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WNYC-FM Anniversary special.

WNYC-FM Anniversary special. 60th [sound recording].
Apr. 8, 2003.

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1 sound disc (52 min.) : digital, stereo.; 4 3/4 in.
Uniform Title
  • WNYC-FM Anniversary special (Radio program)
  • Auld lang syne. Selections.
Alternative Title
  • WNYC-FM 60th anniversary special
  • WNYC-FM sixtieth anniversary special
  • Johnson boys.
  • Sally gal.
  • Get on board, little children.
  • Compact disc.
Credits (note)
  • Aaron Cohen and George Preston, producers ; Jad Abumrad, mixing engineer ; Andy Lanset, archival research ; Mikel Ellcessor and Elena Park, executive producers ; Margaret Juntwait, host.
Event (note)
  • Broadcast on WNYC, New York, N. Y. on Apr. 8, 2003.
Source (note)
  • WNYC (Radio station : New York, N. Y.) ;
  • Track 1. Billboard (1:02): "The high fidelity voice of New York City" [1950's radio ID] ; Opening remarks (M. Juntwait, host). Track 2. Segment 1 (17:58): Welcome to a celebration of 60 years ... (M. Juntwait, host) -- Excerpt of "Talk to the people" (1943) (Mayor LaGuardia, commentary) -- Why WNYC expanded to FM (M. Juntwait, host) -- Introducing the first program (1945-46 season) of New York City Symphony (Joe Fishler, host) ; Excerpt of An outdoor overture / A. Copland (New York City Symphony, Leonard Bernstein, conductor) (New York City Center for Music and Drama, 1945) -- Excerpt of pianist Paul Jacobs talks with Aaron Copland (1979) -- Excerpt of Thelonious Monk performing unidentified jazz music on WNYC (1948) -- "The high fidelity voice of New York City" [1950's radio ID] -- Excerpt of Folk Song Festival ([Jan. 2,] 1949): Introducing The Weavers ; "The Johnson Boys" (The Weavers, performers ; Oscar Brand, host) ; Excerpt of Bob Dylan interview ; "Sally gal" / B. Dylan (1961) (Bob Dylan, interviewee, vocals, guitar and harmonica ; with unidentified WNYC host) -- Common ground between musical genres (M. Juntwait, host) -- Excerpt of Interview with Bela and Márta [aka Ziegler] Bartók (Brooklyn Sculpture Garden, 1944) ; Excerpt of first movement [aka "Bagpipe players"] from Sonatina / B. Bartok (Béla Bartók, interviewee ; Márta Ziegler, piano ; with unidentified WNYC host) -- Two excerpts of Concerts from the Frick Collection: Opening remarks ; Wanda Landowska performs excerpt of unidentified J. S. Bach piece (live 1955 broadcast) (Wanda Landowska, harpsichord ; unidenitifed WNYC host) ; Excerpt of unidentified work (1952 broadcast) (Joseph Szigeti, violin ; Artur Schnabel, piano) -- Opening remarks, announcements and excerpt of unidentified piece [Berlioz?] from the 10th annual Philharmonic's Free Concerts in the Park (Sheep's Meadow, Central Park, 1975) (New York Philharmonic ; Andre Kostelanetz, conductor ; with unidentified WNYC host) -- Excerpt of "Get on board, little children" / T. E. Ford (Lewisohn Stadium, 1952) (Marian Anderson, contralto ; with unidentified orchestra) -- Excerpt of opening remarks and performance of [''In the month of Athyr''] / J. Tavener (St. Ignatius Loyola, New York, N. Y., [recorded live May 4, 2000], broadcast in 2001) / J. Tavener (The Tallis Scholars ; Sir Paul McCartney, narrator ; Peter Phillips, conductor ; John Schaefer, host) -- Additional commentary [WNYC, 2001] (J. Tavener) -- End of segment 1 (M. Juntwait, host)
  • Track 3. Segment 2 (17:18): "The high fidelity voice of New York City" [1950's radio ID] -- Introducing segment 2 (M. Juntwait, host) -- Excerpt of "Hawaiian war chant" show from Spinning on air (1991) (David Garland, host ; with unidentified performers) -- Excerpt of World Saxophone Quartet from New Sounds (1990) (World Saxophone Quartet, performers) -- Excerpt of performance of unidentified piece (1992) (Kronos Quartet) -- Excerpt of unidentified drum piece (1994) (Max Roach, drums) -- Excerpt of unidentified piece (1986) (The Harmonic Choir) -- "The high fidelity voice of New York City" [1950's radio ID] -- Excerpt of Mayor John Lindsay's talk about WNYC's role in the New York musical community (1966) -- Excerpt of world premiere live recording of Concerto for Trombone / N. Shilkret ([New York City Center,] [Feb. 15,] 1945) (Tommy Dorsey, trombone ; New York City Symphony ; Leopold Stokowski, conductor) -- Excerpt of presentation of Outstanding Public Service Award to WNYC from the Koussevitzky Music Foundation and opening remarks of WNYC's 13th annual American Music Festival (1952) (Olga Koussevitzky, host) -- Excerpt of Anniversary rag (WNYC commissioned piece [1993]) / M. Gould (Morton Gould, piano) -- Excerpt of Morton Gould on WNYC's "Meet the Composer" (1985) (Morton Gould, interviewee ; Tim Page, host) -- Excerpt of Glenn Gould on WNYC's "Meet the Composer" (1982) ; Excerpt of Aria (1955 version) from Goldberg variations, BWV 988 / J. S. Bach (Glenn Gould, interviewee and piano (from 1955 album) ; Tim Page, host) -- Excerpt of "Music Maestro" (1949) ; Excerpt of The grand march (from Tannhäuser) / R. Wagner (unidentifed host) -- Excerpt of "Music about birds" show from [Music for the connoisseur] [no date] ; Excerpt of Concerto for flute solo with chamber orchestra (aka Goldfinch) / A. Vivaldi (David Randolph, host) -- Excerpt of Celebrating Ellington (1991) (Unidentified commentators) ; Unidentified piece / D. Ellington -- End of segment 2 (M. Juntwait, host)
  • Track 4. Segment 3 (15:51): "The high fidelity voice of New York City" [1950's radio ID] -- Forum for social commentary (M. Juntwait, host) -- Excerpt of Gov. Alfred E. Smith's commentary (1943) -- Excerpt of James Farmer's remarks on WNYC program "Overseas Press Club" (1964) -- Excerpt of Laurie Anderson on "New Sounds Live" (1991) (Laurie Anderson, interviewee and synthesizer) -- Excerpt of Yo Yo Ma talking about the Silk Road project on "Soundcheck" (2002) (Yo Yo Ma, interviewee ; John Schaefer, host) -- Excerpt of interview with Lee Hoiby (1973) (Lee Hoiby, interviewee ; Martin Bookspan, host) ; Unidentified piano music / L. Hoiby (Lee Hoiby, piano) ; Excerpt of interview with George Perle (1973) (George Perle, interviewee ; unidentified host) ; Unidentified 12-tone tonality instrumental music / G. Perle -- [Selections from the [WNYC] 50th anniversary commissioning project] (1993): Excerpt of Now, so long after that time / P. Glass (Christopher O'Riley, piano) -- Unusual musical experiments (M. Juntwait, host) -- Excerpt [2nd movement] of Symphony no. 3 / H. Górecki -- Excerpt of The sinking of the Titanic / G. Bryars -- Excerpt of [Gloria] (from the 1995 album Missa Corsica in Monticellu) (A Cumpagnia, performers) [Mar. 15, 2004] -- Excerpt of [Santo (Tanguillos)] (from the 1991 album Misa Flamenca) ([Paco Péña, flamenco guitar ; Dieguito, vocals ; Academy of St. Martin in the Fields Chorus ; Laszlo Heltay, conductor]) -- Closing remarks (M. Juntwait, host) -- Off the air [1950's radio ID] ; Last verse of "Auld lang syne" (Unidentified performers)
Call Number
*LDC 45190
WNYC-FM Anniversary special. 60th [sound recording].
Apr. 8, 2003.
Playing Time
000102 001748 001718 001551
Aaron Cohen and George Preston, producers ; Jad Abumrad, mixing engineer ; Andy Lanset, archival research ; Mikel Ellcessor and Elena Park, executive producers ; Margaret Juntwait, host.
Broadcast on WNYC, New York, N. Y. on Apr. 8, 2003.
"In 1943 WNYC-FM went on the air for the first time. Join us as we look back and celebrate six decades of great radio with a special one-hour program. You'll hear exciting performances, incisive commentary, and exploration of the creative process with artists such as Leonard Bernstein, Thelonious Monk, Bela Bartok, Bob Dylan, The Kronos Quartet, Aaron Copland and many others. We've delved deep into the archives to bring you historical gems, fond reminiscences, and the spirit of innovation that has characterized WNYC's FM broadcasts for the past sixty years. Take a trip back in time with WNYC-FM."--From webpage
Gift; WNYC (Radio station : New York, N. Y.) ; 2007.
Added Author
Juntwait, Margaret, host.
Fishler, Joe, host.
Brand, Oscar, host.
Schaefer, John, host.
Koussevitzky, Olga, host.
Randolph, David, host.
Page, Tim, 1954- host.
Bookspan, Martin, host.
Abumrad, Jad, 1973- recording engineer.
Lanset, Andy, research team head.
Ellcessor, Mikel, producer.
Park, Elena, producer.
Preston, George, (Radio music director), producer.
Cohen, Aaron, (Radio producer), producer.
La Guardia, Fiorello H. (Fiorello Henry), 1882-1947, commentator.
Smith, Alfred Emanuel, 1873-1944, commentator.
Farmer, James L., Jr. (James Leonard), 1920-1999, commentator.
Lindsay, John V. (John Vliet), commentator.
Jacobs, Paul, 1930-1983, interviewer.
Copland, Aaron, 1900-1990, interviewee.
Dylan, Bob, 1941- interviewee.
Bartók, Béla, 1881-1945, interviewee.
Tavener, John, interviewee.
Gould, Morton, 1913-1996, interviewee.
Gould, Glenn, interviewee.
Anderson, Laurie, 1947- interviewee.
Perle, George, 1915-2009, interviewee.
Ma, Yo-Yo, 1955- interviewee.
Hoiby, Lee, interviewee.
Ford, Tennessee Ernie, 1919-1991, composer.
Bernstein, Leonard, 1918-1990, conductor.
Kostelanetz, Andre, 1901-1980, conductor.
Heltay, Laszlo, conductor.
Phillips, Peter, 1953- conductor.
Stokowski, Leopold, 1882-1977, conductor.
McCartney, Paul, narrator.
Monk, T. S. (Thelonious Sphere), performer.
Dylan, Bob, 1941- performer.
Landowska, Wanda, performer.
Ziegler, Márta, performer.
Szigeti, Joseph, 1892-1973, performer.
Schnabel, Artur, 1882-1951, performer.
Gould, Glenn, performer.
Anderson, Marian, 1897-1993, performer.
Roach, Max, 1924-2007, performer.
Dorsey, Tommy, 1905-1956, performer.
Gould, Morton, 1913-1996, performer.
O'Riley, Christopher, 1956- performer.
Diego el Cigala, 1968, performer.
Péña, Paco, performer.
Copland, Aaron, 1900-1990. Outdoor overture. Selections.
Bartók, Béla, 1881-1945. Sonatinas, piano (1915). Dudások. Selections.
Tavener, John. In the month of Athyr. Selections.
Shilkret, Nathaniel, 1889-1982. Concerto, trombone, orchestra. Selections.
Gould, Morton, 1913-1996. Anniversary rag. Selections.
Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750. Goldberg-Variationen. Aria. Selections.
Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883. Tannhäuser. Einzug der Gäste. Selections.
Vivaldi, Antonio, 1678-1741. Concertos, flute, string orchestra, op. 10. No. 3. Selections.
Glass, Philip. Now, so long after that time. Selections.
Górecki, Henryk Mikołaj, 1933-2010. Symphonies, no. 3, op. 36. Tranquillisimo. Selections.
Bryars, Gavin. Sinking of the Titanic. Selections.
Péña, Paco. Misa Flamenca. Santo (Tanguillos). Selections.
New York City Symphony, performer.
Weavers (Musical group), performer.
New York Philharmonic, performer.
Tallis Scholars, performer.
Kronos Quartet, performer.
World Saxophone Quartet, performer.
Harmonic Choir, performer.
Koussevitzky Music Foundation.
A Cumpagnia (Musical group), performer.
Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Chorus.
WNYC (Radio station : New York, N.Y.)
WNYC (Radio station : New York, N.Y.), donor. NN-RHA
Added Title
WNYC-FM 60th anniversary special
WNYC-FM sixtieth anniversary special
Auld lang syne. Selections.
Johnson boys.
Sally gal.
Get on board, little children.
Research Call Number
*LDC 45190
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