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Prix de Lausanne [videorecording]

Prix de Lausanne [videorecording]

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Moving imageUse in library *MGZIA 4-1595Performing Arts Research Collections - Dance


Additional Authors
  • Cherittwitzer, V.
  • Felix, Tara
  • Halle, Muriel
  • Marache, Sandrine
  • Volf, Katalin
  • Contardi, Laura
  • Moore, Bonnie
  • Kimura, Kiyoko
  • Collerie, Delphine
  • Müller, Martin
  • Giannetti, Maurizio
  • Sadamatsu, Shoichiro
  • Guiderdoni, Thierry
  • Neglia, Sergio
  • Kováts, Tibor
  • Guedj, Sylvie
  • Kimura, Hitomi
  • Kamoun, Claudine.
  • Kleinmann, Georges.
  • Vaussard, Christiane
  • Bestonso, Robert
  • Ailey, Alvin
  • Veredon, Gray
  • Giannetti, Stefano
  • Ammann, Dieter
  • Maiorano, Robert
  • Allegra, Claudine
  • Boday, Mary
  • Hashimoto, Masatomo
  • Pomsar, Titus
  • Fuchs, Marianne
  • Prix de Lausanne.
1 videocassette. 81 min. : sd. color PAL.; 1/2 in. (VHS)
Final round (classical and free variations) of the tenth Prix de Lausanne competition, held in the Théâtre de Beaulieu, Lausanne, Switzerland, on January 1, 1982. In the classical section, competitors perform variations from The nutcracker, The sleeping beauty, Coppélia, Giselle, Le corsaire, and Don Quixote; in the free (contemporary choreography) section, they perform solos created by themselves or others.
  • Produced by Télévision Suisse Romande. In French. Hosts: Claudine Kamoun and Georges Kleinmann.
  • CONTENTS: Classical variations (dancers listed in order of appearance): V. Cherittwitzer (The nutcracker: Sugarplum fairy's variation), Tara Felix (Giselle), Muriel Halle (Le corsaire), Sandrine Marache (Coppélia), Katalin Volf (Le corsaire), Laura Contardi (Giselle), Bonnie Moore (Sleeping beauty), Kiyoko Kimura (Le corsaire), Delphine Collerie (Coppélia), Martin Müller (Giselle), Maurizio Giannetti (Don Quixote), Shoichiro Sadamatsu (Le corsaire), Thierry Guiderdoni (Sleeping beauty), Sergio Neglia (Giselle), Tibor Imre Kováts (Le corsaire). -- Free variations: Cherittwitzer (Embarquement pour Cythère; chor: Claudine Allegra, mus: Poulenc), Felix (Moods; chor: Mary Boday, mus: Stravinsky), Halle (Chronos; chor: Christiane Vaussard, mus: Philippe Reverdy), Marache (Rodeo; chor: Roberto Bestonzo, mus: Copland), Volf (The river: excerpt; chor: Alvin Ailey, mus: Ellington), Contardi (La cumparsita; chor: Contardi, mus: Matos Rodriguez), Moore (Facets: excerpt; chor: Gray Veredon, mus: Britten), Kimura (Scherzo: 8 inventions, Op. 45; chor: Masatomo Hashimoto, mus: Kabeláč), Collerie (Sebes; chor: Titus Pomsar, mus: Bartók), Müller (Tempestoso: Etude in B minor; chor: Marianne Fuchs, mus: Scriabin), Giannetti (The stone flower; chor: Stefano Giannetti, mus: Prokofiev), Sadamatsu (Nio: statue of a Buddhist guardian; chor: Sadamatsu, mus: Hirooki Ogawa), Guiderdoni (Etude; chor: Dieter Ammann, mus: Scriabin), Neglia
  • (La force; chor: Robert Maiorano, mus: Stravinsky), Kováts (The river: excerpt; chor: Ailey, mus: Ellington), Sylvie Guedj (Nocturne; chor: Guedj, mus: Satie), Hitomi Kimura (Play Bach; chor: H. Kimura; mus: Bach, arr. by the Swingle Singers).
Call Number
*MGZIA 4-1595
Prix de Lausanne [videorecording]
Local Subject
Dance -- Competitions -- Switzerland.
Ballet in television. Prix de Lausanne.
Added Author
Cherittwitzer, V., dancer.
Felix, Tara, dancer.
Halle, Muriel, dancer.
Marache, Sandrine, dancer.
Volf, Katalin, dancer.
Contardi, Laura, choreographer, dancer.
Moore, Bonnie, dancer.
Kimura, Kiyoko, dancer.
Collerie, Delphine, dancer.
Müller, Martin, dancer.
Giannetti, Maurizio, dancer.
Sadamatsu, Shoichiro, choreographer, dancer.
Guiderdoni, Thierry, dancer.
Neglia, Sergio, dancer.
Kováts, Tibor, dancer.
Guedj, Sylvie, choreographer, dancer.
Kimura, Hitomi, choreographer, dancer.
Kamoun, Claudine. Host
Kleinmann, Georges. Host
Vaussard, Christiane, choreographer.
Bestonso, Robert, choreographer.
Ailey, Alvin, choreographer.
Veredon, Gray, choreographer.
Giannetti, Stefano, choreographer.
Ammann, Dieter, choreographer.
Maiorano, Robert, choreographer.
Allegra, Claudine, choreographer.
Boday, Mary, choreographer.
Hashimoto, Masatomo, choreographer.
Pomsar, Titus, choreographer.
Fuchs, Marianne, choreographer.
Prix de Lausanne.
Research Call Number
*MGZIA 4-1595
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