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American popular songs, 1895-1973

American popular songs, 1895-1973 [microform] : reel 21.
[Various places] : [various publishers], ©1920-1921.

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reel 21: 1920-1921TextUse in library *ZB-2491 reel 21: 1920-1921Performing Arts Research Collections - Music


  • Contents list is in the order in which songs appear on the microfilm.
Reproduction (note)
  • Microfilm.
  • PS 1920 series 3: (It seems like) Ages and ages (and you’ve only been gone a day) / Kendis & Brockman -- Beautiful faces / words and music by Irving Berlin -- A breath of old Ireland and you / words by Sam Downing, music by Jos. A. Burke -- Coal-black mammy / words by Laddie Cliff, music by Ivy St. Helier -- Cotton (Cotton was a little Dixie Rose) / lyric by Geo. A. Little, music by Fred Rose -- Desertana / lyric by Harold G. Frost, music by Paul Biese and F. Henri Klickmann -- Do you ever think of me / lyric by Harry D. Kerr and John Cooper, music by Earl Burtnett -- Dreamy paradise (A Hawaiian love song) / lyric by Haven Gillespie, music by Egbert Van Alstyne and Erwin R. Schmidt -- Early to bed and early to rise (never made anyone wise) / lyric by …Gerber, music by Abner Silver -- Empty arms / words by Anton L. Nelsen, with Gail Kane’s own “Empty arms” lyric, music by Geo. Graff Jr. -- Ev’ry thing is going up / lyric by Billy Curtis, music by H. Qualli Clarke -- For every boyt who’s on the level (there’s a girl who’s on the square) / by Harry Pease, Ed. G. Nelson and Gilbert Dodge -- Forgive me / lyric by Benny Davis, music by Ernest R. Ball -- I am waiting for to-morrow to come / lyric by Frank Davis, music by Franklyn Hawelka and Max Prival -- I’ve found my dream girl / lyric by Jack Yellen, mussic by C.F. Besche, H. Johnson and J.G. Henshel -- I lost my heart (when I found you) / lyric by Alex. Sullivan, music by Lynn Cowan -- I never knew (I could love anybody like I’m loving you) / by Tom Pitts, Ray Egan and Roy K. Marsh, reivsed by Paul Whiteman -- I want to go to the land where the sweet daddies grow / words by Eddie Moran, music by Harry Von Tilzer -- In a Persian market / words by Mack David, music by Albert W. Ketelbey -- Je ne sais pa pa / written by Fred Fisher and Emil Coleman -- (We will be happy in) June / lyric by Harold G. Frost, music by E. Clinton Keithley -- Just a week from today / lyric by Paul Cunningham and Al Dubin, music by Bert Rule -- Just you, dear / by Edwin Williams -- Let’s elope / by Clyde T. Burneson and Eddy Carifo -- Little town in the ould county down / lyric by Richard W. Pascoe, music by Monte Carlo and Alma Sanders -- Mammy’s good-night lullaby / words by William Jerome, music by Harry Von Tilzer -- Midnight serenade / Eddy Carifo & Clyde F. Burneson -- The mill by the sea / lyric by Douglas Furber, music by A. Emmett Adams -- My Georgia Caroline / words and music by Will J. Ward and Fred Fisher -- My little Bimbo (Down on the bamboo isle) / words by Grant Clarke, music by Walter Donaldson -- My Sahara Rose / words by Grant Clarke, music by Walter Donaldson -- My sunshine Rose / words by Jean Lefavre, music by William Polla -- Nancy / words by Blanche Franklyn, msuci by Nat Vincent -- One little girl / lyric by Harold G. Frost, music by F. Henri Klickmann -- Overalls / lyric by Harold G. Frost, music by F. Henri Klickmann -- Pickaninny Rose / lyric by Annelu Burns, melody by Madelyn Sheppard -- Rose of Washington Square / lyric by Ballard MacDonald, music by James F. Hanley -- Smoke rings / lyric by Harold G. Frost, music by F. Henri Klickmann -- Some little bird / words and music by Haven Gillespie, Lindsay McPhail & Egbert Van Alstyne -- Struttin’ yo’ stuff / by Ted Koe…and Spencer…. -- There’s a little bit of Irish ion all of us / words by Garfield Kilgour and Henry Bergman, music by Lou Handman -- There’s a typical Tipperary over here (You’d think that you were home in Ireland) / words by Alex Gerber, music by Abner Silver -- Think of music (and I’ll think of you) / words and music by Nat Vincent, Billy Baskette, Billy Frisch, Bernie Grossman, Will Donaldson, Sam Ehrlich, Leon Flotow, Bobby Jones, Al Siegel, Jimmie Brown -- Ti-O-San / by Lou Traveller & L.C. Case -- La veeda / lyric by Nat Vincent, melody by John Alden -- When I lost you mother of mine / words and music by Nat Osborne and A. Stanley Dunkerley -- Where are you? / words and melody by Eddy Carifo, music by arranged by Kathryn I. White -- Whistling blues / lyric by Joe Diamond, music by Jack Burnett & Saxi Holtsworth -- (All she’d say was) Umh hum / words and music by King Zany, Mac Emery, Van and Schenck -- You’re the only girl that made me cry / words and music by Fred Fisher.
  • P.S. 1921 series 1: Ain’t we got fun? / [incomplete] -- Ain’t you coming out,m Malinda? / words by Andrew B. Sterling and Edw. P. Mofran, msuic by Harry Von Tilzer -- All by myself / words and music by Irving Berlin -- Angel eyes / lyric by Mitchell Parish and Jack Osterman, music by Sam Gold -- Another mule hitchen in your stall / words by Wm. Tracey, music by Maceo Pinkard -- (I’ve got those tired o’ waiting’) Anticipatin’ blues / lyric by Jean Harmon, msuic by Billy James -- Arkansas blues (a down home chant) / by Anton Lada and Spencer Williams -- Baby’s eyes / Chas. K. Harris -- Beautiful dreams of mine / words and music by Juliuo Roque -- Bimini Bay / lyric by Gus Kahn and Raymond B. Egan, music by Richard A. Whiting -- Blushes / words and music by Ed. Raymond -- Bolivar Brown / by Dick Long, Hopwood De Rob, Jim Brennan -- Broadway / music by Geo. E. Johnson, words by Hank Hawkins -- Brother low down / by Al Bernard and Larry Briers -- By the old Ohio shore / lyric by Ballard MacDonald, music by Mary earl -- By the pyramids / words by Bartley Costello, music by Ted Fiorito -- Call me back, pal, o’ mine / words by Lawrence Perricone, music by Harold Dixon -- Can’t you see? (You were made for me) / by Chas. A. Snyder and Jack Kasanoff, Syl Gillis and Herman F. Spellman -- Carolina lullaby / words by Walter Hirsch, music by Louis Panella -- Cherie / words by Leo Wood, French text by Jean Nelis, music by Irving Bibo -- Childhood days / by Nola Arndt -- Crooning (Crooning lullabys) / lyric by Al Dubin & Herbert W. Weise, music by William F. Caesar -- Cry baby blues / words by Sam Lewis and Joe Young, music by Geo. W. Meyer -- Dear little pal I’m lonesome for you / words and music by Stan Merrit -- Dear little street back home / words by Francis De Witt, music by Robert Hood Bowers -- Ding Dong Dell the belle of chnatown [incomplete] -- Down in the midnight town / words by Andrew B. Sterling and Edward P. Moran, msuic by Harry Von Tilzer -- Down where they play the blues / by Maceo Pinkard -- A dream of your smile / by Con Conrad -- Dream Street / lyric by Ballard MacDonald, music by Ted Diorit -- Dreams of what might have been / words by William Francis, music by J.F. Francis -- The easiest way / words by Eugene West, music by May Levy -- Fandango / by Chris Smith -- Fare thee well, love, fare thee well / by E. Austin Keith -- Forget me not / by Walter Hirsch and Harold A. Dellon -- Garden of girls / words and music by Charles F. Strickland -- Genevieve / lyric by Robert Levenson, music by Robert King -- Good night, dear night / the poem by Jeff Branen, the melody by Arthur Lange -- Haunting / by Henry Lodge -- Have you forgotten? / lyric by Harry D. Kerr, music by Burtnett, Cooper and Stevenson -- Hawaii across the sea / by Ernest K. Kaai -- Hawaiianola / words by Leo Camby, music by Eugene P. Mann -- He’s the cat’s meow / words by Ballard MacDonald, music by Al Piantadosi and Billy Abbott -- Heart broken / by Jack Bickel -- Here comes Dinah, belle of the ball / lyric and music by Ray Perkins -- Hokum / by Ted Fiorito -- Honey Rose / words by Wm. Tracey and Harry Tobias, music by Maceo Pinkard -- Honeymooning / words by Matthew Woodward, music by Charles N. Grant -- Humpty Dumpty / words by Andrew B. Sterling and Edw. P. Moran, music by Harry VonTilzer -- I ain’t givin’ nothin’ away / by Louis E. Zoeller -- I ain’t gonna be nobody’s fool / words and music by Frank Davis, George Bennett, and Van & Schenk -- I ain’t nobody’s darling / words by Elmer Hughes, msuic by Robert King -- I’m nobody’s baby / by Benny Davis, Milton Ager, Lester Santly -- I don’t care for you any more / words by Edgar Leslie, msuic by James V. Monaco -- I found a rose in the devil’s garden / words and music by Fred Fisher and Willie Raskin -- I’ve been saving for a rainy day / by Arthur Swanstrom and Dorothy Clark -- I lost my heard to you / by J.L. Merkur and Edward Davis -- I’ll forget you / lyric by Annelu Burns, music by Ernest R. Ball -- I wonder if you still care for me? / lyric by Harry B. Smith, Francis Wheeler, music by Ted Snyder -- I wonder where my sweet, sweet daddy’s gone / lyric by T.A. Hammed, music by Ray H. Stark -- In my heart on my mind all day long / by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby -- In old Biscay / by Chas. E. Hochberg, and J.J. Schneider -- Jabberwocky / by Kendis and Brockman, Brown, Eastwood & Weslyn -- Jicky / words and music by Lee Rudd -- June moon / lyric by Joe Lyons, melody by Frank Magine & Charley Straight -- Just a breath of Hawaii / lyric by Bartley Costello, music by Mary Earl, from an original melody by Palakiko -- Just a little sympathy / words and music by Clyde Hager and Walter Goodwin -- Just forget / words and music by Billy Smythe and Art Gillham -- Just like a rainbow / by Mary Earl and Tted Fiority -- Kharmine / by Elmer Olson, Moe Thompson, and Dannie O’Niel -- Leave me with a smile / by Chas. Koehler and Earl Burtnett -- Lightnin’ / words and music by Leon De Costa -- Listening / words by Sam Coslow, music by Peter De Rose -- Lonely for only you / lyric by Ellison Ames, music by Oliver Alberte -- Love is like a bubble / lyric bnad music by W. Astor Morgan -- Loveless love / W.C. Handy.
  • P.S. 1921 series 1 [continued]: Main Street / lyric by Vincent M. Sherwood and Cal De Voll, music by Hazel Crawford and F. Henri Klickmann -- Make believe / by Benny Davis & Jack Shilkret -- Maybe it’s all for the best / by Jack Rose, Paul Biesse & Jimmy Steiger -- Meet me tonight at the Beacon Marie / words by Samuel Pinanski, music by Lawrence B. O’Connor -- Mimi (Mee-Mee) / words by Ballard MacDonald, music by Con Conrad -- Mississippi cradle / words by Jack Yellen, music by Abe Olman -- Moonlight / by Con Conrad -- Moonlight and honeysuckle / lyric by Al. D. Camdon, music by Hal Nye -- My American Rose / words and music by Jane Smith -- I’m going to stay on solid ground / by Stanley Murphy, Gene Green and Charles Straight -- My boy Joe / words by Ballard MacDonald and Bryan Foy, music by James F. Hanley -- My little sister Mary / lyric by Edgar Leslie, music by Pete Wendling -- My mammy / words by Sam Lewis and Joe Young, music by Walter Donaldson -- My sunny Tennessee / by Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby and Herman Ruby -- Nestle in your daddy’s arms = Repose mon enfant sur mon epaule / by Lou Herscher and Joe Burke, French text by Jean Nelis -- Never mind / by Don Rockwell and James Dunlap -- Nightmare blues / words by Arthur Behim and Walter Hirsch, music by Frank J. Gillen -- Oh! Jada baby / words and music by Jack Snyder -- Oh! They’re such nice people / by Lew Brown and J. Brandon Walsh -- On a little side street / by Chas. K. Harris and Joseph E. Howard -- One little dream of love / words by Harold Simpson, music by Westell Gordon -- Out of the shadows / lyric by Gus Kahn, music by Walter E. Blaufuss -- Over the hill / lyric by Lou Klein, music by Edgar Allen and Maurie Rubens -- Paper doll / Lee David -- Pay more attention to me dear / by Samuel Miceli -- Peggy O’Neil / [by] Harry Pease, Ed. G. Nelson and Gilbert Dodge -- Pining / [by] Kendis and Brockman an Ben Russell -- Plantation blues / words by Wm. Tracey, music by Maceo Pinkard -- Play that ‘Song of India’ again / lyric by Leo Wood and Irving Bibo, music adaptted from niklas Rimsky-Korsakoff’s theme by Paul Whiteman -- Poor me / by Olin Finney and Bert Adams -- The prettiest girl in the world / by Clyde Monroe -- Remember / by Mary Earl, Arthur Sizemore and Frank Magine -- Remember me / words by Bartley Costello, music by Ted Fiorito -- Royal Garden blues / by Clarence Williams and Spencer Williams -- Russian Rose / words by Jesse Winne, [music] by Ferdie Grofe and Peter De Rose -- Saw Mill River Road / lyric by Joseph McCarthy, music by Harry Tierney -- Secrets / words by Robert Norton, music by Jack Green and Willie Creager -- The side walk / by Byron Gay -- Sighing just for you / lyric by Harold G. Frost and Cal De Voll, music by F. Henri Klickmann -- Silver sands of love (Naughty Hawaii) / words by Jack Yellen and Alma Sanders, music by Monte Carlo and Louis Breau -- Somebody’s mother / words by Andrew B. Sterling, music by Harry Von Tilzer -- The song writers’ ball / words and music by D.J. Whalen and W.F. McHugh -- Stamboola (Loola from Stamboola) / by Ted Fiorito and Carl Fenton -- Stolen kisses / words by Francis Wheeler, music by Ted Snyder -- Swanee River moon / words and music by H. Pitman Clarke -- Sweetheart / words by Benny Davis, music by Arnold Johnson -- Tea-cup girl / by Weston Wilson -- Tenderly / by Geo. A. Little, Jack Stanley and Harold A. Dellon -- That’s how I believe in you / words by Al Dubin and Paul Cunningham, music by Bert Rule -- There’s a lot of blue-eyed Mary’s down in Maryland / words by Jack Yellen and Milton Ager, music by Geo. W. Meyer -- There’s silver in your hair / by Lawrence Wright -- They needed a songbird in heaven (so God took Caruso away) / idea suggested by Geo. Walter Brown, lyric by Geo. A. Little , music by Jack Stanley -- They’ll never carry me back to old Virginia (Virginia’s my home) / words and music by Lew Pollack -- Three o’clock in the morning / lyric by Dorothy Terriss, music by Julian Robledo -- Through all the world / words, music by Clare Kummer -- Time after time / lyric by J. Keirn Brennan, music by Ernest R. Ball -- To make me happy Monday, just give me my Sunday (Then I’ll be happy all the time) / words and music by Cal De Voll -- Toddle / by Paul Biese, Frank Westphal & Jimmy Steiger -- Tomorrow Land / [by] H.J. Tandler -- Two hands in a muff on a sleigh ride / [by] Idea Fithian Hinman -- Ty-Tee / words by Leo Wood, music by Irving Bibo -- Wabash blues / words by Dave Ringle, music by Fred Meinken -- Wait until you see my Madeline / words by Lew Brown, music by Albert Von Tilzer -- The wang wang blues / words by Leo Wood, [music] by Gus Mueller, “Buster” Johnson, Henry Busse -- What could be sweeter? / by Marion Stanford -- When Francis dances with me / Benny Ryan scratched off de woids, and me friend Violinsky knocked out de tune -- When the honeymoon was over / words and music by Fred Fisher -- When the sun goes down / words by Walt Stoneham, music by Marty Bloom -- Which Hazel? / lyric & music by Ned Norworth and Abner Silver -- Who (believed in you) / by Anatol Friedland -- Who’ll be the next one (To cry over you) / by Johnny S. Black -- Why girls leave home / music by Leo Edwards, lyric by Ray Jerdone -- Yoo-hoo / lyric by B.G. De Sylva, melody by Al Jolson -- You’re just like your mother, a beautiful rose / words and music by M.J. Fitzpatrick -- You’re he sweetest girl in all the world / by Marion Stanford -- Your mother thinks the world of you / lyric by Max C. Freedman, melody by Eleanor Young & Harry D. Squires.
Call Number
*ZB-2491 reel 21
American popular songs, 1895-1973 [microform] : reel 21.
[Various places] : [various publishers], ©1920-1921.
Microfilm. New York : New York Public Library, 1991. 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. (MN *ZZ-31921)
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*ZB-2491 reel 21
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