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‏דער נסיון.

  • ‏דער נסיון.
  • Der nisoyen.
  • ‏ניו יארק : י. ליפשיטץ, [?-190]
  • Nyu Yorḳ : Y. Lipshiṭts, [190-?]

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Still imageBy appointment only **P (Thomashefsky Collection, Poster No. 1-35) (Flat File)Offsite


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  • ‏קאליש טהעאטער (ניו יארק, נ.י.)
  • Kalish Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
1 poster : ill.; 23 x 36 cm.
Series Statement
[Yiddish Theater Posters]
  • [What is a hasid? Bythe strict standards mitnagdim the hasids were idol-worshippers and by the bygone Enlightenment adherents they were wild fanatics by the common folk a hasid was a man with a fur-trimmed hat, a satin caftan, with shoes and socks who often drinks to one's good health. But what is a true hasid? The best answer to this question was offered by the greatest Yiddish writer Isaac Leyb Peretz. He who worked among hasids, and was himself a hasid in his youth. He shows that the true hasid is not dirty, neither is he a wild fanatic, nor is he a drunk, but a beautiful, happy, humane Jew. He is a poet, a thinker, and a true friend to the people. And the most gentle and beautiful hasids are protrayed in Peretz's play "The Temptation" that will be played in the Kalisch Theatre this Thursday evening 9 April. For the benefit of the Progressive Dramatic Club.]
  • [Come all to see the wonderful drama, the splendour of splendours and secret of secrets of all the hasidic poetry and philosophy, a forest of splendid pictures and great strokes of Jewishness. You will see a world of poetic thoughts this Thursday evening April 9 in the Kalisch theatre. Come and you will never forget this evening.]
  • [After every enterprise, the best place to go is Pauly's Cafe and Restaurant. 141 Division St.]
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Call Number
**P (Thomashefsky Collection, Poster No. 12) (Flat File)
Der nisoyen.
Alternate Script for Title
דער נסיון.
Nyu Yorḳ : Y. Lipshiṭts, [190-?]
Alternate Script for Imprint
ניו יארק : י. ליפשיטץ, [?-190]
[Yiddish Theater Posters]
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Alternate Script for Subject
קאליש טהעאטער (ניו יארק, נ.י.)
Added Author
Kalish Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
Alternate Script for Added Author
קאליש טהעאטער (ניו יארק, נ.י.)
Research Call Number
**P (Thomashefsky Collection, Poster No. 12) (Flat File)
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