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Opera and recital

Opera and recital : collection [sound recording], 1901-1972.
Greenway, Lauder.


Additional Authors
  • 9770 sound recordings.
  • analog, mono, 78 rpm.
  • analog, mono, 33 rpm, acetate.
  • mono.
  • Added entries are for non-commercial discs only.
  • The nature of the collection requires extensive added entries in this record.
Access (note)
  • Access to acetate discs and cylinders restricted; advance notification required.
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  • Inventory of entire collection available.
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Call Number
*L(Special) 89-20
Greenway, Lauder.
Opera and recital : collection [sound recording], 1901-1972.
Access to acetate discs and cylinders restricted; advance notification required.
Inventory of entire collection available.
Finding aid available for acetate discs. In: *L(Special)89-20.
Added Author
Adani, Mariella, vocalist.
Alarie, Pierrette, vocalist.
Albanese, Francesco, 1912-2005, vocalist.
Albanese, Licia, vocalist.
Alexander, John, 1923-1990, vocalist.
Allen, Betty, 1927-2009, singer.
Alva, Luigi, vocalist.
Alvary, Lorenzo, 1909-1996, vocalist.
Amara, Lucine, vocalist.
Amparan, Belen, vocalist.
Antoine, Bernadette, vocalist.
Antonicelli, Giuseppe, conductor.
Arié, Raffaele, vocalist.
Artiolli, Walter, vocalist.
Asciak, Paul, 1923- vocalist.
Baccaloni, Salvatore, 1900-1969, vocalist.
Bacquier, Gabriel, vocalist.
Bada, Angelo, vocalist.
Badioli, Carlo, vocalist.
Baldwin, Marcia, vocalist.
Barbieri, Fedora, vocalist.
Bardi-Kokolios, Giorgio, vocalist.
Bardini, Gaetano, 1929- vocalist.
Barioni, Daniele, 1930- vocalist.
Baromeo, Chase, 1892-1973, vocalist.
Bartocci, Aldo, vocalist.
Basile, Arturo, conductor.
Bastianini, Ettore, vocalist.
Baum, Kurt, 1900-1989, vocalist.
Baylé, Theo. vocalist.
Beecham, Thomas, 1879-1961, conductor.
Berganza, Teresa, vocalist.
Berger, Erne, 1900-1990, vocalist.
Bergonzi, Carlo, vocalist.
Berry, Walter, vocalist.
Bersieri, Mario, vocalist.
Bertocci, Aldo, vocalist.
Biasini, Piero, vocalist.
Bispham, David, 1857-1921, vocalist.
Bjoner, Ingrid, vocalist.
Björling, Jussi, 1911-1960, vocalist.
Blanc, Ernest, vocalist.
Böhm, Karl, 1894-1944, conductor.
Böhme, Kurt, 1908-1989, vocalist.
Bondino, Ruggero, vocalist.
Bonelli, Richard, vocalist.
Bonynge, Richard, conductor.
Borelli, Giannella, vocalist.
Borgioli, Dino, vocalist.
Borgonovo, Otello, vocalist.
Bori, Lucrezia, 1887-1960, vocalist.
Borriello, Mario, vocalist.
Borkh, Inge, vocalist.
Borsò, Umberto, vocalist.
Bowman, Robert, 1925- vocalist.
Branzell, Karin, 1891-1974, vocalist.
Braun, Hans, 1917-1992, vocalist.
Breibach, Franz, vocalist.
Brouweinstijn, Gré, vocalist.
Browning, Lucielle, vocalist.
Brownlee, John, 1901-1969, vocalist.
Bruscantini, Sesto, vocalist.
Bumbry, Grace, 1937- vocalist.
Burgstaller, Alois, 1871-1945, vocalist.
Burke, Hilde, vocalist.
Caballé, Montserrat, vocalist.
Cabonari, Virgilio, vocalist.
Cadoni, Fernanda, vocalist.
Callas, Maria, 1923-1977, vocalist.
Campora, Giuseppe, vocalist.
Caniglia, Maria, vocalist.
Capecchi, Renato,
Cappuccilli, Piero, vocalist.
Carlin, Mario, vocalist.
Carlo, Marelli, vocalist.
Carlyle, Joan, vocalist.
Carolli, Gabor, vocalist.
Carosio, Margherita, vocalist.
Carron, Arthur, vocalist.
Carteri, Rosanna, vocalist.
Carturan, Gabriella, vocalist.
Cassilly, Richard, 1927-1998, vocalist.
Cassotto, Fiorenza, vocalist.
Castagna, Bruna, vocalist.
Catelani, Aurora, vocalist.
Catena, Ricardo, vocalist.
Cebotari, Marie, vocalist.
Cehanovsky, George, 1892-1986, vocalist.
Cerquetti, Anita, vocalist.
Cervena, Sonja, vocalist.
Chookasian, Lili, vocalist.
Christ, Rudolf, 1916-1982, vocalist.
Christoff, Boris, vocalist.
Cioni, Renato, vocalist.
Clabassi, Plinio, vocalist.
Colzani, Anselmo, vocalist.
Companeez, Irene, vocalist.
Conley, Eugene, 1908-1981, vocalist.
Conner, Nadine, vocalist.
Coraddi, Gian-Paolo, vocalist.
Cordon, Norman, vocalist.
Corelli, Franco, vocalist.
Corena, Fernando, vocalist.
Corsi, Rina, vocalist.
Cossotto, Fiorenza, vocalist.
Costa, Mary, 1930- vocalist.
Craig, Charles, 1919-1997, vocalist.
Crespin, Régine, vocalist.
Curtis-Verna, Maria, 1926- vocalist.
Cvejić, Biserka, vocalist.
Czerwenka, Oscar, 1924- vocalist.
D'Angelo, Gianna, vocalist.
D'Angelo, Louis, 1888-1958, vocalist.
Dalis, Irene, 1925- vocalist.
Danco, Susan, 1911- vocalist.
Danieli, Lucia, vocalist.
Davidson, Lawrence, vocalist.
De Carlo, Rita, 1938- vocalist.
De Luca, Giuseppe, vocalist.
De Lucia, Fernando, 1860-1925, vocalist.
Angeles, Victoria de los, vocalist.
De Palma, Piero, vocalist.
Del Monaco, Mario, 1915-1982, vocalist.
Della Casa, Lisa, vocalist.
Dermota, Anton, vocalist.
Di Stefano, Giuseppe, 1921-2008, vocalist.
Diaz, Justino, 1939- voc
Dickie, Murray, 1924-1995, vocalist.
Djanel, Lily, 1912- vocalist.
Dobbs, Mattiwilda, 1925- vocalist.
Dominguez, Oralia, 1927- vocalist.
Dönch, Karl, vocalist.
Dondi, Dino, vocalist.
Dorati, Antal, conductor.
Dow, Dorothy, 1920-2005, vocalist.
Eames, Emma, 1865-1952, vocalist.
Eddy, Jennifer, vocalist.
Edelmann, Otto, vocalist.
Ego, Constantino, vocalist.
Elias, Rosalind, 1929- vocalist.
Elmo, Cloe, vocalist.
Englemann, Wilfred, vocalist.
Ernster, Dezsö, 1898-1981, vocalist.
Esparza, Elfego, vocalist.
Evans, Geraint, 1922-1992, vocalist.
Falzetti, Nino, vocalist.
Farrell, Eileen, vocalist, interviewee.
Fassett, James, interviewer.
Favero, Mafalda, vocalist.
Felbermayer, Anny, 1927- vocalist.
Fenn, Jean, vocalist.
Fernandi, Eugenio, vocalist.
Ferraro, Pier Miranda, vocalist.
Ferrin, Agostino, vocalist.
Filacuridi, Nicola, vocalist.
Fioravanti, Giulio, vocalist.
Fioroni, Giovanna, vocalist.
Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich, 1925-2012, vocalist.
Flagello, Ezio, vocalist.
Flagstad, Kirsten, 1895-1962, vocalist.
Formachini, Dino, vocalist.
Franci, Benvenuto, vocalist.
Frantz, Ferdinand, 1906-1959, vocalist.
Freni, Mirella, 1935-2020, vocalist.
Frick, Gottlob, 1906-1994, vocalist.
Furtwängler, Wilhelm, 1886-1954, conductor.
Fuvari, Miriam, vocalist.
Gábor, Arnold, 1880-1950, vocalist.
Galvany, Marisa, 1936- vocalist.
Gatti, Gabriella, 1908- vocalist.
Gavazzeni, Gianandrea, 1909-1996, conductor.
Gavazzi, Carla, vocalist.
Gedda, Nicolai, vocalist.
Gencer, Leyla, vocalist.
Giaia, Gianni, vocalist.
Gigli, Beniamino, 1890-1957, vocalist.
Gigli, Rina, vocalist.
Giulini, Carlo Maria, conductor.
Gjaurov, Nikola, vocalist.
Glaz, Herta, 1908-2006, vocalist.
Gobbi, Tito, vocalist.
Goltz, Christel, vocalist.
Gorr, Rita, vocalist.
Gottlieb, Peter, vocalist.
Greindl, Josef, vocalist.
Grist, Reri, vocalist.
Grümmer, Elisabeth, vocalist.
Guarrera, Frank, 1924- vocalist.
Güden, Hilde, vocalist.
Guelfi, Gian Giacomo, vocalist.
Gui, Vittorio, 1885-1975, conductor.
Guichandut, Carlos, vocalist.
Hass, Julien, 1930- vocalist.
Haefliger, Ernst, 1919-2007, vocalist.
Harshaw, Margaret, vocalist.
Harvuot, Clifford, 1912-1990, vocalist.
Hawkins, Osie, vocalist.
Heiskell, Andrew, vocalist.
Herlea, Nicolae, vocalist.
Herrmann, Josef, 1903-1955, vocalist.
Hines, Jerome, 1921-2003, vocalist.
Hoffman, Grace, vocalist.
Höngen, Elisabeth, 1906- vocalist.
Hopf, Hans, vocalist.
Horne, Marilyn, vocalist.
Hotter, Hans, vocalist.
Huehn, Julius, vocalist.
Hurley, Laurel, vocalist.
Jagel, Frederick, vocalist.
Janssen, Herbert, vocalist.
Jonsson, Busk Margit, 1929- vocalist.
Jurinac, Sena, 1921- vocalist.
Kabaivanska, Raĭna, 1934- vocalist.
Kappel, Gertrude, vocalist.
Karajan, Herbert von, conductor.
Kelly, David, 1929- vocalist.
Kempe, Wilhelm, conductor.
Kent, Arthur, 1906-1980, vocalist.
Kipnis, Alexander, 1891-1978, vocalist.
Kirsten, Dorothy, 1910-1992, vocalist.
Klose, Margarete, vocalist.
Klemperer, Otto, 1885-1973, conductor.
Kmennt, Waldemar, 1929- vocalist.
Knapp, Josef, vocalist.
Konetzni, Hilde, vocalist.
Kónya, Sándor, 1923-2002, vocalist.
Korjus, Miliza, vocalist.
Köth, Erika, vocalist.
Kraus, Alfredo, vocalist.
Kraus, Otakar, 1909-1980, vocalist.
Kreppel, Walter, vocalist.
Krull, Rudolf, vocalist.
Kuehn, Paul, vocalist.
Kullman, Charles, 1903-1983, vocalist.
Kunz, Erich, 1909-1995, vocalist.
Kupper, Annelies, 1906-1987, vocalist.
Labò, Flaviano, vocalist.
Lammers, Gerda, 1915- vocalist.
Lance, Albert, vocalist.
Lasciapi, Luisa, vocalist.
Laszl?o, Magda, 1919- vocalist.
Latinucchi, Pier, vocalist.
Lazzari, Agostino, vocalist.
Lazzari, Virgilio vocalist.
Lazzarini, Adriana, vocalist.
Lechleitner, Franz, 1914- vocalist.
Lewis, Richard, 1914-1990, vocalist.
Yuscarán, Guillermo, vocalist.
Liebl, Karlhans, vocalist.
Ligabue, Ilva, vocalist.
Ligaris, Rafaelo, vocalist.
Likova, Eva, vocalist.
Limarilli, Gastone, vocalist.
Lipton, Martha, 1920- vocalist.
Lombardo, Pasquale, vocalist.
London, George, 1920-1985, vocalist.
Loose, Emmy, vocalist.
Lorengar, Pilar, vocalist.
Lorenz, Max, 1901-1975, vocalist.
Ludwig, Christa, vocalist.
Maazel, Lorin, 1930-2014, conductor.
MacNeil, Cornell, 1922- vocalist.
Macurdy, John, vocalist.
Madeira, Jean, vocalist.
Maison, René, 1895-1962, vocalist.
Malagù, Stefania, vocalist.
Malatrasi, Rina, vocalist.
Malimpietri, Lydia, vocalist.
Manaci, Maria, vocalist.
Mancini, Caterina, vocalist.
Manski, Dorothea, 1891-1967, vocalist.
Manski, Inge, vocalist.
Marschner, Kurt, 1913-1984, vocalist.
Martinelli, Giuseppe, 1870-1984, vocalist.
Martino, Adriana, vocalist.
Mascherini, Enzo, vocalist.
Massue, Nicholas, 1910- vocalist.
Maureale, Leonardo, vocalist.
McCracken, James, 1926-1988, vocalist.
Meisle, Kathryn, 1899-1970, vocalist.
Melchior, Lauritz, vocalist.
Meletti, Saturno, vocalist.
Melton, James, 1904-1961, vocalist.
Meneguzzer, Jolanda, vocalist.
Merrill, Robert, 1917-2004, vocalist.
Meyer, Kerstin, vocalist.
Meyer-Wlefing, Hugo, vocalist.
Michalski, Raimond, 1933- vocalist.
Milanov, Zinka, vocalist.
Milinkovic, Georgine von, vocalist.
Mill, Arnold van, 1921- vocalist.
Milnes, Sherrill, vocalist.
Mionica, Silvio, vocalist.
Modesti, Giuseppe, vocalist.
Mödl, Martha, vocalist.
Moffo, Anna, vocalist.
Mollet, Pierre, vocalist.
Montarsolo, Paolo, 1925- vocalist.
Monti, Nicola, vocalist.
Müller-Bütow, Hedwig, 1909-1964, vocalist.
Neri, Giulio, vocalist.
Nessi, Giuseppe, 1887-1961, vocalist.
Nicolai, Elena, vocalist.
Nilsson, Birgit, vocalist.
Noni, Alda, vocalist.
Novelli, Ugo, 1912-1968, vocalist.
Novotna, Jarmilla, 1907- vocalist.
Olheim, Helen, vocalist.
Olivero, Magda, vocalist.
Oltrabella, Augusta, vocalist.
Oncina, Juan, 1921- vocalist.
Ortica, Mario, vocalist.
Otto, Lisa, 1919- vocalist.
Ottolini, Luigi, vocalist.
Truccato-Pace, Miti, vocalist.
Pacetti, Iva, vocalist.
Pagliughi, Lina, vocalist.
Pålson-Wettergren, Gertrud, 1896-1991, vocalist.
Panerai, Rolando, vocalist.
Panni, Nicoletta, 1933- vocalist.
Papi, Gennaro, vocalist.
Pasero, Tancredi, vocalist.
Patzak, Julius, vocalist.
Pease, James, 1916-1967, vocalist.
Pechner, Gerhard, 1903-1969, vocalist.
Pedani, Paolo, vocalist.
Peligoni, Rinaldi, vocalist.
Pelligrino, Liliana, vocalist.
Penno, Gino, vocalist.
Pernerstorfer, Alois, 1912-1978, vocalist.
Peters, Roberta, 1930-2017, vocalist.
Peterson, Glade, 1928- vocalist.
Petrella, Clara, 1914-1987, vocalist.
Petri, Mario, vocalist.
Picchi, Mirto, vocalist.
Pinza, Ezio, vocalist.
Pirazzini, Miriam, vocalist.
Plançon, Pol, 1851-1914, vocalist.
Plümacher, Hetty, 1922- vocalist.
Pobbe, Marcella, vocalist.
Poell, Alfred, 1900-1968, vocalist.
Poggi, Gianni, vocalist.
Poleri, David, vocalist.
Poli, Afro, vocalist.
Pons, Lily, 1898-1976, vocalist.
Ponselle, Rosa, 1897-1981, vocalist.
Prandelli, Giacinto, 1916- vocalist.
Prevedi, Bruno, 1928- vocalist.
Prey, Hermann, 1929-1998, vocalist.
Price, Leontyne, vocalist.
Protti, Aldo, vocalist.
Questa, Angelo, conductor.
Raimondi, Gianni, vocalist.
Rankin, Nell, vocalist.
Rayner, Sydney, 1895-1981, vocalist.
Reiner, Fritz, 1888-1963, conductor.
Reining, Maria, vocalist.
Resnik, Regina, 1922-2013, vocalist.
Rethbert, Elisabeth, 1894- vocalist.
Rigal, Delia, vocalist.
Roberti, Margherita, 1930- vocalist.
Roman, Stella, vocalist.
Rooy, Anton van, 1870-1932, vocalist.
Rosbaud, Hans, 1895-1962, conductor.
Rössl-Majdan, Hilde, vocalist.
Rossi, Mario, 1902-1992, conductor.
Rossi-Lemeni, Nicola, 1920-1991, vocalist.
Rosvænge, Helga, 1897-1972, vocalist.
Rota, Anna Maria, vocalist.
Roth, Sigmund, 1905-1975, vocalist.
Rothenberger, Anneliese, vocalist.
Rothier, Léon, 1874-1951, vocalist.
Rothmüller, Aron Marko, 1908-1993, vocalist.
Rubio, Consuelo, vocalist.
Rysanek, Leonie, vocalist.
Sailer, Friederike, vocalist.
Santini, Gabriele, 1889-1964, conductor.
Sanzogno, Nino, vocalist.
Sardi, Ivan, conductor.
Sarfaty, Regina, 1932- vocalist.
Sawallisch, Wolfgang, 1923-2013, conductor.
Sayão, Bidú, vocalist.
Schech, Marianne, vocalist.
Scheyrer, Gerda, 1925- vocalist.
Schöffler, Paul, 1897- vocalist.
Schorr, Friedrich, 1888-1953, vocalist.
Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth, 1915- vocalist.
Sciutti, Graziella, vocalist.
Scotto, Renata, 1934- vocalist.
Scovotti, Jeanette, vocalist.
Seefried, Irmgard, vocalist.
Sereni, Mario, vocalist.
Siepi, Cesare, vocalist.
Silja, Anja, vocalist.
Silveri, Paolo, 1913- vocalist.
Simionato, Giulietta, vocalist.
Simoneau, Léopold, vocalist.
Sitran, Roma, vocalist.
Söderström, Elisabeth, 1927- vocalist.
Sordello, Enzo, vocalist.
Souzay, Gérard, 1918-2004, vocalist.
Spina, Mario, vocalist.
Stabile, Mariano, vocalist.
Steber, Eleanor, vocalist.
Stefanoni, Marco, vocalist.
Stella, Antonietta, 1929- vocalist.
Stewart, Thomas, vocalist.
Stich-Randall, Teresa, 1927-2007, vocalist.
Stignani, Ebe, vocalist.
Stolze, Gerhard, vocalist.
Streich, Rita, 1920-1987 vocalist.
Souliotis, Elena, 1943-2004, vocalist.
Sullivan, Brian, vocalist.
Sutherland, Joan, 1926-2010, vocalist.
Svanholm, Set, vocalist.
Szell, George, 1897-1970, vocalist.
Taddei, Giuseppe, vocalist.
Tadeo, Giorgio, vocalist.
Tagliabue, Carlo, 1898-1978, vocalist.
Tagliavini, Ferruccio, 1913-1995, vocalist.
Tajo, Italo, vocalist.
Tassinari, Pia, vocalist.
Tebaldi, Renata, vocalist.
Tedesco, Sergio, 1928-2012, vocalist.
Telva, Marion, 1897-1962, vocalist.
Thebom, Blanche, vocalist.
Thomas, Jess, vocalist.
Thorborg, Kerstin, 1896-1970, vocalist.
Töpper, Hertha, vocalist.
Toscanini, Arturo, 1867-1957, conductor.
Tozzi, Giorgio, vocalist.
Traubel, Helen, vocalist.
Treptow, Günther, vocalist.
Tucci, Gabriella, vocalist.
Tucker, Richard, 1913-1975, vocalist.
Udovick, Lucille, 1920- vocalist.
Uhde, Hermann, 1914-1965, vocalist.
Uhl, Fritz, vocalist.
Ursuleac, Viorica, 1894-1985, vocalist.
Uzunov, Dimitŭr Todorov, 1922-1985, vocalist.
Vaghi, Giacomo, 1901- vocalist.
Valdengo, Giuseppe, 1914-2007, vocalist.
Valentino, Frank, vocalist.
Välkki, Anita, vocalist.
Valletti, Cesare, vocalist.
Varnay, Astrid, vocalist.
Vickers, Jon, vocalist.
Vinco, Ivo, vocalist.
Vitale, Maria, vocalist.
Votipka, Thelma, 1906-1972, vocalist.
Wächter, Eberhard, vocalist.
Wagner, Sieglinde, vocalist.
Walter, Bruno, 1876-1962, conductor.
Warren, Leonard, 1911-1960, vocalist.
Washington, Paolo, vocalist.
Weber, Ludwig, 1899-1974, vocalist.
Welitsch, Ljuba, vocalist.
Wildermann, William, 1919-2004, vocalist.
Windgassen, Wolfgang, vocalist.
Zaccaria, Nicola. vocalist.
Zadek, Hilde, 1917-2019, vocalist.
Zampieri, Giuseppe, 1921-1981, vocalist.
Zanasi, Mario, vocalist.
Zanolli, Silvana, 1928- vocalist.
Zeanni, Virginia, vocalist.
Zerbini, Antonio, vocalist.
Research Call Number
*L(Special) 89-20
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