile / lyric by ...A. Jan Brown, music by Herbert Spencer -- Sand dunes (My desert Rose) / words and music by Byron Gay -- Say it with a ukulele / words and music by “Art” Conrad -- Serenade (Rimpianto) / verses by Alfredo Silvestri, translation by Sigmund Spaeth, music by Enrico Toselli -- The song that my mother sang to me / words and music by Herbert H. Taylor, arranged by Chas. Coleman -- South sea eyes / by Harry Akst -- Stella / by Al Jolson, Benny Davis & Harry Akst -- Stormy weather pal / lyric by Raymond B. Egan, music by Richard A. Whiting -- Sugar blues / words by Lucy Fletcher, music by Clarence Williams -- Supposing / words by Irving Caesar, music by Harry Alpert -- Sweet one / by Al Jolson and Louis Silvers -- Tell all the folks in Kentucky (I’m comin’ home) / words and music by Irving Berlin -- (Down among the sleepy hills of) Ten-Ten-Tennessee / words by Joe Young & Sam M. Lewis, music by Geo. W. Meyer -- That red head gal / by Van & Schenck, Henry Lodge -- There’s be some changes made / lyric by Billy Higgins, music by W. Benton Overstreet -- Tho shadows fall / [words by] Annelu Burns, [music by] Ames G. MacDermid -- Trying to forget / lyric by Jack Yellen, music by A. Olman -- Tut-Ankh-Amen (In the Valley of the Kings) / by Carlo & Sanders, arranged for piano by J. Bodewalt Lampe -- Valse vanity / lyric by Brue Sievier, music by Rudy Wiedoeft -- A wall flower / lyric by B. Loescher, music by F.B. Herrle -- Where the mill stream winds its way / words by Claude Sacre, music by Harold Dixon -- Who’s sorry now? / words by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, music by Ted Snyder -- Who’ll buy my violets? = La violetera / words by E. Ray Goetz, music by Jose Padilla -- Who’ll take the place of the song bird now gone? / words & music by Raymond S. Orton -- Will you? / words & music by Eugene Lester -- Wolverine blues / words and music by John Spikes, Benjamin Spikes, Ferd Morton -- Wonder if she’s lonely, too / by Bernie Grossman & Willy White -- You didn’t want me when I wanted you (I’m somebody else’s now) / words by Jack Yellen, music by Jack Stern -- You’ve simply got me cuckoo / byWalter Hirsch and Jesse Greer.
  • P.S. 1923 series 3: Knights-Pythian / words by Walter O. Taylor, music by Prof. Frank Barone -- Tinkle tune / words by Ballard MacDonald, music by Adorjan Otvos and Louis Breau -- You’ve such a lot / words by Austin Melford, music by Fred Astaire.
  • P.S. 1924 series 1: All alone with you in a little rendezvous / words by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young, music by Ted Snyder -- At the end of the road / lyric by Ballard MacDonald, music by James F. Hanley -- Believe me / by Joseph C. Wolff -- Charley, my boy / by Gus Kahn & Ted Fiorito -- Coolidge and Dawes / [by] Zeph Fitz-Gerald -- Copenhagen / words by Walter Melrose, music by Charlie Davis -- Cross-word mamma you puzzle me (But papa’s gonna figure you out) / lyric by Sidney Clare and Willie Raskin, music by Jimmie Monaco -- Dear one / by Mark Fisher, Cy Richardson and Joe Burke -- Don’t mind the rain / words and music by Ned Miller and Chester Cohn -- Doo wacka doo / by Clarence Gaskill, Will Donaldson and George Horther -- Down where the south begins / words by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young, music by Russel Robinson -- Eliza / words by Gus Kahn, music by Ted Fiorito -- Follow the swallow / lyri by Billy Rose & Mort Dixon, music by Ray Henderson -- From one till two (I always dream of you) / by Larry Bard and Joe Hoover -- Honest and truly / words & music by Fred Rose, revised version by Leo Wood -- How do you do / [by] Phil Fleming, Charlie Harrison & Cal De Voll -- I’m a homesick rolling stone / words by Gene Bernard, music by Sam Rose and Mike Speciale -- I’m all broken up over you / words by Joe Burke and Lou Herscher, music by Joe Murphy and Carl Hoeffle -- I can’t get the one I want (Those I get I don’t want) / music by Lou Handman, words by Billy Rose & Herman Ruby -- I don’t care what you used to be (I know what you are to-day) / by Al Dubin and Jimmy McHugh -- I made a hit with Kit-Kit-Kitty (and Kit made a hit with me) / lyric by Harry Tobias, music by Geo. J. Bennett & Chas. Tobias -- I wonder what’s become of Sally? / words by Jack Yellen, music by Milton Ager -- It had to be you / words by Gus Kahn, music by Isham Jones -- Jealous / words by Tommie Malie and Dick Finch, music by Jack Little -- (Who is the meanest gal in town?) Josephine / words by Henry Creamer music by Ray Brown and Henry Ackley -- June night (Just give me a June night, the moonlight and you) / lyric by Cliff Friend, music by Abel Baer -- Laff it off! / by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby -- Let me linger longer in your arms / words by Cliff Friend, music by Abel Baer -- Life and love seem sweeter after the storm / by Jack Nelson -- The man for us / lyric and music by Ida Lincoln Nason -- Mandalay / by Earl Burtnett, Abe Lyman, Gus Arnheim -- Maybe She’ll write me, Maybe she’ll phone me / by Roy Turk, Ted Snyder and Fred E. Ahlert -- Maytime / words by B.G. De Sylva, music by Vincent Rose -- Me and the boy friend / lyric by Sidney Clare, music by Jimmie Monaco -- Memory Lane / words by B.G. De Sylva, music by Larry Spier and Con Conrad -- The miracle system / words by Pittsburg Phill II, music by A. Contented Bettor -- Morning (Won’t you ever come ‘round?) / words and music by Roy Turk & Abner Silver -- My best girl / by Walter Donaldson -- A new kind of man (with a new kind of love for me) / by Sidney Clare & Leon Flatow -- No wonder (That I love you) / lyric by Benny Davis, music by Joe Burke -- Oh, baby! (Don’t say no, say may-be) / words by Bud G. De Sylva, music by Walter Donaldson -- Oh, how I miss you to-night / by Benny Davis, Joe Burke and Mark Fisher -- O, Katharina! / lyric by L. Wolfe Gilbert, music by Richard Fall -- Oh, Mabel! / words by Gus Kahn, music by Ted Fiorito -- On the blue lagoon / words by Dailey Paskman, music by Rudolf Friml -- That pal that I loved stole the gal that I loved / by Harry Pease and Ed G. Nelson -- Peter Pan (I love you) / by Robert King and Ray Henderson -- Please / words by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young, music by Joe Cooper -- Pretty as a picture / words by Frank Wright & Frank Bessinger, music by Russel Robinson -- Prince of wails / words and music by Elmer Schoebel -- The prisoner’s song / [words and music by] Guy Massey -- Red hot mamma / by Gilbert Wells, Bud Cooper & Fred Rose -- Since ma is playing Mah Jong / by Bill Rose & Con Conrad -- Stick in the mud / words & music by Vivian Duncan and Rosetta Duncan, the Duncan Sisters -- (If you love me) Tell me with your eyes / words by Ed Rose, music by Harold Dellon -- There’s yes! yes! in your eyes / music by Jos. H. Santly, words by Cliff Friend -- Two blue eyes / words and music by Irving Brodsky and Arthur Hand -- Waitin’ around / by Benny Davis and Jimmy Hanley -- What does the pussy-cat mean when she says “Me-ow”? / words and music by Harry Pease, N.T. Granlund and Ed. G. Nelson -- When Dixie stars are playing peek-a-boo / by Al Bernard & “Jo” Henning -- When the one you love loves you / lyric by Cliff Friend, music by Paul Whiteman and Abel Baer -- When you and I were seventeen / words by Gus Kahn, music by Chas. Rosoff -- Where’s my sweetie hiding? / words by Tommie Malie and Addy Britt, music by Jack Little and Dick Finch -- Whose Izzy is he (Is he yours or is he mine) / by Lew Brown, Bud Green and Murray Sturm -- Why did I kiss that girl? / words by Lew Brown, music by Robert King and Ray Henderson -- Will you remember me? / words by Lou Davis, music by Henry Santly and Harry Richman -- You’re in love with everyone (But the one who’s in love with you) / words by Mort Dixon, music by Ray Henderson -- You taught me that wonderful meaning of love / lyric by Jos. Cinderella Jr. & Sam Collito, music by Michael Adorna.
  • P.S. 1924 series 2: All alone / by Irving Berlin -- (I’ve been a)) Bad boy (but I’m going to be a good boy now) / by Howard Barlow and Cal De Voll -- Blue-eyed Sally / by Al Bernard & Russel Robinson -- (Bring back those) Rock-a-bye baby days / words by Harold Christy, music by Abner Silver and Saul Bernie -- Bringin’ home the bacon / by Frank Bannister, Lew Colwell, Van & Schenk -- Broken busted blues / by J. Edgar Dowell and Henry Troy -- (When nobody wants you and nobody cares) Come to me / words by Will Collins, music by Sammy Stept -- Dancin’ out / words by Gwynne Denni, music by Lucien Denni -- Dear old Georgia mammy (Sing again to me) / lyric and music by Harold A. Hummer -- Don’t you wish you were back home again / by Frank Davis -- Doodle doo doo / words and music by Art Kassel and Mel Stitzel -- Down in “Wah-wah” town / by Donaldson, Flatow and Gaskill -- Dreamer of dreams / lyric by Gus Kahn, music by Ted Fiorito -- Driftwood / words by Gus Kahn, music by Lew Gold -- Go, Emmaline / by Henry Creamer and Ray Brown -- Haunting melody / lyric by Ben Russell, music by Larry Spier & Larry Shloss -- He ain’t no cousin of mine / by Edgar Dowell -- Helen gone / words by Harry Owens, music by Vincent Rose & Buster Johnson -- Hong Kong dream girl / lyric by Geo. E. Springer, melody by Harry Barris -- Hugo, I go where you go / words & music by L. Wolfe Gilbert & Richard Fall -- I’m a good gal but I’m a thousand miles from home (A little low-down, ‘way down) / words by Spencer Williams, music by Max Kortlander -- I’m on my way to New York town / lyric by Jimmy Doyley & M.K. Gillian, music by Geo. Roberts -- I couldn’t get to it in time / by Wendell Hall -- I had someone else before I had you (And I’ll have someone after you’re gone) / lyric by Harry Harris & Joe Darcy, music by Jack Stanley -- I need some pettin’ / words by Gus Kahn, music by Ted Fiorito and Robert King -- I want to see my Tennessee / lyric by Jack Yellen, music by Milton Ager (Most of all) I want your love / lyric by Harold Horne, music by H.T. Tandler -- I’ll take her back if she wants to come back / words by Edgar Leslie, music by James V. Monaco -- If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be crying now / by Buddy Fields, Gene Rose, Harold Berg and Herb Wiedoeft -- Indian love moon / lyric by Wm. J./ McKenna, music by Christian Sinding, arranged by Frederic Watson -- Land of my sunset dream / words & music by Wendell Woods Hall -- The little old clock on the mantel / words by Gus Kahn, music by Ted Fiorito -- Lots o’ mama / by Esther Weber, Billy Meyers, Elmer Schoebel -- Lovely lady / words by Dorothy Terriss and Leo Wood, music by Carl Rupp -- Lucille / words by L. Wolfe Gilbert, music by Abner Silver -- Madeline / by Cliff Friend and Abel Baer and Paul Whiteman -- Mr. Radio Man / Tell my mammy to come back home) / words by Ira Schuster and Johnny White, music by Cliff Friend -- Monavanna / by Fred Fisher -- Blushing Rose (Where the Volga flows) / [by] Fred Fisher -- My heart’s desire / words by Andrew B. Sterling, music by E. Becucci, arranged by Bayley Jordan -- My mother’s humming lullaby / words and music by Dorothy Terriss and Leo Wood -- Oh! For a pal like you / words and music by Harold Dixon -- Oh! He don’t come around no more! (The tale of a bow-wow) / by Harry Israel -- Oh! How I love my darlin / words by Edgar Leslie, music by Harry Woods -- Oh! Sarah! Won’t you please pull down that shade? / by Clarence Gaskill -- Old pal / lyric by Gus Kahn, music by Egbert Van Alstyne -- Omaha blues / by Effie Tyus and Charles Tyus -- Picken’ ‘em up and layin’ ‘em down / words by Gus Kahn, music by Louis Panico -- Prince of wails / words and music by Elmer Schoebel -- Put away a little ray of golden sunshine for a rainy day / words by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young, music by Fred E. Ahlert -- Sally Lou / by Hugo Frey -- She’s everybody’s sweetheart (But nobody’s gal) / words by Billy Rose, music by Con Conrad -- Striver’s Row / by Jack Moore, Tom Brown -- Tears of happiness / words and music by Edwin Tillman -- Orange blossom time / lyric by Lynn Stroud and Gertrude Moss, music by Erwin R. Schmidt -- Too tired / by George A. Little, Arthur Sizemore & Larry Shay -- Was it a dream / words by Wm. F. Pautsch, music by Eugene Platzman -- Where is my love? / words and music by Roy Turk & Abe Olman -- Why live a lie? / words by L. Wolfe Gilbert, music by Ted Koehler -- You ought to know /. by Sissle and Blake .
Call Number
*ZB-2491 reel 24
American popular songs, 1895-1973 [microform] : reel 24.
[Various places] : [various publishers], 1923-1924.
Microfilm. New York : New York Public Library, 1991. 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. (MN *ZZ-31921)
Research Call Number
*ZB-2491 reel 24
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