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The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution, v. 2 (Chapters 9-11) [graphic]

The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution, v. 2 (Chapters 9-11) [graphic]
Emmet, Thomas Addis, 1828-1919.
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Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution. (NN)NYPG95-F274.
95 prints : etching, engraving, mezzotint, lithograph, wood engraving, some col.; 39 x27.2 cm. or smaller.
  • Portraits – United States – 18th century.
  • Portraits – United States – 19th century.
  • Prints – United States – 18th century.
  • Prints – United States – 19th century.
  • Printmakers include William Birch, H.B. Hall, J.B. Longacre, Max Rosenthal and H. Wright Smith.
  • Title from title page of extra-illustrated volume.
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  • Emmet Collection.
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  • Forms part of Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution in Emmet Collection of Manuscripts Etc. Relating to American History.
  • EM5556. [Allegorical figure with the Signing of the Declaration of Independence] / J. Stow -- EM5557. [Allegorical subject with Washington Crossing the Delaware] -- EM5558. Bay of New York (from the Narrows) / Beckwith -- EM5558. William Franklin Nat. 1730 - Ob. 1813 Governor of New Jersey 1762-1776 / Albert Rosenthal -- EM5563. Wm. Dunlap -- EM5564. [Frelinghuysen, Sr.] / Geo. E. Perine -- EM5567. Buonaparte / J. Landseer -- EM5572. View Near Bordentown, from the Gardens of the Count de Survilliers / J. Drayton -- EM5572. F. Hopkinson / H. Wright Smith -- EM5573. George Washington / A.B. Durand -- EM5574. Landing of the British Forces in the Jerseys, November 20, 1776 -- EM5576. William Earl Harcourt Colonel of the 16th or Queens' Regiment of Light Dragoons -- EM5579. Caricature of Major-General Charles Lee from a drawing by Kosciusko -- EM5580. Field Marshal Earl Harcourt taking prisoner General Lee, the Commander of the American Army -- EM5582. [Unidentified] -- EM5586. David Ramsay, M.D. / J.B. Longacre.
  • EM5591. Washington Crossing the Delaware / Duthie -- EM5592. Col. Thomas Forrest / H.B. Hall -- EM5594. [The Battle of Trenton?] -- EM5599. Gen. James Grant of Ballendalloch 1720 1806 -- EM5600. Lord Cornwallis / H.B. Hall -- EM5601. [Washington] / O'Neill -- EM5603. Gen. Hugh Mercer / R. Thew -- EM5608. Georgius IIdus D.G. Mag: Brit: Fran: et Hib. Rex... / J. Faber junr. -- EM5612. W. Shippen / H. Wright Smith -- EM5620. Your ever affcte. Brother John Morgan / H.B. Hall -- EM5622. Caspar Wistar M.D. -- EM5623. Ant. Wayne -- EM5625. Dr. James Craik -- EM5631. David Rittenhouse, L.L.D., F.R.S. / C. Gobrecht -- EM5632. Revd. J. Witherspoon, D.D.... / Ridley & Blood -- EM5637. Second Street North from Market St. wth. Christ Church, Philadelphia / W. Birch & Son -- EM5641. [Franklin at 20] / G.F. Storm -- EM5643. [Dr. John Kearsley] -- EM5644. David Pieterz. de Vries... / Corn. Visscher -- EM5645. Gustavus Adolphus -- EM5646. Christine Reyne de Suede... -- EM5648. [Govr. Keith] -- EM5649. Wm. Penn / John Sartain -- EM5652. Thomas Penn, Colonial Governor of Penna. / Max Rosenthal -- EM5655. [William Penn] - Penn's Voyage up the Delaware - Penn's Treaty with the Indians / A. Bobbett -- EM5656. Willm. Penn - William Penn -- EM5657. Wm. Penn - The Laetitia Cottage - The Penn Seal - Penn relics - Penn's chair -- EM5658. William Penn / J.B. Longacre -- EM5663. The Lloyd House, Chester, Pa. / D.McN.S. -- EM5664. John Penn 1700-1746 / MR.
  • EM5665. Edward Shippen First Mayor of Philadelphia / MR -- EM5666. A. Hamilton / H.B. Hall -- EM5669. William Plumsted Mayor of Philadelphia 1750 and 1755 / AR -- EM5676. Col. Wm. Bradford -- EM5678. William Bradford Esqr. / Edwin -- EM5680. London Coffee House -- EM5682. The Right Honble. The Earl of Hillsborough -- EM5683. State House Garden, Philadelphia -- EM5695. Silas Dean, Esq. / W. Angus -- EM5696. William Floyd -- EM5700. J. Dehart Mem. Cont. Cong. N.J. -- EM5702. John Adams / Leney -- EM5703. His Excellency Samuel Adams Esqr.... / H.B. Hall --EM5704. Hon. Samuel Ward May 27, 1725 - March 26, 1776 -- EM5711. Richard Henry Lee -- EM5712. General Washington / W. Ridley -- EM5715. Peyton Randolph / Goodman & Piggott -- EM5716. Henry Middleton President of the Continental Congress / Max Rosenthal -- EM5718. Gen. Gadsden / H.B. Hall -- EM5722. Peyton Randolph -- EM5723. Charles Thomson Secretary of the Continental Congress / H.B. Hall -- EM5724. The Rev. Jacob Duché Rector of Christ Church & St. Peters, Phila. -- EM5726. [The First Prayer in Congress] -- EM5727. John Jay / B.L. Prevost -- EM5727. Jos. Galloway Member of the Congress of 1774 / Max Rosenthal -- EM5732. Cyrus Griffin President of the Continental Congress / Max Rosenthal -- EM5735. State House, with a View of Chesnut Street Philadelphia / W. Birch & Son -- EM5736. Isaac Norris Delegate to the Albany Convention 1754 -- EM5737. Louis XVI Roi de France / J.A. Pierron.
  • EM5738. Benjamin Franklin / Longacre -- EM5739. Jefferson / Dequevauvillier -- EM5740. [Allegorical subject with the Signing of the Declaration of Independence] / Lossing-Barritt -- EM5741. Thos. Willing President of the Bank of North American / H.B. Hall -- EM5742. George Read Nat. 1734-Ob. 1798 / Albert Rosenthal -- EM5744. First Reading of the Declaration of Independence in New York -- EM5745. [Signers of the Declaration of Independence] -- EM5797. Back of the State House, Philadelphia / W. Birch & Son -- EM5799. View of several Public Buildings in Philadelphia -- EM5800. W. Th. Raynal / Th. Konig -- EM5801. Washington / Leney -- EM5805. Capt. Sir Andrew Snape Hamond Bart., R.N. 1738-1828 / Albert Rosenthal -- EM5807. Colonel Christopher Greene of the Rhode Island Brigade... / J.C. Buttre -- EM5809. Commodore Hazlewood / H.B. Hall -- EM5812. Danforth's House [in which Col: Greene was killed] -- EM5813. Montibello the seat of Genl. S. Smith Maryland -- EM5815. Lieut. Col. Samuel Smith / H.B. Hall -- EM5817. The City & Port of Philadelphia, on the River Delaware from Kensington.
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Emmet, Thomas Addis, 1828-1919. Collector
The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution, v. 2 (Chapters 9-11) [graphic]
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Restricted access; Print Collection; Permit must be requested at the division indicated.
Portraits of individuals, events and sites associated with the American Revolution, including the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Battle of Trenton and the Battle of Princeton.
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Emmet Collection.
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Forms part of Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution in Emmet Collection of Manuscripts Etc. Relating to American History.
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Birch, William Russell, 1755-1834. Engraver
Hall, Henry Bryan, 1808-1884. Engraver
Longacre, James Barton, 1794-1869. Engraver
Rosenthal, Max, 1833-1918. Etcher
Smith, Henry Wright, 1828- Engraver
Emmet Collection.
Found In:
Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution. (NN)NYPG95-F274.
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