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Collection of 11 autograph letters : [Hartford and East Canaan, Ct.], to Nelson Lyon

Collection of 11 autograph letters : [Hartford and East Canaan, Ct.], to Nelson Lyon / 1982-1995 and undated.
Southern, Terry.

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TextPermit needed Berg Coll Cased+ Southern A.l.s. to Lyon 1982Schwarzman Building - Berg Collection Room 320


Additional Authors
  • Lyon, Nelson.
  • Sellers, Peter, 1925-1980.
1 ill.; size varies +
Collection consists of the following 11 letters: undated [ca. 1990?] a.l. signed "T.," 10 p. (10 leaves); undated a.l., 1 p.; undated a.l.s., 1 p.; undated a.l.s., 2 p. (1 leaf); a.l. on Columbia University School of the Arts stationery, dated Apr. 4, 1993, with accompanying envelope postmarked Hartford, CT, Apr. 7, 1993, 2 p. (1 leaf); undated a.l. on verso of photocopied unattributed pornographic/political comic strip titled "Chambers and Hiss in Betrayed," on which Southern comments, 1 p.; a.l.s on stationery with "The Bay O' Peeg, Captained by T. Southern and R. Torn" embossed at the top, with accompanying envelope postmarked East Canaan, CT, Nov. 16, 1982, 5 p. (3 leaves); undated a.l.s., 1 p.; a.l.s. with accompanying envelope postmarked Hartford, CT, Aug. 4, 1995, 2 p. (1 leaf); undated a.l. signed "T.," 4 p. (written on large Post-Its); and undated a.l., 1 p. Topics discussed include: the current cinema, popular culture, politics, sex, the film "Eraserhead," the film director Luis Bunuel, the application of Islamic law in Iran, racist Texas policemen, Whittaker Chambers's betrayal of Alger Hiss, how to pick up women at a bar, and the disgraced figure skater Tanya Harding. Collection also includes newspaper clippings and clipping photocopies highlighted by Southern. First clipping accompanying the 10-p. letter, source unidentified, is about an electric-chair executioner in Texas, phrases highlighted in yellow, with "Attn Nels Lyon" in black pen, Southern's hand, in upper left corner; second clipping, source unidentified, with three notes in black pen in Southern's hand, with headline "Human head transplanted onto pig's body," with photo, phrases highlighted in orange; third clipping, source unidentified, with headline "Giant 13-foot worm strangles baby," with phrases highlighted in orange. Four works in progress accompany the final letter in the collection, headed "(Omitted By Mistake From Previous Packet)" and which refers to "the work-in-prog!" These four typescript drafts (three of which are photocopies) comprise: incomplete typescript of screenplay "Grossing Out," "Based on an Idea Of Peter Sellers" (with Southern note in blue pen on title page), [n.d.], 50 p. (50 leaves); photocopy typescript essay "Looking For Dr. Strangelove or How Double-Think And Instant Gratification May Relegate George Bush To A Mere Footnote In History" [1991?], 3 p. (3 leaves), with blue pen highlighting of one letter; photocopy typescript essay "Linkage? Let's Go For It!," [n.d.], 3 p. (3 leaves), on U.S./Israel relations and the mistreatment of Palestinians in the occupied territories by Israeli soldiers; photocopy fax typescript screenplay "Good Golly Colonel Ollie! Is Virginia Ready For You," May 1994, 4 p. (4 leaves) imagining a meeting of the Iran-Contra scandal's Col. Oliver North, Sen. Bob Dole, and Speaker Newt Gingrich, as North campaigns to become a Republican Senator from Virginia
  • Nelson Lyon, a former writer for the television comedy program Saturday Night Live, became a close friend of Southern's in the late 1980s, while Southern was writing for SNL.
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  • Restricted access;
Call Number
Berg Coll Cased+ Southern A.l.s. to Lyon 1982
Southern, Terry.
Collection of 11 autograph letters : [Hartford and East Canaan, Ct.], to Nelson Lyon / 1982-1995 and undated.
Restricted access; request permission from holding division.
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Housed in archival standard "Art Portfolio."
Removed from Berg backlog.
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Lyon, Nelson. Addressee
Sellers, Peter, 1925-1980.
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Berg Coll Cased+ Southern A.l.s. to Lyon 1982
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