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Theatrical artists in prints [graphic].

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Additional Authors
  • Fugère, Jean Marie, 1818-1882.
  • Lacauchie, Alexandre.
  • Lawrence, Thomas, 1769-1830.
  • Longacre, James Barton, 1794-1869.
  • Madeley, George Edward.
  • Picart, Charles, approximately 1780-approximately 1837.
  • Rouargue, Adolphe, 1810-
  • Rouargue, Emile, 1795-1865.
  • Sherlock, William P., approximately 1780-
  • Stothard, Robert T. (Robert Thomas), 1797-
33 prints : engraving, etching, wood engraving, lithograph, gravure, chiefly b&w; 40 x 36 cm. or smaller.
Collection culled from many sources, chiefly dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; includes some reproductions. The personalities represented include actors, singers, dancers, and other theatrical performers, as well as creative artists associated with the theatre, depicted in portraits or in action onstage. Among the latter is Massimo Taparelli, marquis d'Azeglio, an Italian statesman, novelist, and painter who composed operas and designed scenery. Also included are three leaves of collective portraits of Italian theatre personalities, among them the choreographers Jean Coralli, Louis Henry, Salvatore Taglioni, Gaetano Gioja, and Salvatore Viganò. The collection is arranged in alphabetical order by the subject's surname.
  • Engravings.
  • Lithographs.
  • Portraits.
  • Title devised by cataloger.
Source (note)
  • Lillian Moore.
  • Lincoln Kirstein.
  • David Mann
  • Folder 1 (17 items): "Guldfluen." Miss Ænea; [published in] Illustreret Tidende, Nr. 1208 -- Mme. Albert, rôle de la Camargo (pièce de ce nom), Théâtre du Vaudeville; Galerie Théâtrale, pl. 28 / dessiné par A. Rouargue; gravé par E. Rouargue -- Massimo d'Azeglio / Lit. Ballagny e Figli, Firenze -- Mr. Bensley in the character of Pierre, Venice preserved; [published by] T. Lowndes & Partners, 1776 / Edwards ad viv del.; Collyer sculp. -- M Branchu, actrice de l'Opéra -- Céleste Mogador, Céleste Venard, dame Lionel de Mobreton, comtesse de Chabrillan; inscribed "forget me not, Celeste 1874 [?]" -- Mme. Damoreau Cinti; Paris, Mareham / Alex[an]dre. Lacauchie; Lith. de Rigo frères -- Caroline Duprez (L'Etoile du Nord); Les théâtres de Paris, Opéra-Comique / Faivre P.; A. Collette L.; Lith. Prodhomme, Paris -- Mlle. Dutey; Paris, Esnauts et Rapilly / peint en miniature par l'Aine; grave par Le Beau -- Leontine Fay, 1810-1876 / J.M. Fugère sc.; Imp. Fugère, Lyon -- Mr. Francis as Sir George Thunder; Philada., A.R. Poole, 1826 [two copies, one a reproduction] / engraved by J.B. Longacre from a painting by J. Neagle -- Mrs. Francis as Miss Harlow; Philadelphia, A.R. Poole, 1826 / engraved by J.B. Longacre from a painting by J. Neagle -- Mr. Garrick and Miss Young [i.e., Elizabeth Pope] in the characters of Tancred and Sigismunda; Tancred and Sigismunda, Act V, scene 3; [published in] 1776 / I. Roberts del.; Thornthwaite sculp. -- Alessandro Guerra [equestrian performer] / P. Bindi Senese dis. dal vero; Lit. Mandolini -- Mrs. Garrick; London, Anthy. Molteno, 1802 / from the original picture by Cath. Reid ... ; engraved by W.P. Sherlock -- Mrs. Garrick, (Ætat 97) / from a scarce etching by George and Robert Cruikshank.
  • Folder 2 (16 items): Miss P. Horton as April [Priscilla Horton, also known as Priscilla Reed] / lithographed by G.E. Madeley -- Miss F.A. Kemble [Fanny Kemble, also known as Frances Arkwright]; Philadelphia, Childs & Inman & S.M. Stewart, 1832 / from Sir Thomas Lawrence P.R.A.; Newsam del.; Childs & Inman Lithrs. -- Mectal fils dans Guillaume Tell (Mr. Lafeuillade), (Te. Rl. de l'Opéra Comique) / Lith. de Engelmann, Paris -- Leopoldine Lesensky -- Melle. le Verd [Emilie Leverd], rôle de Roxelane, dans les trois Sultanes -- Mata Hari, danseuse indoue [3 images on 1 sheet]; L'Art du Théâtre, 1905 / Cl. Boyer; gravé par Chauvet -- Ménier, artiste de l'Ambigu Comique, rôle d'Almanzor dans Abenhamet, no. 15; Paris, Noël ainé / [signed on stone] D. Colin [?]; Lithog. de H. [?] Noël -- Senorita Otero [Caroline Otero] -- Henry Placide [facsimile signature] / eng. by E.G. Williams & Bro. NY -- Mr. Smith as Orson in the Iron chest / drawn by R.T. Stothard; engraved by Chas. Picart -- Auguste Taglioni; Verlag der Dürr'schen Buchh. / nach einer Photographie; stich u. druck v. Weger, Leipzig -- Talma, dans Manlius Capitolinus, no. 47, Théâtre Français, tragédie; Paris, Martinet / Dunant del. -- Melle. Marie Thiery, "La Flamenca"; L'Art du Théâtre, 1904 / Cl. Cautin et Berger; gravé par Chauvet -- [Three leaves from an unidentified publication by Gio Ricordi, Milano, numbered T. XVI, 22, and T. XXIII; each contains four portrait heads with descriptive text, for a total of twelve subjects, labeled as:] Giovanni Coralli, Luigi Costa, Nicola Molinari, Luigi Henry, Nicola de Grecis, Giuseppe Naldi, Taglioni Peraud, Salvatore Taglioni, Gaetano Gioja, Paolo Landriani, Alessand[r]o Sanquirico, Salvatore Viganò.
Call Number
*MGZFX The 26-58
Theatrical artists in prints [graphic].
Local Note
Cataloging funds provided by Friends of Jerome Robbins Dance Division.
Miss Ænea, M Branchu, Mr. Francis (two copies), Mrs. Francis, Mrs. Garrick (print after Cruikshanks), Miss F.A. Kemble, Leopoldine Lesensky, Henry Placide, Auguste Taglioni Gift, Lillian Moore.
Mr. Bensley, Mrs. Garrick (W.P. Sherlock print), Mr. Smith Gift, Lincoln Kirstein.
Miss P. Horton Gift, David Mann, 1952.
Added Author
Fugère, Jean Marie, 1818-1882. Lithographer
Lacauchie, Alexandre. Artist
Lawrence, Thomas, 1769-1830. Artist
Longacre, James Barton, 1794-1869. Engraver
Madeley, George Edward. Lithographer
Picart, Charles, approximately 1780-approximately 1837. Engraver
Rouargue, Adolphe, 1810- Artist
Rouargue, Emile, 1795-1865. Engraver
Sherlock, William P., approximately 1780- Engraver
Stothard, Robert T. (Robert Thomas), 1797- Artist
Moore, Lillian. Donor
Kirstein, Lincoln, 1907-1996. Donor
Research Call Number
*MGZFX The 26-58
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