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Blues [motion picture].
New York, N.Y. : Larry Gottheim, 2004.

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Moving imageBy appointment only M16 A-971 BReserve Film and Video Adult Fiction


1 film reel (8 min.) ; si., col.; 16 mm.
  • Experimental films.
  • Short films.
  • Originally produced in 1969.
  • Project at 16 frames per second.
  • This film has been preserved by the Reserve Film and Video Collection of The New York Public, with funding from the National Film Preservation Foundation.
Credits (note)
  • Director, Larry Gottheim.
Blues [motion picture].
New York, N.Y. : Larry Gottheim, 2004.
Director, Larry Gottheim.
A bowl of blueberries in milk, changing light radiant on the berries and on the glazed bowl, the ever more radiant orb of milk transforming into glowing light itself, with a brief shadow coda answering the complex play of shadows. The regular pulses of light framing the looser rhythmus of the spoon, itself a frame. A charging of each of the frame’s edges with its own particular energy. Originally shot on 8mm film using a borrowed motorized 8mm Bolex camera that was defective, and a 16mm telephoto lens that doubled its telephoto character on this 8mm camera. The defect in the camera motor caused it to periodically slow down, resulting in the cyclic pulse. The happenstance availability of the motor, as opposed to a spring wind, led to the possibility of a continuous shot for the entire roll.
Branch Call Number
M16 A-971 B
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