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Horizon; a review of literature and art.

Horizon; a review of literature and art.
London. Faber & Faber LtD.

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StatusVol/DateFormatAccessCall NumberItem Location
v. 20 (July 1949-Jan. 1950)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 20 (July 1949-Jan. 1950)Offsite
v. 19 (Jan. -June 1949)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 19 (Jan. -June 1949)Offsite
v. 18 (July-Dec. 1948)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 18 (July-Dec. 1948)Offsite
v. 17 (Jan. -June 1948)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 17 (Jan. -June 1948)Offsite
v. 16 (July-Dec. 1947)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 16 (July-Dec. 1947)Offsite
v. 15 (Jan. -June 1947)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 15 (Jan. -June 1947)Offsite
v. 14 (July-Dec. 1946)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 14 (July-Dec. 1946)Offsite
v. 13 (Jan. -June 1946)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 13 (Jan. -June 1946)Offsite
v. 12 (July-Dec. 1945)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 12 (July-Dec. 1945)Offsite
v. 11 (Jan. -June 1945)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 11 (Jan. -June 1945)Offsite
v. 10 (July-Dec. 1944)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 10 (July-Dec. 1944)Offsite
v. 9 (Jan.-June 1944)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 9 (Jan.-June 1944)Offsite
v. 8 (July-Dec. 1943)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 8 (July-Dec. 1943)Offsite
v. 7 (Jan. -June 1943)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 7 (Jan. -June 1943)Offsite
v. 6 (July-Dec. 1942)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 6 (July-Dec. 1942)Offsite
v. 5 (Jan. -June 1942)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 5 (Jan. -June 1942)Offsite
v. 4 (Oct. -Dec. 1941)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 4 (Oct. -Dec. 1941)Offsite
v. 4 (July-Sept. 1941)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 4 (July-Sept. 1941)Offsite
v. 3 (Jan. -June 1941)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 3 (Jan. -June 1941)Offsite
v. 2 (Aug. -Dec. 1940)TextRequest in advance *DA (Horizon) v. 2 (Aug. -Dec. 1940)Offsite


Additional Authors
Connolly, Cyril, 1903-1974.
Publication Date
Publication began with Jan. 1940 issue Union list of serials.
  • 20 v. plates (part col.); 22 cm.
  • v. plates (part col.)
  • Editor: Cyril Connolly.
  • Subtitle varies slightly.
  • Library copy of volume 12 (1945) has missing pages: July no. 67 (pages 11-26) and August no. 68 (pages 101-110).
Indexes/Finding Aids (note)
  • no.1-108, Jan. 1940-Dec. 1948.
Call Number
*DA (Horizon)
Horizon; a review of literature and art.
London. Faber & Faber LtD.
no.1-108, Jan. 1940-Dec. 1948.
Added Author
Connolly, Cyril, 1903-1974.
Research Call Number
*DA (Horizon) Library has: v. 1-20 (Jan. 1940-Jan., 1950)
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