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‏כל נדרי אדער דיא געהיימע יודען אין מאדריד.

  • ‏כל נדרי אדער דיא געהיימע יודען אין מאדריד.
  • Kol nidre oder di geheyme yidn in Madrid.
  • ‏ניו יארק : ארבעטער צייטונג, [1891]1.
  • Ny Yor.k : arbeter tsaytung, [1891]

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Still imageBy appointment only **P (Thomashefsky Collection, Poster No. 1-35) (Flat File)Offsite


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  • ‏טהאליא טהעאטער (ניו יארק, נ.י.)
  • Bowery Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
1 poster : ill.; 30 x 24 cm.
Series Statement
[Yiddish Theater Posters]
  • [The holy kol nidre! The Jewish Kol Nidre! A play about Jews, written for Jews, performed by Jews, A play for Jewish artists, Jewish hearts, for Jewish feelings, Jewish in spirit in content and language! A Jewish success! In its second week! A spectacular success! See Kol Nidre! The bloodiest chapter of our history. Go see Kol Nidre! See how Kol Nidre was born and what the significance is of this meaningful and wonderful tenor. The music collated from two thousand years of oy-vey, oy-vey!]
  • [You can learn something from "Kol Nidre": the strength and the heroic stature of your ancestors, who, even close to death refused to part with their convictions and held fast to their Jewish essence. Go see a scene from Kol Nidre! How Spain's greatest men, ministers, diplomats, millionaires, singers, and artists come togetherr and sing Kol Nidre--and in the middle the Inquisition strikes. See before you the terror of the unfortunates. Imagine the scene: on one side, priests with bloody crosses, on the other side, Jews with prayerbooks stained with their tears. The entire play, "Kol Nidre!" From beginning to end, the surprising scenes, the brilliant music, sweet and authentic Yiddish. The wonderful scenery, brings together an open book of the history of the crypto-Jews in Spain. It is Jewish in form and in content, spirit and language.]
  • At top of poster: Thalia Theatre.
  • NYPL Digital Collection Image 435088
Call Number
**P (Thomashefsky Collection, Poster No. 7) (Flat File)
Kol nidre oder di geheyme yidn in Madrid.
Alternate Script for Title
כל נדרי אדער דיא געהיימע יודען אין מאדריד.
Ny Yor.k : arbeter tsaytung, [1891]
Alternate Script for Imprint
ניו יארק : ארבעטער צייטונג, [1891]1.
[Yiddish Theater Posters]
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Alternate Script for Subject
א. מ. שארקאנסקי, 1870-1907.
Alternate Script for Subject
דוד קעסלער, 1860-1920.
Added Author
Bowery Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
Alternate Script for Added Author
טהאליא טהעאטער (ניו יארק, נ.י.)
Research Call Number
**P (Thomashefsky Collection, Poster No. 7) (Flat File)
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