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[Der Deutsche Ptolemaeus]

[Der Deutsche Ptolemaeus]
[Nuremberg, Georg Stuchs, ca. 1493]

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*KB+ 1493 (Deutsche Ptolemaeus. [Deutsche Ptolemaeus])Schwarzman Building - Rare Book Collection Room 328


Additional Authors
Ptolemy, active 2nd century.
36 l.; 15 cm. (8vo.)
  • l. 1b: Jnuitatio lecto[r]is in co[s]mographiam claudi / Ptolomei Alexand[r]ini nouiter ideomate germa- / no cõtextam incipit ...
  • l. 2a: Ein einleitung di[?] buchleins / Yn die kunst Cosmographia. / ...
  • l. 35a: ... aller dinge dem do / ere vnd dangksagung sei in eivigkeith.) /
  • Gothic type; 28 lines. With initial indicators, initial spaces and signature marks; without catchwords and foliation. Caption-title.
  • Signatures: a-d⁸, e⁴. Sig. e₄ blank.
  • For discussion of this German work based on Ptolemaeus' Cosmographia, cf. Der Deutsche Ptolemaeus. Der "Deutsche Ptolemäus" ... in Faksimiledruck ... Strassburg, 1910.
  • Boxed with map referred to in the text.
  • For discussion, cf. N.Y.P.L. Bull. v. 48, no. 2, Feb., 1944. p. 135-147.
Indexed In (note)
  • Hain
  • Voulliéme: Berlin,
  • Klebs: Incunabula scientifica et medica,
  • Ruge: Älteres kartographisches Material,
Call Number
*KB+ 1493 (Deutsche Ptolemaeus. [Deutsche Ptolemaeus])
[Der Deutsche Ptolemaeus]
[Nuremberg, Georg Stuchs, ca. 1493]
Indexed In:
Hain 13542
Voulliéme: Berlin, 1915
Klebs: Incunabula scientifica et medica, 813.1
Ruge: Älteres kartographisches Material, V², 100
Local Note
With marginal ms. notes.
With bookplate: Henrici Kvrcz Nati Ratisponeñ. Ẽpi Chrisopolitani, Ac Svffraganei Patavieñ.
Bound in stamped white leather.
With this is bound: Pirckheimer, Wilibald. Germaniae ... explicatio. Augustae, 1530.
Maitland Collecion.
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Added Author
Ptolemy, active 2nd century. Geographia. Latin.
Research Call Number
*KB+ 1493 (Deutsche Ptolemaeus. [Deutsche Ptolemaeus])
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