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Berg Coll+ Situationist P47 1970Schwarzman Building - Berg Collection Room 320


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Publication Date
Began ca. 1970?
v.; 35 cm.
  • Description based on one unnumbered issue [published in Cambridge, England in 1970].
  • "No copyright is held on any part of this magazine, anyone can do whatever they like with it."--From front cover.
  • Publication frequency unknown.
  • The only issue published of a magazine subtitled "the paper for infantile psychotics and criminals of want."
  • Front wrapper with large, crude drawing of a gateway in the shape of a vagina, below two breast-like towers, and flowing from the gateway is a torrent of sperm and floral shapes, among which floats a sleeping young girl in a coat, the image accompanied by the phrase "Honey Swat Key Mally Ponce," a parodic phoneticization of "Honi soit qui mal y pense," the motto of the Order of the Garter. Drawing unsigned, but by John Fullerton, who contributes another drawing on p.6.
  • All illustrations unsigned, but credited in pencil, in Berg Collection (NYPL) copy, by Period co-contributor Paul Sieveking.
  • Illustrations include a détourned "Desperate Dan" cartoon by Andrew Munro (originally from the English Situationist publication Bash Street Kids), and a cartoon derpicting Disney characters engaging in an orgy, a reproduction of Wally Wood's "Disney Memorial Orgy," originally commissioned by The Realist publisher Paul Krassner and first published as a center-fold in The Realist, in 1967. The cartoon later appeared in Air Pirate Funnies no. 1, published in San Francisco in August 1971. (Air Pirates, an underground comic collective, was successfully sued for copyright infringement by Walt Disney.) An additional four drawings are by Antony Gormley, then an undergraduate at Trinity College.
  • Contents include a lengthy translation, "The Structure Appearances," by John Fullerton and Paul Sieveking from Situationist theorist Raoul Vaneigem's "Traite de savoir-vivre a l'usage des jeunes generations"; a Situationist interpretation of the Marquis de Sade ("An Early Motherfucker"); an appreciation of the pansexual occultist and ceremonial magician Aleister Crowley, accompanied by artwork by Patrick Gaffney; and a lengthy article on mind-altering drugs (DMT, psilocybin, LSD, etc.) and their effects, accompanied by an uncredited extract from "The Beyond Within: The LSD Story," by Sidney Cohen. All texts uncredited.
  • Back page features a small press clipping relating to Phil Cohen/Dr. John of the Situationist/anarchist group King Mob; a détourned illustration similar to those in the Situationist periodical Omphalos; and a large cartoon by Robert Crumb, uncredited (from "I Wanna Go Home," ca. 1968).
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Berg Coll+ Situationist P47 1970
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No more published?
Restricted access; request permission from holding division.
Local Note
Berg Collection copy formerly owned by Paul Sieveking and annotated by him in pencil with the names of the artists and the publication locale.
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Added Author
Cohen, Sidney, 1910- Contributor
Crumb, R. Artist
Fullerton, John. Translator
Gormley, Antony. Artist
Munro, Andrew. Artist
Sieveking, Paul. Contributor
Sieveking, Paul. Translator
Vaneigem, Raoul, 1934- Contributor
Sieveking, Paul. Former owner
Research Call Number
Berg Coll+ Situationist P47 1970
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