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From the horse's mouth.

From the horse's mouth.


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Ballet review. New York. v. 29, no. 4 (winter 2001), p. 52-66.
  • Excerpts from performance events organized by Tina Croll and James Cunningham, presented in New York City and Los Angeles. A list of participants in the 1999 Los Angeles and 2000 New York City events is included.
  • Participants quoted: Frances Alenikoff, Beverly Blossom, Janis Brenner, Darrah Carr, Pat Catterson, Tina Croll, James Cunningham, Jana Feinman, Rebecca Frampton, Julia K. Gleich, Stuart Hodes, Deborah Jowitt, Carol Lawrence, Tehreema Mitha, Saeko Miyaki [i.e., Miyake], Martha Myers, Lynn Parkerson, Wendy Perron, Marcia B. Siegel, Gus Solomons Jr., Sukanya (Rahman), Linda Tarnay, Ani Udovicki, Ann Vachon, Lois Welk, Martha Wittman, Debra Zalkind, Nancy Zendora, Elizabeth Zimmer.
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From the horse's mouth.
Added Author
Alenikoff, Frances.
Blossom, Beverly.
Brenner, Janis.
Carr, Darrah.
Catterson, Pat.
Croll, Tina.
Cunningham, James.
Feinman, Jana.
Frampton, Rebecca.
Gleich, Julia K.
Hodes, Stuart.
Jowitt, Deborah.
Lawrence, Carol, 1935-
Mitha, Tehreema.
Miyake, Saeko.
Myers, Martha.
Parkerson, Lynn.
Perron, Wendy.
Siegel, Marcia B.
Solomons, Gus, Jr., 1940-
Rahman, Sukanya.
Tarnay, Linda.
Udovicki, Ani.
Vachon, Ann.
Welk, Lois.
Wittman, Martha.
Zalkind, Debra.
Zendora, Nancy.
Zimmer, Elizabeth.
Found In:
Ballet review. New York. v. 29, no. 4 (winter 2001), p. 52-66.
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