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Strange papers : a collection of the world's rarest handmade papers

Strange papers : a collection of the world's rarest handmade papers / Fred Siegenthaler.
Siegenthaler, Fred.
Muttenz [Switzerland] : F. Siegenthaler, Paper Art, 1987.

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TextPermit neededAvailableSchlosser 918Schwarzman Building - Print Collection Room 308


1 case : ill., samples; 53 cm.
  • Title from t.p. of text vol.
  • Special ed. comprises 120 sample sheets of paper, chiefly made for this work, by Siegenthaler and 50 other persons and 16 firms (cf. list of "Participants" in each text vol.). Each sheet (ca. 28 x 21 cm.) is stamped with its no. and "Strange papers," and enclosed in a 2-leaf folder (30 cm. ; 1st leaf with printed sample no., name and oval cutout). Folder 35.1 issued without sample sheet (corresponding sample mounted in text vol., p. 84); folder 30.1 issued with 2 sample sheets.
  • Accompanied by text vol. (128 p. : 3 ill., mounted port., 2 mounted samples ; 30 cm.) with descriptions of the papers, chiefly by the respective papermaker (cf. list of "Co-authors" at beginning); and folded sheet ([3] p. ; 30 cm.) with list of "Paper samples of the regular edition."
  • Special ed. accompanied by additional text vol. (39 p. : 2 mounted ill. ; 30 cm.) with descriptions of the papers not included in the regular ed.; and additional folded sheet ([3] p. ; 30 cm.) with list of "Paper samples of the special edition."
  • The papers are made from various parts of plants (bast, leaves, bark, etc.) including bamboo, corn, papyrus, New Zealand flax, hemp, potato sprouts, moss, narcissus, linden trees, stinging nettles and several kinds of straw; vegetables, including carrots, eggplant, winter squash and asparagus rinds; and miscellaneous substances, including wasps' nests, leather, silk, blue jeans, synthetic wood pulp, polyethylene, peat, steel fibers, glass fibers, U.S. dollar bills, other recycled papers and cloth and "wood 30 million years old." "Feather paper" incorporates whole feathers in cotton rag pulp base. "Shifu" (no. 35.1, small sample mounted in text vol.) and "Men-shifu" (no. 35.2) are samples of cloth made from paper. (Some of these are present in special ed. only.)
  • Additional samples mounted in text vol.: 2 pieces of sacrificial money from Taiwan (Taoist, of handmade rice paper, and Buddhist, of machine-made paper); sample of the paper from which shifu sample was made.
  • Author's watermark design printed as vignette on case and title pages of text vols.
  • Text vols. include indexes.
  • Special ed. issued in case by René Freiburghaus of brown amate paper over wood; text vols. in publisher's binding by Freiburghaus of brown and off-white amate paper boards, respectively. With 1 pair white cotton gloves.
Call Number
Schlosser 918
  • 17303131
  • 17303131
Siegenthaler, Fred.
Strange papers : a collection of the world's rarest handmade papers / Fred Siegenthaler.
Muttenz [Switzerland] : F. Siegenthaler, Paper Art, 1987.
Local Note
"The collection is printed in a limited edition of 200 numbered copies, signed by the author. Copies no. 1-20 are the special edition, containing 120 samples ... Copies no. 21-200 are the regular edition, containing 101 samples"--Text vol., p. 128. Schlosser Coll. copy is no. 17.
Local Subject
Paper, Plant fiber -- Specimens.
Paper, Bark -- Specimens.
Paper, Straw -- Specimens.
Paper, Maize -- Specimens.
Colored papers -- Specimens.
Papyrus (Writing material) -- Specimens.
Paper, New Zealand flax -- Specimens.
Paper, Wasp's nest -- Specimens.
Paper, Recycled -- Specimens.
Paper, Vegetable -- Specimens.
Paper, Mulberry -- Specimens.
Japanese paper -- Specimens.
Ceremonial paper -- Taiwan -- Specimens.
Embedded papers -- Specimens.
Research Call Number
Schlosser 918
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