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v. 1 (Feb. 1904 -Jan. 1902)TextUse in libraryRequest*MA (Musical World) v. 1 (Feb. 1904 -Jan. 1902)Performing Arts Research Collections - Music
v. 2 (Feb. - Dec. 1902)TextUse in libraryRequest*MA (Musical World) v. 2 (Feb. - Dec. 1902)Performing Arts Research Collections - Music
v. 3 -4 (Jan. 1903 -Jan. 1904)TextUse in libraryRequest*MA (Musical World) v. 3 -4 (Jan. 1903 -Jan. 1904)Performing Arts Research Collections - Music


Publication Date
1-4, no. 1; Feb. 1901-Jan. 1904.
  • No.1-40,ag.1,1849-mr.15,1851,as message bird, no.4-49,ap.1-ag.1,1851. 3,no.1-9,s.1,1851-ja.1,1852 as journal of the fine arts and musical world. 3,no.10-21(no.59-72),f.2-jl.1,1852 as musical world and journal of the fine arts. Jl.1852 united with musical times and continued 3,no.22-13,jl.15,1852-d.29,1855, as musical world and new york musical times. 14-19,no.5,ja.1856-ja.30,1858 as new york musical world. 19,no.6-25,no.12,f.6,1858-jl.12,1860 as musical world. United with new york musical review and gazette to form musical review and musical world, later new york weeklyreview.
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*MA (Musical World)
Musical world
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*MA (Musical World) Library has: v. 1-4 (Feb. 1901-Jan. 1904)
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