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Raw fiddle

Raw fiddle [sound recording].
Cambridge, MA : Rounder Select, p2004.

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AudioUse in libraryAvailable*LDC 35154 [CD]Performing Arts Research Collections - Recorded Sound
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Additional Authors
2 sound discs : digital; 4 3/4 in.
  • Rounder Select: 82161-1161-2 (on container: 82161-1160-2).
  • Collection of music from the United States featuring fiddle, and international performances featuring violins played in various folk and fiddling traditions.
  • Selections assembled by Dick Spottswood.
  • Program notes by Dick Spottswood ([26] p. : ports.) inserted in container.
Event (note)
  • Recorded in 1915-1953 (principally).
Language (note)
  • Some selections with voices singing or speaking in various languages.
  • CD 1: The domestic front. Don't let your deal go down (Fiddlin' John Carson and His Virginia Reelers) (3:07) -- Arkansas traveler (Fiddlin' John Carson and His Virginia Reelers) (2:59) -- Rocky road to Dublin (Osey Helton) (2:53) -- Turkey buzzard blues (Peg Leg Howell and Eddie Anthony) (3:03) -- C-C Rider (Big Bill Broonzy) (3:18) -- Barnyard serenade (G.B. Grayson, Henry Whitter) (2:55) -- Michell blues (Wade Mainer and Sons of the Mountaineers) (2:45) -- Jackson Scottische (Ervin Rouse) (2:20) -- Undertaker blues (Buster Johnson) (3:01) -- When Lulu's gone (Bang Boys) (2:51) -- Louisburg blues ("Uncle Bunt" Stephens) (2:59) -- Mountain swing (Dee Stone and His Melody Hillbillys) (2:38) -- Tugboat and pineywoods (Dad Massey and His Family (The Westerners) (2:44) -- New lost train blues (J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers) (2:46) -- Bamalong blues (Andrew and Jim Baxter) (3:09) -- My little home in West Virginia (Ellis and Bill (The Green Mountain Boys)) (3:00) -- Old grey goose (Red Belcher and His Kentucky Ridgerunners) (2:10) -- Cluck old hen (Al Hopkins and His Buckle Busters) (2:43) -- The Arkansaw traveler (Jilson Setters (J.W. Day)) (3:08) -- Johnnie, get your gun (Earl Johnson and His Clodhoppers) (2:54) -- New stop and listen (Mississippi Sheiks) (3:45) -- Give the fiddler a dram (Carter Brothers & Son) (3:05) -- Billy in the low ground (Dr. Humphrey Bate and His Possum Hunters) (2:46) -- Crippled turkey (Bob Wills) (2:49).
  • CD 2: International intriuge. Ipirotiko mirologoi (Alexis Zoumbas) (4:09) -- Aidinikos horos (Laiki Orchestra) (4:02) -- Taqid Al-Zamr (bil-kemanjahu) daqqah rags (Naeem Karacand (Zuma Imitation on his violin, Raks Dance) (3:54) -- Mussieu satan faché (L'Orchestre Antillais) (3:12) -- Caroline (Belasco Orchestra) (2:45) -- We want Sa Gomes (The Carnival's Vagabonds) (2:42) -- Joe's favorite ; Mackinnon's rant ; Pigeon on the gate ; The broken wheel (reels) (Alick Gillis) (2:55) -- McKeon's reel (Frank Quinn) (3:15) -- La blues de Port Arthur (Leo Soileau's Rhythm Boys) (2:24) -- Fa-de-do stomp (Harry Choates) (2:31) -- Reel des aviateurs (J.O. LaMadeleine) (2:30) -- Abrew's Portuguese jazz (Abrew's Portuguese Instrumental Trio) (3:13) -- Polska från Ydre härad (polska from Yrde County) ; Visslarepolska från Ydre härad (Whistler's polska from Yrde County) (Lars Johan Sundell) (2:06) -- Brännvinnspolska från Gotland (brandy polska from Gotland) ; Gubbdansen (old man's dance) (Lars Johan Sundell & August Fredin) (1:42) -- Polska (soldier's joy) (Lindbäck Family) (1:00) -- Springdans (Alfred Maurstad) (2:37) -- Zapfenstreich (revery dream) (Art Shryer's Yiddish Orchestra) (3:16) -- Pisnia pro zowniara (Marko Zeliznyj Z Maksymowsky) (2:55) -- Lemkiwska triaska (Samuil Pilip I Jeho Lemkiwska Orchestra) (3:09) -- Polski oberek (Józef Brangel I Wiejska Orkiestra) (3:04) -- Obudź mie, Dziewczyno (Wake me up, my girl) (Sichelski I Bachleda) (3:12) -- A pod lesom zimná voda (Cold brook in the woods)-- čardáš (Pachač A Juskanič Slovenski Orkestra) (3:04) -- Yablotchko tanetz (Derevensky Orkestr Pawla Humeniuka) (3:00) -- Kabo me violi (Sabri Fehimi) (3:16) -- Nihavend karsilamas (Nick Doneff) (2:58).
Call Number
*LDC 35154
Raw fiddle [sound recording].
Cambridge, MA : Rounder Select, p2004.
Recorded in 1915-1953 (principally).
Some selections with voices singing or speaking in various languages.
Added Author
Spottswood, Richard K. (Richard Keith)
Carson, Fiddlin' John, 1868-1949. Performer
Helton, Osey. Performer
Howell, Peg Leg, 1888-1966. Performer
Anthony, Eddie, -1934. Performer
Broonzy, Big Bill, 1893-1958. Performer
Grayson, G. B. (Gilliam Banmon), 1887-1930. Performer
Whitter, Henry, -1941. Performer
Mainer, Wade, 1907- Performer
Rouse, Ervin T. (Ervin Thomas) Performer
Johnson, Buster. Performer
Stephens, Uncle Bunt. Performer
Stone, Dee Collins, 1919-1968. Performer
Baxter, Andrew. Performer
Baxter, Jim (Musician) Performer
Belcher, Red. Performer
Day, James William, 1860-1942. Performer
Bate, Humphrey, Dr. Performer
Wills, Bob, 1905-1975. Performer
Zoumbas, Alexis. Performer
Karacand, Naeem. Performer
Gillis, Alick, 1900-1934. Performer
Quinn, Frank, 1893- Performer
Choates, Harry, 1922-1951. Performer
LaMadeleine, Joseph Ovila, 1879-1973. Performer
Abreu, Augustus, 1896-1958. Performer
Sundell, Lars Johan, 1874-1923. Performer
Fredin, August, 1853-1946. Performer
Lindbäck, Gustav. Performer
Maurstad, Alfred. Performer
Pilip, Samuil. Performer
Br̦angel, Józef. Performer
Humen︠i︡uk, Pavlo. Performer
Fehimi, Sabri. Performer
Doneff, Nick. Performer
Virginia Reelers (Musical group) Performer
Sons of the Mountaineers. Performer
Bang Boys. Performer
Melody Hillbillys. Performer
Westerners (Musical group : Louise Massey) Performer
J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers (Musical group) Performer
Green Mountain Boys. Performer
Kentucky Ridgerunners (Musical group) Performer
Buckle Busters (Musical group) Performer
Clodhoppers (Musical group) Performer
Mississippi Sheiks. Performer
Carter Brothers and Son (Musical group) Performer
Possum Hunters (Musical group) Performer
Laiki Orchestra. Performer
Orchestre Antillais. Performer
Belasco Orchestra. Performer
Carnival's Vagabonds. Performer
Leo Soileau's Rhythm Boys. Performer
Art Shryer's Modern Jewish Orchestra. Performer
Marko Zeliznyj z Maksymowsky. Performer
Jeho Lemkiwska Orchestra. Performer
Wiejska Orkiestra. Performer
Sichelski i Bachleda. Performer
Pachač a Juskanič Slovenská Orkestra. Performer
Derevenskyj Orkestra Pawla Humeniuka. Performer
Publisher No.
82161-1161-2 Rounder Select
82161-1160-2 Rounder Select
Research Call Number
*LDC 35154 Notes on file.
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