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Moving imageUse in library *MGZIA 4-355Performing Arts Research Collections - Dance


Additional Authors
  • Pforsich, Janis.
  • Alvarez, Maria Rada
  • Díaz, Miguel Angel
  • Diaz, Karen Gober
  • Gold, Stuart
  • Haim, Mark
  • Pemberton, E.
  • Tomlinson, Kellom
  • Paisible, James, 1656?-1721.
  • Isaac, Mr
  • Lœillet, John, 1680-1730.
  • Hickford, Mr., active 1711
  • Couperin, François, 1668-1733.
  • Lully, Jean-Baptiste, 1632-1687.
  • Pécourt, Guillaume Louis, 1653-1729
  • Feuillet, Raoul-Auger, 1659 or 1660-1710
  • Cordier, Jacques, approximately 1580-
  • Destouches, M. (André Cardinal), 1672-1749.
  • Gaudrau, Mr. (Michel)
  • Lacoste, Louis de, approximately 1675-approximately 1757.
  • Marais, Marin, 1656-1728.
  • Wilson, Ron.
  • Scarlatti, Domenico, 1685-1757.
  • Vivaldi, Antonio, 1678-1741.
  • Campra, André, 1660-1744.
  • La Motte, M. de (Antoine Houdar), 1672-1731.
  • Corelli, Arcangelo, 1653-1713.
  • Groscort, Mr
  • Handel, George Frideric, 1685-1759.
  • Courante (Dance company)
1 videocassette. 95 min. : sd. color NTSC.; 1/2 in. (VHS)
  • Videotaped in performance by Lee Goldman on Feb. 24, 1984 during the Riverside Dance Festival at Riverside Theater, New York. Theme: Flirtatious journeys, a baroque dance journey of love and courtship through England, France, Italy, and Spain. Conceived, directed, choreographed/reconstructed by Janis Pforsich. Music realization: John Davison. Music consultation: Kenneth Cooper. Costumes: Benjamin Soencksen, Coe Perkinson, Cheryl Lovett, Marcy Froehlich. Masks: Laurance Gillaspie. Lighting: Robert Rosentel. Performed by Courante: Janis Pforsich (artistic director), Maria Rada Alvarez, Miguel Angel Diaz, Karen Gober Diaz, Stuart Gold, and Mark Haim. Musicians: Anne Briggs (baroque flute), Myron Lutzke (baroque cello), Charles Sherman (harpsichord).
  • CONTENTS. - I. Sonata for flute and continuo. Mus: Handel. Perf. by musicians only. - II. England: School for young gentlewomen. An ecchoe: boree, minuet (chor: Mr. Groscort, notated by E. Pemberton, 1711; mus: Anon.). The address: rigadoon, menuett, rigadoon (chor: Kellom Tomlinson, 1719; mus: William Babell). The friendship (chor: Mr. Isaac, notated by Pemberton, 1715; mus: Jacques Paisible). The pastorall: loure, hornpipe (chor: Isaac/Pemberton, 1713; mus: Paisible). The courtship: the regular order of the minuet (chor: Tomlinson, 1720 and 1735; mus: Anon.). The submission: sarabande, minuett, rigadon (chor: Tomlinson, 1717; mus: Jean-Baptiste Loeillet). Mr. Hickford's jigg (chor: Pforsich after Mr. Hickford/Pemberton, 1711; mus: Anon.). Perf. by Alvarez, Haim, M. Diaz, K. Diaz, Pforsich, and Gold. - III. Le rossignol-en-amour (The nightingale in love). Mus: François Couperin. Perf. by musicians only. - IV. France: Fêtes galantes. La mariée (chor: Louis Pécourt, notated by Raoul Feuillet, 1700; mus: Jean-Baptiste Lully). La bocane: courante (chor: Anon., late 17th century; mus: Jacques Cordier, known as Bocane). La muszette à deux (chor: Pécourt, notated by Michel Gaudrau, 1712; mus: André Cardinal Destouches, from Callirhoé, 1712). La bacchante (chor: adapted from Pécourt/Gaudrau, 1712; mus: Louis de Lacoste, from Philomèle, 1705). Entrée pour un berger et une bergère (chor: Pécourt/Gaudrau, 1712; mus
  • Marin Marais, from Sémélé, 1709). Passepied à quatre (chor: Feuillet, 1711; mus: Anon.). Rigaudon à quatre (chor: Pécourt/Gaudrau, 1712; mus: Anon.). Perf. by Alvarez (Bride), Haim (Bridegroom), Pforsich (Mother of the bride), Gold (Father of the bride), K. Diaz (Shepherdess), M. Diaz (Shepherd). - V. Italy: Delirio amoroso. A commedia dell'arte scene written and directed by Ron Wilson. Mus: Domenico Scarlatti (K125 in G major, K318 Andante in F sharp major, K175 in A minor, K74 in A major). Perf. by K. Diaz (Columbine), Haim (Harlequin), Alvarez (Isabella), M. Diaz (Flavio), and Gold (Priest). - VI. Sonata no. 5 in E minor for cello and continuo. Mus: Antonio Vivaldi. Perf. by musicians only. - VII. Spain: el amante apasionado. A dance scene based on Act III, L'Espagne, of the ballet opera L'Europe galante (1697). Lib: Antoine Houdart de La Motte. Entrée espagnolle (chor: adapted from Pécourt/Feuillet, 1704; mus: André Campra), perf. by Gold. Folies d'Espagne pour un homme (chor: Pécourt/Feuillet, 1704; mus: Marais, from Couplets de Folies), perf. by Haim. Rondeau espagnolle (chor: Pécourt/Feuillet, 1704; mus: Campra), perf. by K. Diaz and M. Diaz. Entrée espagnolle (chor: Pécourt/Feuillet, 1704; mus: Campra), perf. by Pforsich. Canary à deux (chor: Feuillet, 1700; mus: Anon.), perf. by Gold and Haim. Folie d'Espagne pour femme (chor: Feuillet, 1700; mus: Arcangelo Corelli, from Sonata no. 12), perf. by
  • Alvarez. Canary finale (chor: Feuillet, 1700; mus: Lully, from Bellérophon, arranged by Kenneth Cooper), perf. by entire cast.
Call Number
*MGZIA 4-355
Courante [videorecording]
Local Subject
Television. Courante.
Baroque dancing.
Opera ballet. L'Europe galante.
Added Author
Pforsich, Janis. Conceptor. drt, choreographer, dancer.
Alvarez, Maria Rada, dancer.
Díaz, Miguel Angel, dancer.
Diaz, Karen Gober, dancer.
Gold, Stuart, dancer.
Haim, Mark, dancer.
Pemberton, E., choreographer.
Tomlinson, Kellom, choreographer.
Paisible, James, 1656?-1721. Composer
Isaac, Mr, choreographer.
Lœillet, John, 1680-1730. Composer
Hickford, Mr., active 1711, choreographer.
Couperin, François, 1668-1733. Composer
Lully, Jean-Baptiste, 1632-1687. Composer
Pécourt, Guillaume Louis, 1653-1729, choreographer.
Feuillet, Raoul-Auger, 1659 or 1660-1710, choreographer.
Cordier, Jacques, approximately 1580- choreographer.
Destouches, M. (André Cardinal), 1672-1749. Composer
Gaudrau, Mr. (Michel), choreographer.
Lacoste, Louis de, approximately 1675-approximately 1757. Composer
Marais, Marin, 1656-1728. Composer
Wilson, Ron. Author. Director
Scarlatti, Domenico, 1685-1757. Composer
Vivaldi, Antonio, 1678-1741. Composer
Campra, André, 1660-1744. Composer
La Motte, M. de (Antoine Houdar), 1672-1731. Librettist
Corelli, Arcangelo, 1653-1713. Composer
Groscort, Mr, choreographer.
Handel, George Frideric, 1685-1759. Composer
Courante (Dance company)
Research Call Number
*MGZIA 4-355
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