Eye on Dance records

Eye on Dance records, 1966-1995.
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Eye on dance (Television program)
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  • Eye on Dance, a television series that aired regularly on public television stations from 1981 through 1992, documented American dance through a format that combined taped interviews and video dance segments.
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  • Collection guide available in repository and on internet.
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Eye on Dance records, 1966-1995.
The Eye on Dance records consist primarily of material collected as background for the many guests interviewed on the television series and is comprised of research gathered by the show's producers and staff, organized by episode and frequently annotated with potential questions or comments for the interview. Also included are publicity materials sent by the various individuals and organizations profiled, which include press kits, advertisements and reproduced clippings; this material is not annotated. The collection includes a large series of dance performance programs, representing the work of many of the dancers and companies seen on the show. Clippings address the subject of dance, as well as other arts and media subjects. Apart from the background material on various dancers and companies, the collection includes scripts for more than half of the episodes in the series, consisting of Celia Ipiotis' introductions and proposed questions for the guests, rather than complete transcripts of the programs. The office files mostly represent the work of Arts Resources in Collaboration and The Living Arts Summer Dance Company, two non-profit arts organizations Ipiotis and Jeffrey Bush managed. There is very little production material, and what is included is mostly studio time schedules. The collection contains a small amount of personal material, such as art class notes and television viewing journals.
Eye on Dance, a television series that aired regularly on public television stations from 1981 through 1992, documented American dance through a format that combined taped interviews and video dance segments. Each episode consisted of one or more interviews that either profiled a person or addressed a larger issue or theme in the world of dance. Interviews were supported by relevant dance visuals, either filmed previously or performed on the set. Produced by Celia Ipiotis and Jeff Bush, the show was hosted by Ipiotis, who had been a dancer. She had collaborated earlier on the concept of "Videodance" with Bush, a filmmaker specializing in the arts. Their project was to create original dance pieces for television and video, using the camera as a moving component in the choreography itself, as opposed to trying to translate stage choreography to the small screen. Based in upper Manhattan, the two also founded Arts Resources in Collaboration, a non-profit organization which fostered local dancers and dance companies, as well as other artists. Arc Videodance, the production company component of Arts Resources in Collaboration responsible for Eye on Dance, allowed Ipiotis and Bush to combine both these projects by providing a television forum for dance and dancers. Although an initial pilot episode had been taped in 1979, the series itself began in 1981 and was broadcast locally on public television stations WNYC and WNYE in New York City for its duration, as well as on local cable channels for part of its run. The series continued to be rerun on public television for several years after the production of its last original episode. Presenting an an eclectic mix of dance styles, with episodes devoted to ballet, break dancing and everything in between, the series was wide-ranging in scope. In addition to dancers and choreographers, guests included doctors, filmmakers, politicians, and even New York Mets pitcher Ron Darling. Interviews on the show were professional rather than personal; guests were encouraged to discuss their techniques, as well as their philosophies and views on trends and issues in the arts.
Collection guide available in repository and on internet.
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Bush, Jeffrey C.
Ipiotis, Celia.
ARC Videodance (Firm)
Arts Resources in Collaboration.
WNYC-TV (Television station : New York, N.Y.)
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Eye on dance (Television program)
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