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Boris Kõrver [sound recording].

Boris Kõrver [sound recording].
Kõrver, B. (Boris), 1917-
[Riga, Latvia] : Melodi︠i︡a, [1974?]

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AudioUse in library *LZR 33133 [Disc]Performing Arts Research Collections - Recorded Sound


Additional Authors
  • Aren, V.
  • Eesti Raadio. Estraadiorkester. prf
  • Eesti Raadio. Segakoor. prf
  • Gurʹev, V.
  • Helemäe, H.
  • Kõrver, B. (Boris), 1917-
  • Lääts, H.
  • Merkulov, Rostislav, 1912-1978.
  • Orav, I.
  • Ots, Georg, 1920-1975.
  • Peep, Helend, 1910-
  • Pärn, Endel, 1914-1990.
  • Sallo, Helgi.
  • Saul, Peeter, 1932-
  • Sooäär, S.
1 sound disc : analog, 33 1/3 rpm.; 12 in.
  • Melodi︠i︡a: M30-36295--M30-36296 (on container: M30 036295-6).
  • Program notes by Leo Normet in Estonian, Russian and English on container.
Event (note)
  • Recorded at the Tallinska︠i︡a Studi︠i︡a Gramzapisi (Tallinn, Estonia).
Language (note)
  • In Estonian.
Lauludega rindeteedel = With the song on frontline roads. Helgib kuu = The moon shines ; Tundmatuks jäid sa Velikije Lukis = The unknown soldier of Velikiye Luki ; Õisi laotasid sirelid = The lilacs burst into bloom ; Kodulinn = My native town ; Ootab kodu = Home is waiting ; Rindeteed = Frontline roads -- Fragmente operetist "Ainult unistus" (1955) = Highlights from the operetta "Only a dream". Aini ja Irma duett = Duet (Irma and Ain) ; Oskari ja Tolly duett = Duet (Tolly and Oscar) ; Kerjuse laul = Beggar's song ; Irma laul = Irma's song ; Grete ja Oliveri duett = Duet (Grete and Oliver) ; Irma laul = Irma's song ; Oskari ja Tolly duett = Duet (Tolly and Oscar) ; Finaal = Finale.
Call Number
*LZR 33133
Kõrver, B. (Boris), 1917- Composer
Boris Kõrver [sound recording].
[Riga, Latvia] : Melodi︠i︡a, [1974?]
Sung by H. Lääts, G. Ots, V. Gurjev, I. Orav, H. Helemäe, V. Aren, H. Sallo, S. Sooäär, E. Pärn, H. Peep ; Estonian Radio Light Music Orchestra and Choir ; R. Merkulov or P. Saul, conductors.
Recorded at the Tallinska︠i︡a Studi︠i︡a Gramzapisi (Tallinn, Estonia).
In Estonian.
Added Author
Merkulov, Rostislav, 1912-1978. Conductor
Saul, Peeter, 1932- Conductor
Lääts, H. Performer
Ots, Georg, 1920-1975. Performer
Gurʹev, V. Performer
Orav, I. Performer
Helemäe, H. Performer
Aren, V. Performer
Sallo, Helgi. Performer
Sooäär, S. Performer
Pärn, Endel, 1914-1990. Performer
Peep, Helend, 1910- Performer
Kõrver, B. (Boris), 1917- Ainult unistus. Selections.
Kõrver, B. (Boris), 1917- Songs. Selections.
Eesti Raadio. Estraadiorkester. Performer
Eesti Raadio. Segakoor. Performer
Publisher No.
M30-36295--M30-36296 Melodi︠i︡a
M30 036295-6 Melodi︠i︡a
Research Call Number
*LZR 33133 Program notes on container.
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