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‏אדם וחוה אדער דער פערלארענער גן-עדן.

  • ‏אדם וחוה אדער דער פערלארענער גן-עדן.
  • Odem ve-haveh oder der farlorener gan-eden.
[New York : o. fg., 1892]
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[Yiddish Theater Posters]
  • [The Windsor Theatre. "Let there be light." Windsor Theatre (opposite the Thalia theatre) Two luminaries: Madam Liftsin and Prof. Horowitz. These two great lights of art have been, since the Yiddish theatre was created, at the very acme of creativity. They are in the windows of the theatrical heaven and have with the rays of light and talent, art, poetry, aesthetics, and psychology generated life and illumination and encouraged and invigorated the Yiddish theatre throughout the entire world. Recently, however, dark clouds have appeared on the horizon and conjured up from impudence, envy, hatred, fabrications and tale-bearing. A sparkling new snake, in the form of the ancient snake, has brought poisonous egoism, base charlatanism, corrupt covetousness, the muddiest mire of ignorance, from the valleys of lamentations in hell, and from the hellish underworld. These two great light, Madame Liftsin, the sun of art and Prof. Horowitz the moon of pure poetry are pictured here as conquerors of light over darkness and with their falling light and splendor, as in the fist days, when the Yiddish stage and actors originated, and to continue to perform in the world in the greatest and most elegant art temple, in the Windsor Theatre. Tuesday 12 April 1892. Only one matinee performance "Adam and Eve or the Lost Eden."]
  • [The greatest parody and travesty, fantastic and allegorical, real life types and family scenes in four acts and seven scenes, originally written by Prof. M. Ish Horowitz the Levite. The role of the "Primordial Man" with all the metamorphoses will be played by the professor himself. The role of Eve, Adam's helper, with all the metamorphoses, will be played by the unsurpassable artist Madam Lifson. A serious comic world to all the creatures that run, fly, walk, and crawl to the Yiddish theatre. These are the chronicles of the theatre and the stage:This is a short overview ofhow the Yiddish theatre was created. When God of Art had taken Prof. Horowitz, an experienced man of the world and blew into the spirit of life, and he became a living creature, at that point he made a Garden of Eden from an oriental theatre and Prof. Horowitz placed him there as a professor. Suddenly, as if from the ground, there emerged an actor and actress that were beautiful to behold. In the Garden of Eden theatre there grew a Tree of Life for actors, to make a living, and a Tree of Knowledge so they could be educated and know the difference between good and evil. And there were four sources of life: poetry, music, art, and taste--but the professor handed down one command: from all theatre business you may make a living except the great tree that grows in the middle of the garden which teaches the people between good and evil. If you dare, you will die.]
  • At top of poster: Windsor Theatre.]
  • [Adam lived happily in the Garden as the Talmud says in Tractate Sanhedrin. Adam sat in bed and the servants, the actors, brought him steak and boxes of cigars, plied him with wine, until the snake with his glimmering eyes became envious of him. Everyday came new animals and creatures, small birds, and Adam had to assign them all names that remained with them until today. But he could not harmonize with the animals and became disconsolate until, out of pain, fell asleep and the wild animals of the garden-theatre danced around until Adam awoke and saw for himself standing before him his equal and shouted: "This time, bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh." Meaning, from all the theatre creatures he could never be content, until he had Eve. When I was in the Garden of Eden, I felt so alone, and was in great pain. So says the divine poet Goethe. Now, however, after a short nap, Eve, in the person of Madam Liftsin, stands before me. She too may be called an actress, an artist since she was created from me. And although Adam, Eve, and I are naked, we are not ashamed in the fine Temple of Art of the Windsor Theatre, Tuesday matinee 12 April. This play "Adam and Eve" is a new and originally-written play by Prof. Horowitz and has absolutely nothing to do with the play "Eve" by Latayner which was performed last year at the Thalia Theatre.]
  • [Scenes from "Adam and Eve"Act I 1.The snake drives Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.2. When a cat meows, Adam thinks that Eve's lover is serenading her. 3. Eve believes that Adam has been in the Jordan River with Leviathan's aunt. 4. Eve goes to complain to the Angel Raphael. Act II 5. Adam metamorphoses into the Angel Raphael. 6. From the Angel Raphael he becomes the spirit's grandmother. 7. Angel metamorphoses into the Angel Chikiel (a lawyer). 8. Eve believes that a man whose wife is jealous is himself wicked. 9. Eve wants to divorce Adam. 10. Adam suspects that Cain is not his son. 11. Eve wants full rights and wants to be equal with men. 12. The angry snake who is jealous drives Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. Act IV 13. Adam begins to sweat. 14. Adam wants to murder his son Cain 15. Eve persuades him that all men have the same face 16. Eve in the character of Mrs. Snake 17. Adam's doubts. Eve and Adam make up. 18. The first kiss outside of the Garden of Eden. Tickets are on sale at Y. Goldshteyn's coffeehouse 7-9 Canal Street and daily at the box office of the Windsor Theatre.]
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**P (Thomashefsky Collection, Poster No. 54) (Flat File)
Odem ve-haveh oder der farlorener gan-eden.
Alternate Script for Title
אדם וחוה אדער דער פערלארענער גן-עדן.
[New York : o. fg., 1892]
[Yiddish Theater Posters]
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ליפצין, קעני, 1858-1918
Alternate Script for Subject
הורוויץ, משה, 1844-1910
Alternate Script for Subject
הורוויטץ, מ., 1844-1910.
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מאגולעסקא, זיגמונד, 1858-1914.
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Bowery Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
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טהאליא טהעאטער (ניו יארק, נ.י.)
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**P (Thomashefsky Collection, Poster No. 54) (Flat File)
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