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The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution (Chapters 7-9)

The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution (Chapters 7-9) [graphic]
Emmet, Thomas Addis, 1828-1919.
ca. 1761-ca. 1878.

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Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution. (NN)NYPG95-F274.
53 prints : engraving, etching, lithograph, mezzotint, aquatint, wood engraving, some col.; 34.6 x 52.0 cm. or smaller.
  • Allegorical prints.
  • Landscapes – North America – 18th century.
  • Portraits – United States – 18th century.
  • Prints – United States – 19th century.
  • Printmakers include P. Canot, J. Cousen, H.B. Hall, S.V. Hunt, J.B. Longacre, James McArdell, A.H. Ritchie, Albert Rosenthal, Max Rosenthal.
  • Title from title page of extra-illustrated volume.
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  • Emmet Collection.
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  • Forms part of Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution in Emmet Collection of Manuscripts Etc. Relating to American History.
  • EM4464. General Sir Guy Carleton -- EM4468. The Right Hon. Charles James Fox / H. Meyer -- EM4469. The Honble. Thos. Townsend / E. Harding -- EM4470. Thomas Penn, Esq. one of the Proprietors of Pensylvania [sic], 1751 / Martin -- EM4473. Lord Dartmouth / Wm. Daniell -- EM4475. Guy Carleton / H.B. Hall -- EM4476. A View of the Bishop's House with the Ruins as they appear in going down the Hill, from the Upper to Lower Town [Quebec] / J. Fougeron -- EM4477. Genl. Burgoyne, Governor of New York, North America / F. Bartalozzi -- EM4479. David Wooster, Esqr. Commander in Chief of the Provincial Army against Quebec -- EM4481. The Right Honourable Edward Pellew, Baron Exmouth & a Baronet... / C. Turner -- EM4484. Alexander Macomb, Major General U.S.A. / J.B. Longacre -- EM4485. Thomas Macdonough. U.S.N. / J.B. Forrest -- EM4487. Danl. Webster / H. Wright Smith -- EM4488. The Right Honble. Francis Lord Ashburton / R.A. Artlett -- EM4493. A View of St. John's upon the River Sorell, in Canada, with the Redoubts, Works, &c. Taken in the year 1776, during the late War in America -- EM4495. [Ruins of Fort Ticonderoga-Lake Champlain] and [Québec in 1775] / [S.V. Hunt] and [A.H. Ritchie] -- EM4495A. [Allegorical design] / J.G. Walker -- EM4496. A Perspective View of Montreal in Canada.
  • EM4497. [Duquesne] -- EM4500. General Murray -- Em4502. Statue of Ethan Allen -- EM4503. An East View of Montreal, in Canada / P. Canot -- EM4505. Sir George Prevost, Governor of Canada -- EM4508. Town of Sorel, Lower Canada -- EM4509. The Town of Three Rivers -- EM4512. The Honble. Robt. Monckton Major Genl. Govr. of New York, Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Forces at the Reduction of Martinico -- EM4514. Charles Saunders Esq., Vice Adml. of the Blue Squadron of His Majesty's Fleet, & Lieutt. General of His Majesty's Marine Forces / James McArdell -- EM4515. Wolfe's Cove / J. Cousen -- EM4516. A View of Cape Rouge or Carouge, Nine Miles above the City of Quebec on the North Shore of the River St. Laurence.... / Peter Mazell -- EM4518. A View of the City of Quebec, the Capital of Canada... / P. Benazech -- EM4519. The Honourable Col. Townshend / James McArdell -- EM4520. Louis Joseph - Marquis de Montcalm / H.B. Hall -- EM4521. General Woolfe / J. Miller -- EM4523. Der General Wolf / Carl Guttenberg -- EM4525. Robert Adair Esqr. / J. Jones -- EM4528. Washington / A. Blanchard -- EM4529. Maj. Gen. Artemas Ward -- EM4534. Captain John Montressor. Chief Engineer in America 1736-1799/ Max Rosenthal -- EM4538. Wiliam Henry / Albert Rosenthal -- EM4540. Quebec from the opposite shore of the St. Laurence / J. Cousen -- EM4542. Major John MacPherson -- EM4544. View of Prescot Gate, and the Bishops Palace, on the top of Mountain Street, Quebec -- EM4545. Maj-Gen Henry Dearborn / H.B. Hall.
  • EM4549. Richard Montgomery / R. Whitechurch -- EM4551. Gen. Thomas / Forest -- EM4553. Quebec, from the Old Mill, River St. Charles / Jayess -- EM4552. A View of the Fall of Montmorenci and the Attack made by General Wolfe... / Wm. Elliot -- EM4554. Francis de Laval First Bishop of Quebec / J.A. O'Neill -- EM4556. Rapids, on the approach to the Village of Cedars / J.C. Bentley -- EM4557. Village of Cedars, River St. Lawrence / R. Brandard -- EM4559. Benjamin Franklin / P. Pl. -- EM4560. [Charles Carroll of Carrollton] / [James B. Longacre] -- EM4563. Major Gen. Eyre Massey, Baron Clarina Colonel of the 27th Foot 1719-1804 / Max Rosenthal.
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Emmet, Thomas Addis, 1828-1919. Collector
The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution (Chapters 7-9) [graphic]
ca. 1761-ca. 1878.
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Restricted access; Print Collection; Permit must be requested at the division indicated.
Portraits of military officers of the French and Indian War and of the American Revolution and of prominent American statesmen; views of New York and Canada; allegorical scenes; prints relate to events leading to and including the captures of Fort Ticonderoga and of Montréal and the Seige of Québec.
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Emmet Collection.
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Forms part of Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution in Emmet Collection of Manuscripts Etc. Relating to American History.
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Added Author
Canot, Pierre Charles, 1710-1777.
Cousen, John, 1804-1880.
Hall, Henry Bryan, 1808-1884.
Hunt, S. V. (Samuel Valentine), -1893.
Longacre, James Barton, 1794-1869.
McArdell, James, 1728-1765.
Ritchie, Alexander Hay, 1822-1895.
Rosenthal, Albert, 1863-1939.
Rosenthal, Max, 1833-1918.
Emmet Collection.
Found In:
Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution. (NN)NYPG95-F274.
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