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Tango bar [videorecording]

Tango bar [videorecording]

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Moving imageUse in libraryAvailable*MGZIA 4-1077Performing Arts Research Collections - Dance


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1 videocassette. 90 min. : sd. color with b&w sequences NTSC.; 1/2 in. (VHS)
  • Motion picture originally released by Beco Films, Argentina, and Zaga Films, Puerto Rico, in collaboration with Porfirio Guzman, in 1988; re-issued as a videocassette in 1989 by Warner Home Video, Burbank, California. Presented by Castle Hill Productions. Producers: Roberto Gandara and Juan Carlos Codazzi. Director: Marcos Zurinaga. Dialogue in Spanish with English subtitles by Euramerica N.Y.; credits in Spanish only.
  • Music: Atilio Stampone and others. Production designer: Maria Julia Bertotto.
  • Performed by Raul Julia (Ricardo Padín), Ruben Juarez (Antonio Estévez), Valeria Lynch (Elena), and others.
  • DANCE CONTENTS: Credits for "live" performances only. "Mi amigo cholo." Choreography/performance: Nélida Rodriguez and Nelson Avila. Music: Atilio Stampone. -- "La milonguita." Choreography: Norma Viola and Santiago Ayala (El Chúcaro). Music: Stampone. Performed by Mabel Dai and Roberto Herrera. -- "El choclo." Choreography: Viola and Ayala. Music: A. Villoldo and E. S. Discépolo. Performed by Carolina Iotti and Orlando (Coco) Diaz. -- "Don Juan." Choreography: Viola and Ayala. Music: E. Ponzio and R. Podestá. Performed by Sandra Lanfranchi and Omar Mazzei. -- "La cumparsita" (1930s). Choreography: Carlos Rivarola. Music: G. Matos Rodriguez and E. Maroni. Performed by Claudia Lavalle, Marita Longoni, Miriam Magali, Rafael Blanco, Roberto Blanzaco and Osvaldo Ross. -- "Mercado spinetto," suite for ballet. Choreography: Liliana Belfiore. Music: Stampone. Performed by Belfiore and Guido di Benedetti. -- "La cumparsita" (Los milongueros). Coordination: Carlos Rivarola. Music: G. Matos Rodriguez and E. Maroni. Performed by Lidia and Enrique Alvarez (Enriquito), Mary and José de Fonte, Susana and Roberto Grassi (El pibe), Susana and Antonio de Vita (Liso), Nora and Osvaldo Lopez, Sandra and Eduardo Giarnelli, M. Teresa and R. Rivera (Fino), Tota and Victor Cruz. -- "Esto es tango," arrangement for ballet. Choreography: Doris Petroni. Music: Stampone. Performed by G. Altamirano, D. Andrisi, C. Arbo, T. Bestingui, P. Brown,
  • R. Casineiro, N. Constantino, C. Girona, S. Helpern, G. Maris, A. Nan, M. Picasso, H. Pilatti, F. Taccetti. -- "Esto es tango." Choreography: Carlos Rivarola. Music: Stampone. Performed by Maria and Carlos Rivarola. -- The film also includes "A media luz," choreography: Carlos Rivarola, music: E. Donato and D. Lenzi, performed by Julia and Lynch.
Call Number
*MGZIA 4-1077
Tango bar [videorecording]
Multi-layered flashbacks tell the story of the poet Ricardo Padín, the singer Antonio Estévez, and Elena, the woman they both love. Set in Buenos Aires, most of the film takes place at the Tango Bar, where the three protagonists present the show Esto es tango, a historical overview mingling "live" dance performances with film footage, the latter including performances by Rudolph Valentino, Charlie Chaplin, Gene Kelly, Laurel and Hardy, Fred Flintstone, and others.
Local Subject
Motion pictures. Tango bar.
Animation (Cinematography)
Added Author
Julia, Raul. Performer
Lynch, Valeria. Performer
Juarez, Ruben. Performer
Rodriguez, Nélida, choreographer, dancer.
Avila C., Nelson, choreographer, dancer.
Rivarola, María, dancer.
Rivarola, Carlos, choreographer, dancer.
Gardel, Carlos, 1890-1935, choreographer.
Valentino, Rudolph, 1895-1926, dancer.
Belfiore, Liliana, choreographer, dancer.
Kelly, Gene, 1912-1996, dancer.
Stampone, Atilio. Composer
Villoldo, Angel Gregorio, 1869-1919. Composer
Zurinaga, Marcos. Director
Viola, Norma, choreographer.
Ayala, Santiago, choreographer.
Petroni, Doris, choreographer.
Nélida and Nelson.
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*MGZIA 4-1077
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