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Under the Red Cross flag at home and abroad base hospital unit #44, evacuation hospital #5

Under the Red Cross flag at home and abroad [graphic] : base hospital unit #44, evacuation hospital #5 / Ethel Anderson, R.N.
Anderson, Ethel.

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1 album : photographic prints, drawings, collage; 26 x 32 cm.
  • Diary entries begin April 6, 1918 when Anderson reported for duty and was sent to Camp Upton, Yaphank, L.I. and end with April 20, 1919 when she returned on the S.S. Mobile to the U.S. Entries detail conditions in camp and hospital, camp life, French and Belgian scenery and the war's destruction, activities, outings, dances, Christmas 1918, and a 14-day leave to the south of France and Monte-Carlo. Poetry includes works by friends or colleagues of Anderson, and Henry Van Dyke, Elsie Janis and unidentified authors. Inserted in the album is a letter of recognition to nurses from Thomas J. Leary, Commander of Evacuation Hospital No. 5.
  • Photographs include images of nurses at Camp Upton, the camp and troops drilling; ships in a convoy; rooftops and street in Le Havre; destroyed bridge over the Marne; Bealleau Wood; destruction in Chateau Thierry; train yard at Chateau Thierry; visiting the bases of captured German "Big Bertha" guns; women washing outide of nurses' tent; camp at Viller-Cotterets showing tents; ambulance company attached to Evacuation Hospital 5; harvested fields; Chateau Pierrefonds; fort at Verdun showing walls, building, streets, a Y.M.C.A.; view overlooking town and plain outside fort; nurses embarking on train; dugout at French hospital; Argonne forest, trenches and shell holes; Ville-Sur-Coursances; destroyed village; camoflaged trenches, barbed wire defenses; eating out-of-doors; village of Châlons including view of group having a glass of wine; views in Reims, including Cathedral and other destruction, barbed wire entanglements, dstroyed Convent of the Little Sisters of the Poor, dugouts and machine gun emplacements; train with troops; windmills, houses; ruins in Belgium; American and German cemeteries in Belgium; gate of German cemetery; interior view of nurses' tent; views of nurses in an airplane, doing laundry, with Belgians, in camp, wearing gasmasks; group portrait of the staff of Evacuation Hospital No. 5 at Malo Le Bain, Dunkerque; the beach including a mine washed ashore; ruins at Iepres.
  • Other views include tourist views of Brussells and Paris; views in Toul; casinos and scenery in Nice and Monte Carlo; mountains and village at Grenoble; Hotel Royal at La Baule; a collage of portraits in memory of Anna Bell F. West, a nurse who died in service after an illness; a collage of portraits that have been cut up into the letters of the word "Buddies," 6 with signatures and messages; collage of drawing showing cross surrounded by flowers, with photograph of cemetery filling the arms of the cross.
  • Diaries.
  • Group portraits.
  • Portraits.
  • Memorial works.
  • Snapshots.
  • Collages.
  • Collotypes.
  • Drawings.
  • Photographic prints.
  • Silver gelatin prints.
  • Leather-bound album (lacking spine) with black kraft paper pages. Title, compiler's name and drawing of a caduceus with letters for the Army Nurse Corps on first leaf. Color drawing of flags of 14 allied countries on second leaf. Snapshots, commercial photographs, collotypes and drawings interspersed with excerpts of Ethel Anderson's diary, poetry and captions, in white ink. On separate sheet is photo-collage of portraits of nurses and view of a hosptial sent to Anderson as a greeting before she was sent overseas.
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  • Restricted access;
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  • Anonymous gift, 1980.
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MFZ (Anderson) 94-343
Anderson, Ethel. Compiler
Under the Red Cross flag at home and abroad [graphic] : base hospital unit #44, evacuation hospital #5 / Ethel Anderson, R.N.
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Restricted access; Photography Collection; Permit must be requested at the division indicated.
Anonymous gift, 1980.
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MFZ (Anderson) 94-343
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