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Charles Lamb manuscript material.

Charles Lamb manuscript material.
Lamb, Charles, 1775-1834.
circa 1800-1829

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Mixed materialPermit needed Pforz MSSchwarzman Building - Pforzheimer Collection Room 319


Additional Authors
  • Clarke, Mary Cowden, 1809-1898
  • Brent, Charlotte, 1783-
  • Clarke, Charles Cowden, 1787-1877
  • Harness, William, 1790-1869
  • Hessey, J. A. (James Augustus), 1785-1870
  • Morgan, Mary Brent
  • Talfourd, Thomas Noon, 1795-1854
  • Taylor and Hessey, addressee.
10 items
  • · Autograph notes in Thomas Fuller's The Holy State : [no date] : (S'ANA 1018) : Lamb's annotations (mostly very brief) are on p. 7, 180, 186, 270, 279, [340], [342], 387, and 486. Shelved as *Pforz BT (Lamb, C.) 01.
  • · Autograph note on the playbill for Antonio, by Wililam Godwin : [ca. Dec 1800] : (G'ANA 0005) : reading, "Damned with universal consent." Published with commentary, including a photo reproduction, in Shelley and His Circle, vol. I, p. 243. Shelved as *Pforz B-L 01.
  • · Holograph essay, "Jews, Quakers, Scotchmen, and Other Imperfect Sympathies" : [ca. 1820-1822] : (S'ANA 0034) : signed "Elia" ; 4 folio leaves, final leaf bearing address to Taylor & Hessey, publishers. Bound in brown morocco. Filed in SC oversized manuscript drawer.
  • · To "Miss B." : 1 autograph letter signed "CL" : [no date] : (S'ANA 1069) : [no place] : begins, "Mr. Hunter has this morning put into a parcel all I have received from you ..."; also saying, "I cannot attend to any thing but the most simple things. I am very unhinged indeed." Tipped into the grangerized copy of Hazlitt's Spirit of the Age. Shelved with bound manuscript volumes under "Hazlitt."
  • · To Charles Cowden Clarke, writer and public lecturer : 1 autograph letter signed "CL" : 2 Feb 1829 : (S'ANA 0036) : [no place] : discussing his own and Mary Lamb's taste in literature; begins, "Your Books are as the gushing of streams in a Desart. By the way you have sent no autobiographies. Your letter seems to imply you had."
  • · To William Harness, literary scholar : 1 autograph letter signed "Elia" : 25 Jan 1823 : (S'ANA 0035) : [no place] : begins, "I return you the Manuscript, which Mess. taylor & Hessey do not consider as exactly adapted to their Publication ..."
  • · To Mr. J. A. Hessey of Taylor & Hessey, publishers : 1 autograph letter signed "C Lamb" : 3 Sep 1823 : (S'ANA 0892) : [no place] : begins, "Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley is in England, and wishes to become a contributer to the Lond[on Magazine]." With the postscript, "can you let me have B[ernard] Barton's friend's MS? if you don't need."
  • · To Mary Morgan, née Brent, wife and sister-in-law of John James Morgan (d. 1820), lawyer turned cheesemonger and tobacconist, friend of Coleridge and Southey : 2 letters : -- 1 autograph letter signed "CL" : 18 Mar 1812 : (S'ANA 1023) : [no place] : providing the recipe for a marble-cleaning solution; begins, "take Soap Lees and whiting, no other ingredients ..."; along with a later 19th century copy of the letter, in an unidentified hand. -- 1 autograph letter (fragment) : 22 May 1815 : (S'ANA 0994) : [no place] : also addressed to Mary's sister, Miss [Charlotte] Brent; the larger portion of the letter is written by Mary Lamb. Filed under "Mary Lamb."
  • · To Thomas Noon Talfourd, writer, judge, and politician : 1 letter (copy) : [no date] : (S'ANA 0168b) : 1 page (single sheet) : [no place] : in the hand of Mary Cowden Clarke; begins, "My good friend Charles Clarke is the bearer of this. His sister, Mrs. Towers, has written one or more very pretty Books ..." Filed along with Talfourd's response to Charles Cowden Clarke (S'ANA 0168a). Filed in the SC file under "Talfourd."
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  • Restricted access;
Biography (note)
  • Charles Lamb, English essayist.
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Pforz MS
  • 162505245
  • 162505245
Lamb, Charles, 1775-1834.
Charles Lamb manuscript material.
circa 1800-1829
Restricted Access
Restricted access; Pforzheimer Collection; Permit must be requested at the division indicated.
Charles Lamb, English essayist.
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Added Author
Clarke, Mary Cowden, 1809-1898, scribe.
Brent, Charlotte, 1783- addressee.
Clarke, Charles Cowden, 1787-1877, addressee.
Harness, William, 1790-1869, addressee.
Hessey, J. A. (James Augustus), 1785-1870, addressee.
Morgan, Mary Brent, addressee.
Talfourd, Thomas Noon, 1795-1854, addressee.
Taylor and Hessey, addressee.
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Pforz MS
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