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Songs chiefly from 18th century English operas.

Songs chiefly from 18th century English operas.
[between 1764 and 1780?]

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Notated musicSupervised use Drexel 4960Performing Arts Research Collections - Music


Additional Authors
  • Rush, Mr. (George), active approximately 1760-1780.
  • Middleton, M. B.
  • Norris, Henry, 1752-1823
  • Arne, Thomas Augustine, 1710-1778
  • Young, Cecilia, 1712?-1789
  • Cremonini, Clementina, active 1763-1766
  • Wright, Miss
  • Stack, Miss
  • Drexel Collection.
1 manuscript score ([95] pages); 29 cm.
Uniform Title
Beggar's opera.
  • Manuscript collection of songs chiefly from The beggar's opera, and two works composed by George Rush, "The capricious lovers" and "The royal shepherd." Also contains several other songs in English and in French.
  • Title from spine.
  • Songs from The beggar's opera are for voice only. Remainder of songs in collection are for voice or voices, some with figured bass. Some are rounds for multiple voices.
  • "The capricious lovers" and "The royal shepherd" by George Rush were first performed and published in 1764.
  • Names mentioned in music for The royal shepherd and The capricious lovers: Mr. [Henry] Norris, Miss [Cecilia] Young [i.e. Mrs. Thomas Arne], Mr. [Joseph] Vernon, Sigra. [Clementina] Cremonini, Mr. [Thomas] Arne, Miss Wright, Miss Stack.
  • The last song in the collection, "Have you been to Abingdon?," is written upside down.
Provenance (note)
  • Former owner's signature on title page: M.B. Middleton.
  • Beggars opera. Thro all the employments of life -- Tis woman that seduces all mankind -- If any wench Venus's girdle wear -- If love the virgin's heart -- A maid is like the golden oar -- Virgins are like the fair flow[e]r -- Our Polly is a sad slut -- Can love be controul'd by advice -- O Polly you might have toy'd and kist [sic] -- I like a ship in storms was tost -- A fox may steal your hens Sir -- O ponder well be not severe -- The turtle thus with plaintive crieing [sic] -- Pretty Polly say -- My heart was so free -- Were I laid on Greenland's coast -- O what pain it [is] to part -- The miser thus a shilling sees -- Fill ev'ry glass -- Let us take to the road -- If the heart of a man is deprest with care -- Youth's the season made for joy -- Before the barn door crowing -- The gamester and lawyer are jugglers alike -- At the tree I shall suffer with pleasure -- Man may escape from rope and gun -- Thus when a good housewife -- How cruel are the traytors -- The first time at the looking glass -- When you censure the age -- Is then his fate decreed Sir -- You'll think e'er many days ensue -- If you at an office sollicit your due -- Thus when the swallow -- How happy could I be with either -- I'm bubbled -- Cease your fuming -- Why how now Madam Flirt -- No power on earth can e'er divide -- I like a fox shall grieve -- When young at the bar -- My love is all madness [and] folly -- The gamesters united in friendship are found -- The modes of the court -- What gudgeons are we men -- In the days of my youth -- I'm like a skiff -- When a wife's in her pout -- A curse attends that womans love -- Among the men coquets we find -- Come sweet lass -- Hither dear husband turn -- Which way shall I turn me -- When my hero -- When he holds up his hand -- Ourselves like the great -- The charge is prepared -- O cruel cruel case -- Of all the friends -- Since I must swing -- But now again my spirits sink -- But valour the stronger grows -- If thus a man can die -- So I drink of this bumper -- But can I leave -- Their eyes -- Since laws were made -- Would I might be hang'd -- Thus I stand like a Turk.
  • [Miscellaneous songs]. Saw ye John a coming -- Ye fair married dames -- Artaxerxes. Water parted from the sea ; The way to keep him / Thomas Arne -- Maudit amour -- March -- Col. Reed's Dorsetshire militia march -- Canzonet: Un berger dans notre village -- Canzonet: Ah! qu est donc de contre son amour -- Annette et Lubin. Annette à l'age de quinze -- Ce que je dis et la verité -- On Sophocles by Simonides : Wind, gentle ever-green -- On Homer by Alpheus of Mytilene : Still in our ears Andromache complains -- Wilt thou lend me thy mare -- O beauteous eyes discover -- May the king live long -- Underneath this marble hearse -- Allelujah -- Here lyeth Sir John -- Happy the youth -- Let's drink and let's sing together -- Royal shepherd. All other passions now ; Tell, oh tell my lover true ; Well I know, thou friendly stream ; Why ask me fairest if I love? / George Rush -- [Re pastore]. Quanto mai felici siete innocente / Felice Giardini -- Royal shepherd. To the woods, the fields, the mountains / George Rush -- Ianthe the lovely the joy of the plain / Thomas Arne -- As Jamie gay gang'd blyth his way -- When trees did bud, and fields were green -- Ianthe the lovely the joy of the plain / Thomas Arne -- My daddie is a canker'd carle -- Capricious lovers. Why should I now my love complain / George Rush -- Royal shepherd. Go reign thy throne awats my love [incomplete] / George Rush -- Capricious lovers. Return sweet lass ; When vapours o'er the meadow die ; What's all the pomp of gaudy courts ; Again in rustic weed array'd / George Rush -- When Damon languished at my feet / William Boyce -- When that gay season did us lead -- Capricious lovers. Be not so cross and rude ; While the cool and gentle breeze ; Be calm I pray my true love dear ; The flowers which grace their native beds ; Plague take such folks ; Tho' my dress, as my manners, is simple and plain ; Of Colin's tender love possess'd ; No jealous thought shall stain my breast / George Rush -- Have you been to Abingdon?
Call Number
Drexel 4960
Songs chiefly from 18th century English operas.
[between 1764 and 1780?]
Type of Content
notated music
Type of Medium
Type of Carrier
Former owner's signature on title page: M.B. Middleton.
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Added Author
Abridgement of: Rush, Mr. (George), active approximately 1760-1780. Capricious lovers. Selections. Vocal score.
Abridgement of: Rush, Mr. (George), active approximately 1760-1780. Royal shepherd. Selections. Vocal score.
Middleton, M. B., former owner.
Norris, Henry, 1752-1823, singer.
Arne, Thomas Augustine, 1710-1778, singer.
Young, Cecilia, 1712?-1789, singer.
Cremonini, Clementina, active 1763-1766, singer.
Wright, Miss, singer.
Stack, Miss, singer.
Drexel Collection.
Added Title
Beggar's opera.
Research Call Number
Drexel 4960
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