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Miscellaneous prints

Miscellaneous prints [graphic] / P. Le Rat.
Lerat, Paul Edme, 1849-1892.


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<125> prints : etching, drypoint; 32.8 x 31 cm. or smaller.
  • Book illustrations – French – 19th century.
  • Portraits – French – 19th century.
  • Cancellation proofs.
  • Etchings – French – 19th century.
  • Remarques.
  • Title devised by cataloger.
  • Some prints include signature and inscriptions by the artist.
Access (note)
  • Restricted access;
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  • S.P. Avery Collection.
Indexes/Finding Aids (note)
  • Holdings checked in departmental copy of Henri Béraldi, Les graveurs du XIXe siècle, v. 9.
Provenance (note)
  • Gift of Samuel Putnam Avery, 1900. Some prints from the collections of Alf. Prunaire or Léon Gaucherel.
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  • Forms part of Samuel Putnam Avery Collection.
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Lerat, Paul Edme, 1849-1892.
Miscellaneous prints [graphic] / P. Le Rat.
Restricted Access
Restricted access; Print Collection; Permit must be requested at the division indicated.
Miscellaneous etchings including portraits, book illustrations & reproductive prints after Emile Antoine Bayard, Giovanni Bellini, Alexandre Bida, Gerard ter Borch, Francois Boucher, Jean de Bray, Alexandre Decamps, Eugène Delacroix, Gérard Edelinck, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Sigmund Freudenberger, Léon Gaucherel, Gustave Guillaumet, Hans Holbein, Louis Leloir, Frank Blackwell Mayer, Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier, Adolph Menzel, Mino da Fiesole, Gianbattista Moroni, Alphonse Marie de Neuville, Frans Pourbus, Domenico Puligo, Raphael, Hyacinthe Rigaud, Tony Robert-Fleury, Théodore Rousseau, René de Saint-Marceaux, Ary Scheffer, Sebastian del Piombo, David Teniers & J.G. Vibert.
Portraits include André Campra, Jean Baptiste Lully, Giacomo Meyerbeer, Molière, Jean Philippe Rameau & Gioacchino Rossini. Book illustrations are for Molière's plays L'Avare, Dépit amoureux, Dom Juan, Le Misanthrope & the Fables of La Fontaine. Other subjects include animals in human situations, beheading, blacksmiths, blind persons, books and reading, card players, cemeteries, chairs, children eating & drinking, combat, dogs, flutes, fortune telling, furniture, harlequins, jade art objects, monkeys, mothers & children, musicians, newspapers, soldiers, steins, tailors, tambourines, weddings, woodcutters & Hermes, Orpheus & St. Catherine of Alexandria. Some prints are present in more than one state. Some prints are present in more than one state. One print is a cancellation proof.
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S.P. Avery Collection.
Linking Entry
Forms part of Samuel Putnam Avery Collection.
Holdings checked in departmental copy of Henri Béraldi, Les graveurs du XIXe siècle, v. 9.
Added Author
Avery, Samuel Putnam, 1822-1904. Collector
Bayard, Émile Antoine, 1837-1891.
Bellini, Giovanni, 1426?-1516.
Bida, Alexandre, 1813-1895.
Borch, Gerard ter, 1617-1681.
Boucher, François, 1703-1770.
Bray, Jan de, approximately 1627-1664.
Decamps, Alexandre, 1804-1852.
Delacroix, Eugène, 1798-1863.
Edenlinck, Gérard, 1640-1707.
Fragonard, Jean-Honoré, 1732-1806.
Freudenberger, Sigmund, 1745-1801.
Gaucherel, Léon, 1816-1886. Collector
Guillaumet, Gustave, 1840-1887.
Holbein, Hans, 1497?-1543.
Leloir, Louis.
Mayer, Frank Blackwell, 1827-1899.
Meissonier, Jean Louis Ernest, 1815-1891.
Menzel, Adolph, 1815-1905.
Mino, da Fiesole, 1430?-1484.
Moroni, Giovanni Battista, approximately 1523-1578.
Neuville, Alphonse Marie de, 1835-1885.
Pourbus, Frans, 1545-1581.
Prunaire, Alf. Collector
Puligo, Domenico, 1492-1527.
Raphael, 1483-1520.
Rigaud, Hyacinthe, 1659-1743.
Robert-Fleury, Tony, 1837-1911.
Rousseau, Théodore, 1812-1867.
Saint-Marceaux, René de, 1845-1915.
Scheffer, Ary, 1795-1858.
Sebastian, del Piombo, 1485-1547.
Teniers, David, 1610-1690.
Vibert, J. G. (Jehan Georges), 1840-1902.
S.P. Avery Collection.
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