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‏דיא ליטווישע ברידער לוריא.

  • ‏דיא ליטווישע ברידער לוריא.
  • Di litvishe brider Luria.
  • ‏ניו יארק : י. ליפשיטץ, [?-189]
  • Nyu Yorḳ : Y. Lipshiṭts, [189-?]

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Still imageBy appointment only **P (Thomashefsky Collection, Poster No. 1-35) (Flat File)Offsite


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  • ‏אדלער טהעאטער (ניו יארק, נ.י.)
  • Adler Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
1 poster : ill. ; 41 x 24 cm.
Series Statement
[Yiddish Theater Posters]
Alternative Title
  • ‏דער פרנס חודש.
  • Der Parnes khoydesh.
  • [Many believe that the Jewish public is not progressing, that the taste of the Yiddish theatre-goer is not getting better, that "the little Jew" stays in one place and undergoes no spiritual development. We believe that the Jew is developing spiritually very rapidly and looks to the future. Thefore we also look to the future, trying to keep up, and trying to prod the Yiddish theatre higher and higher. Others believe that the theatre is a place of tomfoolery and enchant the public with hocus-pocus and Purim plays. But we believe that the theatre is a temple, a synagogue, and therefore we stage serious plays that will endow the viewer with healthy, aesthetic enjoyment. Others believe that an actor need not study his craft, learn or think, --it is enough that he knows how to shout like a soldier or groan like a clown. We believe that actors should depict real people fleshed-out characters, real scenes,...and that all actors should work hard to understand the content of the play and that the entire ensemble should contribute to the picture of life that the author hopes to portray. Recently, we have succeeded in becoming completely independent and we have opened our own theatre. Since then, we have become convinced of how important Jacob Adler's theatre has become for the public. We performed twoof Gordin's latest plays which triggered a revolution on the Yiddish stage
  • "The Jewish Priest" and "Solomon the Wise in Ancient Jerusalem" --diamonds that will constantly shine in the crown of the Yiddish theatre. We have seen during this time how helpful it is to all the societies, the organizations, and lodges to have such a theatre where they can hold benefits and where they can not only earn money but also give their members the opportunity to familarize themselves with the work of Adler and Gordin and the abilities of good and serious actors. Now we are preparing oursevles for a new season. How? We are expanding we are going forward. We have succeeded in winning Gordin's allegiance to our company...Gordin has already presented us with two masterpieces, "The Lithuanian Brother Luria" and "The Elder of the Community," the great masterpeice of Jewish life. Also presenting "The War of the Jews or the Robbed Princess" by Jacob Ter. The strength of our company has doubled for the new season. A line-up of actors are arriving from Europe. 1)The famous and talented Mr. Rosenthal, the tragedian who has already graced stages in London and Paris as director and actor. 2)The dramatic actress Mrs Katzman, 3)The singular character actor, Mr. Katsman and, beloved to our public, Mr. Wilensky. Moreover, the theatre itself will be as good as new and every detail of the audience's comfort will be punctiliously looked after. Good order and customer service will be the highest priority for the new season. Remember our promise to you: a large company under the kind of management whose we carry.]
  • At top of poster: Adler Theatre.
  • [Plays by such writers which have given you "Siberia,""The Jewish King Lear," "The Jewish Priest," "Solomon the Wise," and so many others. A theatre with all the comforts and the best order. Societies, lodges and organizations are invited to solicit us for benefit evenings for 125$ (Sunday 50$). Contact the leader of the company Jacob Gordin, the proprietor of the theatre Jacob Adler, or the business manager L. Greenberg. The office is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Our theatre will be open throughout the month of August.]
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Call Number
**P (Thomashefsky Collection, Poster No. 3) (Flat File)
Di litvishe brider Luria.
Alternate Script for Title
דיא ליטווישע ברידער לוריא.
Nyu Yorḳ : Y. Lipshiṭts, [189-?]
Alternate Script for Imprint
ניו יארק : י. ליפשיטץ, [?-189]
[Yiddish Theater Posters]
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Alternate Script for Subject
אדלער, יעקב, 1855-1926.
Alternate Script for Subject
ווילענסקי. ארום. 1873.
Alternate Script for Subject
קאצמאן, 1858-1832.
Alternate Script for Subject
אדלער טהעאטער (ניו יארק, נ.י.)
Added Author
Adler Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
Alternate Script for Added Author
אדלער טהעאטער (ניו יארק, נ.י.)
Research Call Number
**P (Thomashefsky Collection, Poster No. 3) (Flat File)
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