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Fonotipia tenors. Vol. 1 [sound recording].

Fonotipia tenors. Vol. 1 [sound recording].
[Paris] : Rubini Collection, [198-?]

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AudioUse in library *LRX 7982 [Disc]Performing Arts Research Collections - Recorded Sound
AudioUse in library *LRX 7982 [Notes]Performing Arts Research Collections - Recorded Sound


Additional Authors
5 sound discs : analog, 33 1/3 rpm; 12 in.
  • Opera excerpts.
  • Program and biographical notes by various authors in English ([18] p. : ill.) inserted in container.
Event (note)
  • Recorded 1905-1925.
Language (note)
  • Sung in Italian.
Call Number
*LRX 7982
Fonotipia tenors. Vol. 1 [sound recording].
[Paris] : Rubini Collection, [198-?]
Luigi Longobardi (1st-3rd works), Fernando Carpi (4th-5th works), Giuseppe Acerbi (6th-7th works), Rinaldo Grassi (8th-9th works), Romano Ciaroff-Ciarini (10th-13th works), Francisco Vignals (14th-16th works), Carlo Albani (17th work), Carlo Dani (18th-19th works), Salvatore Pollicino (20th-22nd works), Giuseppe Borgatti (23rd-24th works), Nicolo Fusati (25th work), Rinaldo Schenoni (26th-27th works), Manfredo Polverosi (28th-29th works), Fernando de Lucia (30th-32nd works), Alessandro Bonci (33rd-35th works), Mario Gilion (36th-37th works), Jose Palet (38th-39th works), Elvino Ventura (40th-42nd works), Bettino Capelli (43rd-45th works), Giuseppe Krismer (46th-48th works), Giacomo Lauri-Volpi (49th-51st works), Giuseppe Sala (52nd work), Carlo Ballin (53rd-55th works), Emilio Perea (56th-58th works), Alessandro Dolci (59th work), Edoardo Garbin (60th-62nd works), Amadeo Bassi (63rd-66th works), Piero Schiavazzi (67th-68th works), tenor ; with unnamed instrumental accompaniment.
Recorded 1905-1925.
Sung in Italian.
Added Author
Longobardi, Luigi. voc
Carpi, Fernando, 1876-1959. voc
Acerbi, Giuseppe, 1773-1846. voc
Grassi, Rinaldo, 1885-1946. voc
Ciaroff-Cerini, Romano, 1878- voc
Vignas, Francesco, 1863-1933. voc
Albani, Carlo, 1872- voc
Dani, Carlo. voc
Pollicino, Salvatore. voc
Borgatti, Giuseppe, 1871-1950. voc
Fusati, Nicola, 1876-1958. voc
Schenoni, Rinaldo. voc
Polverosi, Manfredo. voc
De Lucia, Fernando, 1860-1925. voc
Bonci, Alessandro, 1870-1940. voc
Gilion, Mario, 1870-1914. voc
Palet, José, 1877-1946. voc
Ventura, Elvino, 1875-1931. voc
Capelli, Bettino. voc
Krismer, Giuseppe, 1876-1946. voc
Lauri-Volpi, Giacomo, 1892- voc
Sala, Giuseppe. voc
Ballin, Carlo. voc
Perea, Emilio, 1884- voc
Dolci, Alessandro, 1888-1954. voc
Garbin, Edoardo, 1865-1943. voc
Bassi, Amedeo, 1874-1949. voc
Schiavazzi, Piero, 1875-1949. voc
Talexis, Amelia, 1875?-1911. voc
Amato, Pasquale. voc
Publisher No.
RS 309 Rubini Collection
Research Call Number
*LRX 7982 Program notes on file.
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