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Ted Shawn's eightieth birthday celebration

Ted Shawn's eightieth birthday celebration [sound recording].

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disc 1AudioSupervised useUse in library*MGZTL 4-61 disc 1Performing Arts Research Collections - Dance
disc 2AudioSupervised useUse in library*MGZTL 4-61 disc 2Performing Arts Research Collections - Dance


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2 sound discs (ca. 122 min.) : digital; 4 3/4 in.
Alternative Title
Dance Audio Archive
  • Recorded October 18, 1971 at the Dance Division, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts [formerly, the Dance Collection, Library and Museum of the Performing Arts], at Lincoln Center, New York.
  • Sound quality ranges from poor to fair. The voices of some the speakers, including that of Ted Shawn, are very soft and not always intelligible. There is considerable extraneous noise and about two-thirds of the recording (including all of disc 1 and approx. the first 15 min. of disc 2) consists of casual conversations between Richard M. Buck, who is recording the event and various attendees, and ambient noise.
Call Number
*MGZTL 4-61
Ted Shawn's eightieth birthday celebration [sound recording].
Disc 1 (ca. 61 min.). This disc consists entirely of conversations between Richard (Dick) M. Buck, who is recording the event, and various unidentified people including Genevieve (Gigi) Oswald and (very briefly, at ca. 20 sec. into track 8) Ted Shawn, and ambient noise.
Disc 2 (ca. 61 min.). Track 1 through ca. 35 sec. into track 4 (ca.15 min.) consists of casual conversations between Richard (Dick) M. Buck, who is recording the event, and various unidentified people as well as the ambient noise of the party; Richard Couper, President of the New York Public Library, reads congratulatory messages to Ted Shawn from each of Martha Graham, Mayor John V. Lindsay and his wife, and Nancy Hanks; Couper continues with introductory remarks; Genevieve Oswald introduces, in turn, each of the speakers, who each speaks briefly: Richard LeBlond, head of the Association of American Dance Companies, Carolyn Brown, Alicia Markova, Gloria Swanson, and Francis Robinson [Oswald's, Markova's and Swanson's voices are soft and somewhat difficult to understand]; Mrs. Robert D. Graff [Marjorie S. Graff], chairman of the Committee for the Dance Committee presents Ted Shawn with a gift; Oswald continues with her remarks including the presentation of a bibliography of works on Shawn and the reading of a message from Erik Bruhn [Buck's voice and ambient noise]; Shawn acknowledges the tributes [from the end of track 10 his voice is often unintelligible or very difficult to understand]; the rest of the recording, from ca. 2:30 min. into track 11 through track 13, consists of Buck's voice, casual conversations, and ambient noise.
Original Version
Original format : 1 sound reel (ca. 122 min.; 3 3/4 in. per sec.; 7"; polyester; half-track). Originally recorded in 1971.
Local Note
Archival original: *MGZTO 7-61 Restored and rehoused following water damage in 2015.
Former call no.: *MGZT 7-61
Local Subject
Audiotapes -- Buck, R.
Audiotapes -- Shawn, T.
Audiotapes -- Oswald, G.
Audiotapes -- Graff, M.
Audiotapes -- Brown, C.
Audiotapes -- Couper, C.
Audiotapes -- Robinson, F.
Audiotapes -- Markova, A.
Audiotapes -- Swanson, G.
Audiotapes -- LeBlond, R.
Added Author
Shawn, Ted, 1891-1972.
Buck, Richard M.
Brown, Carolyn, 1927-
Markova, Alicia, Dame, 1910-2004.
Swanson, Gloria, 1897-1983.
Couper, Richard.
Graff, Marjorie Sawyer Goodman, 1914-2009.
Oswald, Genevieve.
Graham, Martha.
Lindsay, John V. (John Vliet)
Robinson, Francis.
Hanks, Nancy, 1927-1983.
Bruhn, Erik, 1928-1986.
LeBlond, Richard E.
Added Title
Dance Audio Archive
Research Call Number
*MGZTL 4-61
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