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Tom Adrian Cracraft designs,

Tom Adrian Cracraft designs, 1932-1959.
Cracraft, Tom Adrian, -1963.

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  • 17 blueprints; 23 x 23 cm.
  • 2 ceramic tiles ;
  • 3 boxes (60 drawings) : col., on paper or illustration board ;
  • 37 sketches : pencil on tracing paper ;
  • Blueprints.
  • Set design drawings.
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*T-Vim 2010-055
Cracraft, Tom Adrian, -1963.
Tom Adrian Cracraft designs, 1932-1959.
Set designs for Broadway shows from 1932-1936, including color designs on illustration board, pencil designs, sketches, elevations and ground plans on tracing paper, and blueprints. The collection also includes 2 ceramic tiles, a cartoon by T.A. Cracraft, and a caricature of him by Betancourt.
Set designer Tom Adrian Cracraft designed settings for several Broadway plays in the 1930s and 1940s, and later for Hollywood, where he also served as head of the scenic art department at Columbia Pictures. Tom Adrian Cracraft died in Los Angeles in 1963 at the age of 58. His credits on Broadway include the revivals of The Petrified Forest (1943) and Goodbye Again (1943).
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*T-Vim 2010-055
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