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Booth's history of New York. v. 8

Booth's history of New York. v. 8 [graphic]
Emmet, Thomas Addis, 1828-1919.
1828-ca. 1890.

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Additional Authors
  • Bennett, W. J. (William James), 1787-1844.
  • Farrer, Henry, 1843-1903.
  • Hayward, George, 1791-1863.
  • Wharton, Thomas Kelah, 1814-1862.
  • Sarony, Major & Knapp Lith.
  • Emmet Collection.
142 prints : etching, engraving, aquatint, lithograph, wood engraving, some col.; 32.8 x 49.6 cm. or smaller.
Pictures documenting the growth of New York City during the mid-19th century, compiled as extra-illustration for The history of New York, v. 8, by Mary Louise Booth. Includes views of houses & other structures on Bloomingdale Road, Broadway, Fulton Street, Houston Street, Park Avenue, Wall Street and other thoroughfares. Subjects include ferries, forts, hotels, horse-drawn omnibuses, lighthouses, railroad stations, stagecoaches, telegraph stations, tombs & windmills.
  • Cityscape prints – United States – 19th century.
  • Prints – United States – 19th century.
  • Printmakers include W.J. Bennett, Henry Farrer, George Hayward, Sarony, Major & Knapp and Thomas Kelah Wharton.
  • Title from Calendar of Emmet Collection.
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  • Emmet Collection.
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  • Forms part of Emmet Collection of Manuscripts Etc. Relating to American History.
  • EM11853. [Fulton St. & Market] / W.J. Bennett -- EM11864. [Charlotte Cushman] -- EM11902. New York and environs -- EM11903. The highland lights; Beacon Hill, Neversink Highlands -- EM11906. Bay and harbour of New York from Staten Island / J.A. Rolph -- EM11907. Bay of New York (from the Narrows) / Beckwith -- EM11908. New York Bay (from the Telegraph Station) / R. Wallis -- EM11909. New-York Bay and the Narrows / Deroy -- EM11910. New York / Fenner Sears & Co. -- EM11911. View from Gowanus Heights (Brooklyn) -- EM11913. New-York / J.B. Neagle -- EM11914. New York / J. Archer -- EM11916. View of New-York, 1787 / G. Hayward -- EM11917. New York. About 1790 -- EM918. View of New YOrk from the West / Neale & son -- EM11919. A view of New York, Governors Island, the river &c from Long Island -- EM11921. Distillerie de Mr. Pierpont sur l'isle Longue / L. Sabatier -- EM11922. View of the Belvedere Club House 1794 / G. Hayward -- EM11923. New York from Brooklyn Heights / A.W. Graham -- EM11925. View of the City of New York in 1792 drawn by an officer of the French fleet driven into New York harbor by the British fleet / G. Hayward's Lith. -- EM11929. Scene in the East River / S. Reynolds -- EM11930. Hell Gate / A. Dick -- EM11931. New York from Jersey City / J. Smillie -- EM11932. View of New York taken from Weahawk -- EM11934. Weehawken / A.B. Durand -- EM11935. View of New York from Weehawken / A.B. Durand -- EM11935. View of New York from Weehawken / R. Wallis.
  • EM11938. Souvenir of New York / W.J. Cooke -- EM11939. The residence of Lord Stirling / G. Hayward -- EM11940. View of Wall Street -- EM11941. View in Wall Street from the corner of Broad -- EM11942. Wall-Street (New York) -- EM11943. Wall Street / Deroy -- EM11944. "The Shakespeare Tavern" corner Fulton and Nassau Streets, N.Y. -- EM11945. Old frame houses cor. Water & Jackson Sts. 1864 / Major & Knapp -- EM11946. The crooked stoop / H. Farrer -- EM11947. White Conduit House, in Leonard St. between Broadway and Church St. N.Y. 1816 -- EM11948. Trinity Place behind Trinity Church, 1861 / Sarony, Major & Knapp -- EM11949. South east & south west corners of Greenwich & Franklin Sts. 1861 -- EM11950. Tombs in Trinity Church-yard -- EM11951. Brooks Clothing Store, Catharine St. N.Y. 1845 / G. Hayward -- EM11952. Old style tiled roofed house Depeyster St. and Water St. N.Y. / G. Hayward -- EM11953. View of Vandewater St. cor. Frankfort St. (1863) / Major & Knapp -- EM11954. No. 86 North Moore Street N.Y. 1865 in this house the Hon. Schuyler Colfax...was born / G. Hayward -- EM11955. Old house cor. Houston & Cannon Sts. (1864) forming part of the Delancy estate / Major & Knapp -- EM11956. Old house in William St. betw. Fulton & John St. 1861; View of William Street loking up from Frankfort St. 1859 / A. Weingartner's Lith. -- EM11957. Staten Island Ferry & Ferry House cor. Greenwich & Cedar St. / Eliza Greatorex -- EM11959. Washington Hall / Geo. Hayward.
  • EM11960. Bunker's Mansion-house, 1830 / Lossing-Barritt -- EM11961. A glimpse of New York from Trinity Church steeple / Kennersley -- EM11962. New York / S. Davenport -- EM11963. View of St. Paul's Church and the Broadway stages / Geo. Hayward -- EM11964. Brodway-gatan och Rädhuset: Newyork / Akrell -- EM11965. Old Bridewell -- EM11966. Old houses in Chatham ST. opposite the Park, 1857 / A. Weingartner's Lith. -- EM11967. View of Broadway, N.Y. between Howard & Grand Streets, 1840 / Geo. Hayward -- EM11970. Broadway & Grand Street, N.Y. as it appeared about 1818 / G. Hayward -- EM11971. Grocery & tea store corner of Spring & Crosby St. N.Y. 1826 / G. Hayward -- EM11972. Residnence of John Edwards, scale beam manufacturer west side of Green St. near Spring St. 1864 / G. Hayward -- EM11973. The residence of the late C. Crolius, 1840 / G. Hayward -- EM11974. View of Baxter (later Orange) betw. Hester & Grand St. 1861 / Sarony, Major & Knapp -- EM11975. Pearl STreet between Franklin & Oak St. / A. Weingartner's Lith. -- EM11976. Old houses in Division St. between Eldridge & Orchard Sts. / Sarony, Major & Knapp -- EM11977. Old houses at the junction of Marion & Elm Sts. 1861 / Sarony, Major & Knapp -- EM11978. Manhattan St. betw. Houston & 3d. Sts. (1861) / Major & Knapp -- EM11979. Point Isabel cor. Ludlow & Delancey Sts. 1864 / Major & Knapp -- EM11980. Eldridge St. Jail, N.Y. / Geo. Hayward -- EM11981. Old shanties cor. Ludlow & Delancey Sts. 1864 / Major & Knapp.
  • EM11982. Old cottage double-house Pitt St. betw. Broome & Delancy Sts. 1861 / Sarony, Major & Knapp -- EM11983. Bourne's store Broadway near Franklin St. N.Y. / Geo. Hayward -- EM11984. General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the City of New York / Petit-Field -- EM11985. Nassau St., north from Wall Street -- EM11986. Broadway, looking north from the St. Nicholas -- EM11987. The Grand Hotel; Hotel Brunswick; [Rathbun's]; Hoffman House & Worth Monument; Earle's House; Carlton House -- EM11988. [J.F. Jaffray & Sons] -- EM11989. View on north east corner of Grand & Crosby Streets -- EM11990. View on Broadway opposite Bond Street -- EM11991. University Medical School, Broadway -- EM11992. Washington Institute and City Reservoir / G. Hayward -- EM11993. View on the southwest corner of Broadway & 20th St.; View of the northeast corner of Broadway & 19th Street -- EM11994. Old cottage residence in 16th St. near 3d. Ave. 1861 / Sarony Major & Knapp -- EM11995. Union House, cor. of 21st St. Broadway N.Y. 1857 / Geo. Hayward -- EM11996. Twin frame houses cor. 33d. St. & Lexington Av. / Major & Knapp -- EM11997. View on the southeast corner of Broadway & Cedar Street -- EM11998. View of the southeast corner of 23rd Street & 6th Ave. -- EM11999. Park Ave. -- EM12000. Railroad depot in 4th ave. cor. 27th St. -- EM12001. View in Fourth Avenue N.Y. between 10th and 11th Streets, 1861 / Geo. Hayward.
  • EM12002. View on the north east corner of Broadway & 29th St.; View on the southeast corner of Broadway & 31 Street -- EM12003. The property of Bishop Benj. C. Moore (commonly called the Pulpit) 1816 / Major & Knapp -- EM12004. Theological Seminary betw. 20th & 21st Sts. & 9th & 10th Aves. / Sarony Major & Knapp -- EM12005. St. Luke's Church, Hudson St. / Hatch & Smillie -- EM12006. Church of the Holy Communion / T.D. Booth -- EM12007. Private residence of the late Major Tiemann's father 23rd St. betw. 4th & Madison Aves. / Sarony Major & Knapp -- EM12008. The "Stevens House" corner of Twenty-Seventh and Broadway / L. Aubrun -- EM12009. The Rapelyea Estate (property of Mrs. Carns) called the White Cottage foot of 35th St. North River / Major & Knapp -- EM12010. View of 2d. Ave. looking up from 42d St. 1861 / Sarony Major & Knapp -- EM12011. Residence of W.B. Crosby Esq. Rutgers Place, between Jefferson & Clinton Sts. 1858 / Geo. Hayward -- EM12012. Residence of Henry Eckford between 7th & 8th Aves. near 24th St. -- EM12013. The old Henry Coster house bought by Anson G. Phelps in 1835 cor. 30th St. & 1st Avenue N.Y. / Geo. Hayward -- EM12014. View of the Botanic Garden of the State of New York / Leney -- EM12015. Cato's house on the old Post Road, erected 1712 and kept as a public house by him 48 years / G. Hayward -- EM12017. The Hermitage, residence of the late Samuel L. Norton, 43d St. betw. 8th & 9th Aves. / A. Weingartner's Lith.
  • EM12018. The last of the Lennert estate, between 49th & 50th Sts. near 10th Ave. / Major & Knapp -- EM12019. View of the Brevoort Estate and vicinity, between 54 & 55 Sts. near 1st Ave. / Major & Knapp -- EM12020. Squatter settlement betw. 1st & 2d. Aves. near 38th St. 1858 / Weingartner's Lith. -- EM12021. Old country inn (Croton Cottage) cor. 5th Av. & 40th St. / Major & Knapp -- EM12022. Old house N.Y. 1849 45th Street, near 5th Avenue / Geo. Hayward -- EM12023. Old Dutch farmhouse, cor. 7th Ave. & 50th St. / Major & Knapp -- EM12024. The old Halfway House at the junction of Broadway, 8th Ave. & 50th St. -- EM12025. Shot tower East River / Geo. Hayward -- EM12026. The Old Abbey Hotel on Bloomingdale Road (1847) / Major & Knapp -- EM12027. Burnham's Hotel, Bloomingdale Road, N.Y. / G. Hayward -- EM12028. The old Hopper House 2d Ave. 83rd St. 1860 / Sarony, Major & Knapp -- EM12029. Old Latimer House 88th St. 3rd Av. N.Y. / Geo. Hayward -- EM12030. Residence of Judge Ingraham, Harlem, N.Y. 1858 / Geo. Hayward -- EM12031. Part of the house in which Talleyrand lived Bloomingdale Road, near Hudson River & 75th St. / Sarony, Major & Knapp -- EM12032. Clendening Mansion betw. Bloomingdale Road & 8th Ave. 90th St. / Sarony, Major & Knapp -- EM12033. Stone house, 152nd St. Kingsbridge Road during the Revolution / G. Hayward -- EM12034. The Grenseback estate, cor. 3d. Ave. & 75th St. -- EM12035. Residence of the Schermerhorn family, foot of 84th St. East River / Major & Knapp.
  • EM12036. The Boerum Mansion / Geo. Hayward -- EM12037. Somerindyke estate on Bloomingdale Road, near 75th St. / Sarony Major & Knapp; Interior of Somerindyke House, in which Louis Philippe (late king of the French) taught school / Sarony, Major & Knapp -- EM12038. [Somerindyke House, Bloomingdale Road] / H. Farrer -- EM12039. New York Institution for the Blind -- EM12040. Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, situated at Fanwood, Washington Heights -- EM12043. Harlem-Lane from Central Park to Manhattanville / Major & Knapp -- EM12044. Macombs Dam, Harlem River, 1850; New Bridge, Macomb's Dam N.Y. built in 1861 / Geo. Hayward -- EM12045. High Bridge during construction of the large main / A. Brown & Co. -- EM12046. Harlem Bridge N.Y. 1861 / Geo. Hayward -- EM12050. New York Bay from Staten Island near the lighthouse / John Poppel -- EM12051. New YOrk taken from Fort Columbus, Governor's Island / Geo. Hayward -- EM12053. Millrock & Hellgate from Fort Stevens 1814 / G. Hayward -- EM12054. Works near McGowans Pass, 1814 / G. Hayward -- EM12055. View at Fort Clinton, McGowan's Pass 1812 / G. Hayward -- EM12056. Forts Fish & Clinton, 1814 / G. Hayward -- EM12057. View from Fort Fish at McGowan's Pass looking towards Harlem / G. Hayward -- EM12058. View of Fort Fish & Nutting Battery 1814 / G. Hayward; Fort Fish from Nutter's Battery / G. Hayward; Remains of Cock Hill Fort N.Y. 1858 / Geo. Hayward -- EM12060. Remains of Fort Tryon N.Y. 1858 / Geo. Hayward.
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Emmet, Thomas Addis, 1828-1919. Collector
Booth's history of New York. v. 8 [graphic]
1828-ca. 1890.
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Forms part of Emmet Collection of Manuscripts Etc. Relating to American History.
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Added Author
Bennett, W. J. (William James), 1787-1844.
Farrer, Henry, 1843-1903.
Hayward, George, 1791-1863.
Wharton, Thomas Kelah, 1814-1862.
Sarony, Major & Knapp Lith.
Emmet Collection.
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