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Photographs of Indonesia.

Photographs of Indonesia.
Holt, Claire.
ca. 1860-1969.

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40 v. (ca. 4,777 black and white photographs, and contact prints); 32 x 33 cm.-32 x 47 cm.
Claire Holt Collection.
  • Chiefly taken by Claire Holt during her visits to Indonesia in 1930-1938, 1955-1957, and 1969. Intended as visual documentation of her research on the plastic and performing arts, a number of thjese photographs were published in her books Dance quest in the Celebes (1939), Art in Indonesia (1967), and the exhibition catalogue, Théâtre et danses aux Indes néerlandaises (1939).
  • The collection covers a wide range of forms from differenrt ethnic and linguistic groups throughout the archipelago; however, there is some emphasis on the Islands of Java and Bali. In addition to dance and dance-related subjects, the collection also contains a sizeable number of photographs of ancient Hindu and Buddhist architecture and sculpture , principally from Java.
Box 1. Alor. - Box 2-5. Bali. - Box 6. Bali and Java. - Box 7. Irian Jaya and Kalimantan. - Box 8-22. Java. - Box 23-25. Java, Central. - Box 26-28. Java, East and West. - Box 29. Madura, Maluku Islands, Mentawi Islands, Nusa Tenggara. - Box 30. Nias. - Box 31-32. Sulawesi. - Box 33-35. Sumatra. - Box 36. Exhibition. - Box 37. Indonesia. - Bow 38-40. 1955-57 tour.
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*MGZEB 87-288
Holt, Claire.
Photographs of Indonesia.
ca. 1860-1969.
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Each individual volume has a separate bibliographic record (analytic), except vol. 36 (Exhibition). Item records with barcodes for all volumes except vol. 36 appear are attached to the analytics, therefore only vol. 36 is attached to this bibliographic record.
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Combat dances.
Court dances -- Indonesia -- Java.
Horse dances.
Magic and magic dances.
Mask dances.
Puppets and marionettes -- Indonesia -- Bali (Province)
Puppets and marionettes -- Indonesia.
Puppets and marionettes -- Indonesia -- Java.
Ritual and ceremonial dancing -- Indonesia -- Bali (Province)
Ritual and ceremonial dancing -- Indonesia.
Ritual and ceremonial dancing -- Indonesia -- Java.
Ritual and ceremonial dancing -- New Guinea.
Ritual and ceremonial dancing -- Indonesia -- Sumatra.
Dance in sculpture.
Street dancing -- Indonesia -- Java.
Trance dances.
War dance.
Weapon dances.
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*MGZEB 87-288
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