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Forgotten Broadway [vol. I]-vol. II [sound recording].

Forgotten Broadway [vol. I]-vol. II [sound recording].
[S.l. : s.n.], [1986-87]

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AudioUse in library *LZR 26999 [Disc 2]Performing Arts Research Collections - Recorded Sound
AudioUse in library *LZR 26999 [Disc 1]Performing Arts Research Collections - Recorded Sound


Additional Authors
  • Arthur, Beatrice.
  • Ballard, Kaye.
  • Brown, Georgia.
  • Brynner, Yul.
  • Burke, Johnny, 1908-1964.
  • Buzzi, Ruth.
  • Connell, Jane, 1925-2013.
  • Cook, Barbara.
  • Durante, Jimmy, 1893-1980.
  • Fabray, Nanette.
  • Gray, Dolores.
  • Hayes, Billie.
  • Haynes, Tiger.
  • Heller, Barbara, 1936-
  • Keeler, Ruby.
  • Martin, Mary, 1913-1990.
  • Merman, Ethel.
  • Minkus, Barbara, 1943-
  • Minnelli, Liza.
  • Preston, Robert, 1918-1987.
  • Reardon, John, 1930-1988.
  • Reynolds, Debbie.
  • Rivera, Chita.
  • Shawn, Dick.
  • Sherman, Hiram, 1908-1989.
  • Stritch, Elaine.
  • Swenson, Inga, 1932?-
  • Thacker, Russ.
  • Verdon, Gwen.
  • Watson, Susan, 1938-
2 sound discs : analog, 33 1/3 rpm; 12 in.
Alternative Title
  • Molly.
  • New faces of 1956.
  • Songs from musical comedies, principally cut or never included.
  • [v. 1] New faces of 1956: What does that dream mean? Rouge (Jane Connell). A doll's house (Inga Swenson). The Washington's are doing OK (Tiger Haynes). Girls n girls n girls (John Reardon, Swenson). I could love him (Billie Hayes). A broken kimona; She's got everything (T.C. Jones) -- A mother's kisses: There goes my life (Bea Arthur) -- I do, I do: Thousands of flowers (Mary Martin, Robert Preston) -- Carnival in Flanders: Here's that rainy day (Dolores Gray, Johnny Burke) -- Molly: I see a man; In the afternoon of our years; Go in the best of health (Kaye Ballard) -- Chicago: It (Chita Rivera, Gwen Verdon) -- High button shoes: Bird-watchers song (Nanette Fabray)
  • v.2. Stars in your eyes: It's all yours (Merman, Durante) -- Home sweet Homer: How could I dare to dream (Brynner, Russ Thacker) -- Everything's going to be much worse: Elaine Stritch medley -- Ballroom: Job application(Georgia Brown) -- Gypsy: Little lamb (Merman) -- Home again, home again: The way I see it (Bea Arthur). Franch (Dick Shawn) -- Woman of the year: Who would have dreamed; Finale (Debbie Reynolds) -- The act: Hollywood, California (Liza Minnelli) -- The education of Hyman Kaplan: When will I learn (Barbra Minkus) -- Vintage '60: Afraid of love (Barbara Heller) -- Babes in the woods: The gossip song; The alphabet song (Ruth Buzzi) -- We take the town: I don't know how to talk to a lady (Robert Preston) -- Any Wednesday: Any Wednesday (Barbara Cook) -- No no Nanette: Any moment now (Hiram Sherman, Ruby Keeler). Peach on the beach (Susan Watson).
Call Number
*LZR 26999
Forgotten Broadway [vol. I]-vol. II [sound recording].
[S.l. : s.n.], [1986-87]
Performed by original cast members.
Added Author
Connell, Jane, 1925-2013.
Swenson, Inga, 1932?-
Haynes, Tiger.
Reardon, John, 1930-1988.
Hayes, Billie.
Arthur, Beatrice.
Martin, Mary, 1913-1990.
Preston, Robert, 1918-1987.
Gray, Dolores.
Burke, Johnny, 1908-1964.
Ballard, Kaye.
Rivera, Chita.
Verdon, Gwen.
Fabray, Nanette.
Merman, Ethel.
Durante, Jimmy, 1893-1980.
Brynner, Yul.
Thacker, Russ.
Stritch, Elaine.
Brown, Georgia.
Shawn, Dick.
Reynolds, Debbie.
Minnelli, Liza.
Minkus, Barbara, 1943-
Heller, Barbara, 1936-
Buzzi, Ruth.
Cook, Barbara.
Sherman, Hiram, 1908-1989.
Keeler, Ruby.
Watson, Susan, 1938-
Added Title
New faces of 1956.
Publisher No.
T-101--T-102 Forgotten Broadway
Research Call Number
*LZR 26999
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