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Moving imageUse in library *MGZIA 4-1396Performing Arts Research Collections - Dance


Additional Authors
1 cassette. 100 min. : sd. color PAL.; 1/2 in. (VHS)
Gift of Telmondis.
Uniform Title
1789... et nous (Choreographic work : Béjart)
  • Videotaped in performance at the Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées, Paris, in May or June 1989. Co-produced by ALAP Video, Antenne 2, WDR, SSR, TVE, Telmondis, and WK-Productions. Distributed by Telmondis, Paris. In French. Director: José Montes-Baquer.
  • Choreography/mise-en-scène: Maurice Béjart. Music: Hugues Le Bars (original music), Ludwig van Beethoven. Scenery/costumes: Michel Dussarat. Lighting: Jacques Rouveyrollis, André Diot.
  • Cast in order of appearance: Xavier Ferla (Bim); Michel Dussarat (Volange); Jorge Donn (Calicot); Patrick Happy de Bana (Clergy); Maurice Courchay (Nobility); Gil Roman (Third Estate); Bertrand d'At (Louis XVI); Axelle Arnouts (Marie-Antoinette); Michel Boullerne, Laurent Cirade, Pierre Ganem, Jean-Claude Camors (the quartet); Florence Faure, Göran Svalberg, Katarzyna Gdaniec, Marc Hwang (two couples); Edwige Audon (the Revolution); Jean Negroni (Robespierre); Shantala Shivalingappa (young Indian girl); R. Seetharama Sharma (Indian singer); Mambalam Siva (nagaswaram player); the Four Elements: Jania Batista (Air), Serge Campardon (Earth), Michel Gascard (Water), Alexandre Stepkin (Fire); Loipa Araújo (the Revolutionary); Ramon Flowers (black in a white mask); Eiji Mihara (Asiatic in blackface); and members of Béjart Ballet Lausanne. Additional performers include a children's ensemble, Sylvia Heinrich and Roger Regor (rope dancers), Bernard Sachse (rider), and the horse Buffalo.
Call Number
*MGZIA 4-1396
Title nous [videorecording]
Tribute to the bicentennial of the French Revolution, celebrated through dance (including Bharata Natyam and rope dancing), song, and dialogue.
Local Subject
Ballet in television. nous.
Rope dancing.
Bharata natyam.
Child dancers.
Added Author
Ferla, Xavier, dancer.
Dussarat, Michel, dancer.
Donn, Jorge, dancer.
Happy de Bana, Patrick, dancer.
Courchay, Maurice, dancer.
Roman, Gil, dancer.
At, Bertrand d', dancer.
Arnouts, Axelle, dancer.
Faure, Florence, dancer.
Svalberg, Göran, dancer.
Gdaniec, Katarzyna, dancer.
Hwang, Marc, dancer.
Audon, Edwige, dancer.
Négroni, Jean, dancer.
Shivalingappa, Shantala, dancer.
Batista, Jania, dancer.
Campardon, Serge, dancer.
Gascard, Michel, dancer.
Stepkin, Alexandre, dancer.
Araújo, Loipa, dancer.
Flowers, Ramon, dancer.
Mihara, Eiji, dancer.
Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827. Composer
Rouveyrollis, Jacques.
Diot, André.
Béjart, Maurice, choreographer.
Montes-Baquer, José. Director
Le Bars, Hugues. Composer
Béjart Ballet Lausanne (Switzerland)
Added Title
1789... et nous (Choreographic work : Béjart)
Gift of Telmondis.
Research Call Number
*MGZIA 4-1396
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