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Masters of tap [videorecording]

Masters of tap [videorecording]

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Moving imageUse in library *MGZIA 4-4972Performing Arts Research Collections - Dance
Moving imageUse in library *MGZIA 4-4972Performing Arts Research Collections - Dance


Additional Authors
  • Bates, Peg Leg,
  • Berkeley, Busby, 1895-1976,
  • Berry Brothers.
  • Berry, Ananias,
  • Berry, James, -1969,
  • Berry, Warren,
  • Bubbles, John W.,
  • Buck and Bubbles.
  • Castle, Nick, 1910-1968,
  • Condos Brothers.
  • Connolly, Bobby,
  • Da Pron, Louis,
  • Dandridge, Dorothy, 1924-1965,
  • Dare, Danny,
  • Dixon, Lee,
  • Goodman, Benny, 1909-1986.
  • Gould, Dave, 1899-1969,
  • Hardy, Oliver, 1892-1957,
  • Jolson, Al, 1886-1950,
  • Keeler, Ruby,
  • Laurel, Stan,
  • Le Gon, Jeni, 1916-
  • Lee, Sammy, 1890-1968,
  • Leroy, Hal,
  • Nicholas Brothers.
  • Nicholas, Fayard,
  • Nicholas, Harold,
  • Pan, Hermes, 1905-1990,
  • Powell, Eleanor, 1912-1982,
  • Prinz, Le Roy, 1895-1983,
  • Robinson, Bill, 1878-1949,
  • Robinson, Clarence,
  • Washington, Buck,
  • Whitney, Eleanore,
1 videocassette (VHS, NTSC) (89 min.) : sd., b&w; 1/2 in.
  • Compilations.
  • Dance.
  • Motion pictures.
  • Video.
  • Poor visual quality.
  • "You'll never know" from Lady be good (MGM, 1941) (ca. 3 min.) / directed by Norman Z. McLeod ; produced by Arthur Freed ; choreography, Busby Berkeley ; song, Roger Edens and Arthur Freed ; danced by the Berry Brothers (James, Warren, and Ananias Berry). For a recording of the complete film, see *MGZIA 4-1337.
  • "Fascinatin' rhythm" [excerpt] from Lady be good (ca. 2 min.) / see credits above ; music, George Gershwin ; danced by the Berry Brothers (James, Warren, and Ananias Berry).
  • [Solo] (ca. 3 min.) / film and performer not identified ; scene in a hotel lobby ; performed by a male dancer playing the role of a bellhop.
  • Nicholas Brothers in Stormy weather (20th Century Fox, 1943) (ca. 3 min.) / directed by Andrew Stone ; produced by William LeBaron ; choreography, Clarence Robinson and Nick Castle ; danced by the Nicholas Brothers (Fayard and Harold Nicholas). For a recording of the complete film, see *MGZIA 4-2816.
  • [Duet] (ca. 3 min.) / film and performers not identified ; scene in a nightclub, with band in background ; performed by two male dancers. After the dance ends, one of the dancers plays the drums, accompanied by the band.
  • "Miss Brown to you" from The big broadcast of 1936 (Paramount, 1935) (ca. 3 min.) / directed by Norman Taurog ; produced by Benjamin F. Glazer ; choreography, Le Roy Prinz ; song, Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin, Richard Whiting ; danced by the Nicholas Brothers (Harold and Fayard Nicholas) and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson ; music played by Ray Noble and his orchestra. Includes solo by Harold Nicholas ; Bill Robinson dancing in a street scene ; duet by the Nicholas Brothers.
  • "At the ball, that's all" from Way out west (MGM, 1937) (ca. 3 min.) / directed by James W. Horne ; choreography not credited ; danced by Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy to the singing of the Avalon Boys Quartet.
  • "Swing tap," possibly from Three cheers for love (Paramount, 1936) (ca. 4 min.) / directed by Ray McCarey ; produced by A.M. Botsford ; choreography, Danny Dare ; songs, Ralph Rainger and Leo Robin ; danced by Eleanore Whitney and Louis DaPron.
  • "Rap tap on wood" from Born to dance (MGM, 1936) (ca. 5 min.) / directed by Roy Del Ruth ; produced by Jack Cummings ; choreography, Dave Gould ; song, Cole Porter ; danced by Eleanor Powell (in the role of Nora Paige) with four men as back-up singers. For a recording of the complete film, see: *MGZIA 4-1074.
  • Stair dance, possibly from Dixiana (RKO Radio Pictures, 1930) (ca. 3 min.) / directed by Luther Reed ; produced by William LeBaron ; music, "Swanee River" ; danced by Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, identified by an on-screen announcer.
  • "Chattanooga choo-choo" from Sun Valley serenade (Fox, 1941) (ca. 9 min.) / directed by Bruce Humberstone ; produced by Milton Sperling ; choreography, Hermes Pan ; songs, Harry Warren and Mack Gordon ; performed by Dorothy Dandridge and the Nicholas Brothers (Fayard and Harold Nicholas). For a recording of the complete film, see: *MGZIA 4-1336.
  • "War dance of the wooden Indians" from Happy landing (20th Century Fox, 1938) (ca. 3 min.) / directed by Roy Del Ruth ; danced by the Condos Brothers (Steve and Nick Condos). For a recording of the complete film, see: *MGZIA 4-235.
  • [Stair dance] (ca. 2 min.) / film and performer not identified ; scene in nightclub ; performed by male dancer, possibly in blackface.
  • [Trio] (ca. 3 min.) / film and performers not identified ; scene depicting a stage show ; one of the dancers may be Jimmy Slyde.
  • "Love is on the air tonight" and "On with the dance" from Varsity show (Warner Brothers, 1937) (ca. 3 min.) / directed by William Keighley ; choreography, Busby Berkeley [and Buck and Bubbles?] ; performed by Buck and Bubbles.
  • [Dances by Bubbles] from Varsity show (ca. 3 min.) / see credits above ; performed by Buck and Bubbles, with Dick Powell (?) in a speaking role ; includes a sand dance by Bubbles.
  • [Solo performed by Peg Leg Bates] (ca. 2 min.) / film not identified.
  • "Why don't you do right" from Stage door canteen (United Artists, 1943) (ca. 4 min.) / directed by Frank Borzage ; produced by Sol Lesser ; song, Joe McCoy ; clarinet solo performed by Benny Goodman with unidentified female singer ; followed by swing (?) dancing.
  • "Living in a great big way" from Hooray for love (RKO Radio Pictures, 1935) (ca. 9 min.) / directed by Walter Lang ; choreography, Sammy Lee [and Bill Robinson?] ; songs, Dorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh ; performed by Jeni LeGon and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson.
  • "About a quarter to nine" from Go into your dance (Warner Brothers, 1935) (ca. 7 min.) / directed by Archie L. Mayo ; choreography, Bobby Connolly ; song, Harry Warren and Al Dubin ; performed by Al Jolson (as Al Howard), Ruby Keeler (as Dorothy Wayne), and male ensemble. Partly performed in blackface.
  • "Too marvelous for words" from Ready, willing and able (Warner Brothers, 1937) (ca. 8 min.) / directed by Ray Enright ; produced by Hal B. Wallis ; choreography, Bobby Connolly ; song, Richard Whiting and Johnny Mercer ; typewriter dance by Ruby Keeler, Lee Dixon and others.
  • "How do I know it's Sunday," "Two little flies on a lump of sugar," and "Simple and sweet," from [a newsreel? about] Harold Teen (Warner Brothers, 1934) (ca. 4 min.) / directed by Murray Roth ; choreography not credited ; songs by Sammy Fain and Irving Kahal ; sung by Sammy Fain, Irving Kahal, Patricia Ellis, and Hal Leroy ; includes a tap solo to "Simple and sweet," danced by Hal Leroy.
Call Number
*MGZIA 4-4972
Masters of tap [videorecording]
Compilation of excerpts from b&w films of the 1930s and 40s, most of them featuring notable tap dancers.
Local Subject
Added Author
Berry, Ananias, dancer.
Berry, James, -1969, dancer.
Berry, Warren, dancer.
Nicholas, Fayard, dancer.
Nicholas, Harold, dancer.
Robinson, Bill, 1878-1949, dancer.
Laurel, Stan, dancer.
Hardy, Oliver, 1892-1957, dancer.
Whitney, Eleanore, dancer.
Da Pron, Louis, dancer.
Powell, Eleanor, 1912-1982, dancer.
Dandridge, Dorothy, 1924-1965, dancer.
Bubbles, John W., dancer.
Washington, Buck, dancer.
Bates, Peg Leg, dancer.
Goodman, Benny, 1909-1986. Musician
Le Gon, Jeni, 1916- dancer.
Jolson, Al, 1886-1950, performer.
Keeler, Ruby, dancer.
Dixon, Lee, dancer.
Leroy, Hal, dancer.
Berkeley, Busby, 1895-1976, choreographer.
Robinson, Clarence, choreographer.
Castle, Nick, 1910-1968, choreographer.
Prinz, Le Roy, 1895-1983, choreographer.
Dare, Danny, choreographer.
Gould, Dave, 1899-1969, choreographer.
Pan, Hermes, 1905-1990, choreographer.
Lee, Sammy, 1890-1968, choreographer.
Connolly, Bobby, choreographer.
Berry Brothers.
Nicholas Brothers.
Condos Brothers.
Buck and Bubbles.
Research Call Number
*MGZIA 4-4972
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