The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution, v. 2 (Chapters 12-13) [graphic]

The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution, v. 2 (Chapters 12-13) [graphic]
Emmet, Thomas Addis, 1828-1919.
ca. 1777-1890.
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Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution. (NN)NYPG95-F274.
  • 1 drawing : pen & ink; 18.9 x 15.4 cm.
  • 78 prints : etching, engraving, mezzotint, lithograph, wood engraving, some col. ;
  • Portraits – United States – 18th century.
  • Portraits – United States – 19th century.
  • Prints – United States – 19th century.
  • Printmakers include William Birch, H.B. Hall, Charles Hullmandel and H. Meyer. Draughtsman is David McNeely Stauffer.
  • Title from title page of extra-illustrated volume.
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  • Emmet Collection.
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  • Forms part of Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution in Emmet Collection of Manuscripts Etc. Relating to American History.
  • EM5818. [Allegorical figure with view of Brandywine Battlefield] -- EM5819. Samuel Carpenter, Member of the Provincial Council, 1687 to 1714 -- EM5821. John Cadwalader, Brig. Gen. / H.B. Hall -- EM5823. New Market, in South Second Street, Philadelphia / W. Birch & Son -- EM5824. Bank of Pennsylvania, South Second Street, Philadelphia -- EM5827. High Street, from Ninth Street, Philadelphia -- EM5828. Wharton House -- EM5829. Williamina Smith -- EM5832. Captain Deleval -- EM5834. The Right Honble. Lord Viscount Cathcart / Henry Meyer -- EM5836. Mrs. Henry Philips (Sophia Chew) -- EM5838. B. Genl. Wynyard Coldstream Regt. of Guards / W. Whiston Barney -- EM5841. Bank of the United States in Third Street, Philadelphia / W. Birch & Son -- EM5842. La vache a lait, représente le commerce de la Grande Bretagne... -- EM5843. Peter S. Duponceau L.L.D. / MR -- EM5846. Robert R. Livingston L.L.D. -- EM5847. Upper Ferry Bridge and Fairmount Water Works, Philadelphia / Fenner Sears & Co. -- EM5848. Grays Ferry (on the Schuylkill) / J.W. Steel -- EM5849. Old Lutheran Church, in Fifth Street Philadelphia / W. Birch & Son.
  • EM5850. High Street Market Philadelphia / W. Birch & Son -- EM5851. Library and Surgeon's Hall, in Fifth Street Philadelphia / W. Birch & Son -- EM5852. New Lutheran Church, in Fourth Street, Philadelphia / W. Birch & Son -- EM5853. Arch Street, with the Second Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia / W. Birch & Son -- EM5854. Genl. Knyphausen's trick of buttering his bread with his thumb; according to Philadelphia tradition of the British occupation of 1777 / DMS -- EM5855. Benjamin Franklin -- EM5858. Sarah Bache -- EM5860. Arch Street Ferry, Philadelphia -- EM5863. [Unidentified] / H.B. Hall -- EM5866. [Joseph Read] / B.L. Prevost -- EM5867. Richard Bache -- EM5869. Robert Morris -- EM5870. Paestorius House - Germantown / D.McN.S, -- EM5872. Benjamin Chew Nat. 1722 - Ob. 1810 Chief Justice of Pennsylvania / Albert Rosenthal -- EM5877. General Sir Thomas Musgrave / Henry Richard Cook -- EM5880. Maj. Gen. Peter Muhlenberg / H.B. Hall -- EM5882. The Hon. Lieutt. General Sir John Hope, K.B. / J. Vendramini -- EM5883. Brig. Gen. William Irvine / H.B. Hall -- EM5888. Le Comte de Ségur / C. Hullmandel -- EM5891. Le Duc de Choiseul Ministre et Secretaire d'Etat / Voyez le Jeune -- EM5893. [Lafayette] -- EM5895. Washington / Delaistre -- EM5896. Brig. Gen. Enoch Poor / H.B. Hall -- EM5899. Isaac Norris his House at Fairhill -- EM5900. View of the Sweeds Ford near Norristown / Hewitt -- EM5901. Gilbert Charles Stuart / A.B. Durand -- EM5902. A. Hamilton.
  • EM5905. [Washington visiting the sick at Valley Forge] -- EM5909. Genl. Wilkinson -- EM5911. The Old Court-House at York -- EM5912. Philip Livingston II, Signer of the Declaration of Independence -- EM5913. Richard Peters -- EM5915. Lieut. Col. Robert H. Harrison Aide-de-Camp to Gen. Washington / Albert Rosenthal -- EM5917. Gen. John Cadwalader -- EM5919. Steuben / K. Huber -- EM5920. Francis Dana Member of the Continental Congress -- EM5922. Gouv. Morris / W.G. Jackman -- EM5929. [Louis XVI] / Newton -- EM5933. The Right Honourable William Pitt Esq.... / [Houston] -- EM5934. Death of the Earl of Chatham / F.F. Walker -- EM5936. The Right Honble. Richd. Grenvile, Earl Temple -- EM5938. Adam Ferguson, L.L.D. / J.B. Lane -- EM5941. [Sir George Saville] -- EM5942. Frederick Earl of Carlisle, K.G. / H. Meyer -- EM5944. William Lord Auckland / C. Picart -- EM5948. [Mr. Graeme of Graeme Park] -- EM5949. [Mrs. Ferguson] -- EM5951. [Mrs. Graeme of Graeme Park] -- EM5953. George Johnston Esq. -- EM5954. Brig. Gen. Joseph Reed / H.B. Hall -- EM5956. G. Washington / H.B. Hall -- EM5957. Genl. Charles Scott / H.B. Hall -- EM5960. Gen. Phil. Dickenson -- EM5962. The Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey, on June 28, 1778 -- EM5965. Eleazer Oswald Lieut. Colonel of the Revolutionary War Nat. 1755 - Ob. 1795 / Albert RJosenthal -- EM5971. Alexander Hamilton / H.B. Hall -- EM5972. Genl. Ramsay -- EM5974. Washington at Monmouth / G.R. Hall.
  • EM5977. Washington in 1775 The Period of his Taking Command of the Army -- EM5981. Charles Cravieu Comte de Vergennes -- EM5982. Captain Asgill.
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Emmet, Thomas Addis, 1828-1919. Collector
The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution, v. 2 (Chapters 12-13) [graphic]
ca. 1777-1890.
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Restricted access; Print Collection; Permit must be requested at the division indicated.
Portraits of individuals, events and sites associated with the American Revolution, including the Battle of Brandywine and the Battle of Monmouth.
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Emmet Collection.
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Forms part of Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution in Emmet Collection of Manuscripts Etc. Relating to American History.
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Birch, William Russell, 1755-1834. Engraver
Hall, Henry Bryan, 1808-1884. Engraver
Hullmandel, Charles Joseph, 1789-1850.
Meyer, Henry Hoppner, 1783-1847.
Emmet Collection.
Found In:
Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution. (NN)NYPG95-F274.
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