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Photographs, diagrams and documents relating to the New York port of embarkation in World War II [graphic].

Photographs, diagrams and documents relating to the New York port of embarkation in World War II [graphic].
Peet, Creighton, 1899-


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267 photographic prints : silver gelatin, b&w; 8" x 10" or smaller.
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  • Aerial photographs.
  • Photographic prints.
  • Portraits.
  • Silver gelatin prints.
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  • Material collected for a book on the New York Port of Embarkation by Creighton Peet while employed by the Army as a civilian historian. Includes photographs, diagrams, typescript and published material.
  • Most photographs stamped on verso with U.S. Army Signal Corps stamp. Some, additionally are stamped Ingersoll & Brennan; other credit stamps include U.S. Army Air Forces, Army Transport Service, Public Relations office, Fort Hamilton, Yank, the Army Weekly, and the Army Pictorial Service; most also have stamp allowing publication; some have confidential, restricted or secret stamps on recto or verso.
  • Documents include: A guide to the New York Port of Embarkation: an Installation of the Transportation Corps, Army Service Forces, prepared by the Office of Technical Information, N.Y.P.E.; tear sheets of article appearing in Mill Supplies, June 1945; typescript material relating to book project; extract copy from Report of Voyage No. 4. HMT Queen Mary regarding distribution of candy.
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MFY 94-345
Peet, Creighton, 1899- Collector
Photographs, diagrams and documents relating to the New York port of embarkation in World War II [graphic].
Views of the New York Port of Embarkation: aerial views of Bush terminal, Cavens Point, North River Terminals, Port Johnston, and Staten Island Terminal; Gen. Groninger, staff and command office, including communications; books being packed and mail bags awaiting shipment; the port, primarily Bush Terminal and the Brooklyn Army Base, showing warehouses, materiel including tanks, planes, artillery shells and bombs, artillery, a tugboat, locomotive being moved and loaded on to ships, a war bond rally at Bush terminal; trucks being packed for shipment at Port Johnston; repairs to bombers, instruments, and jeep; (workers include African Americans and women); stevedore class, land training ship, Fox Hill Cantonment, training in handling wounded, war game(?) at Fort Hamilton, men being instructed around topographic map; visitors to N.Y.P.E.: Truman, F.D.R., a congressional delegation, women journalists, British, Canadian, and Brazilian delegations, on board Groninger's yatch, in warehouses, in jeep convoy; T.C. (Transportation Corps?) anniversary celebration including entertainment, military parades including African American soldiers and WAC's, demonstrations and displays; entertainment: audience of liberated P.O.W.'s, Jimmy Durante, Margaret Johnson, the dance chorus from Havana Madrid show, Myrna Loy with soldier, singing group "Four Chicks & Chuck," views of an Army Service Forces show "About Face" with send-ups of getting shots and sex lectures.
N.Y.P.E. views: staging and shipping out of troops: training, inventory of equipment, religious service at Camp Kilmer, moving to trains, enroute to ships, boarding, on board, showing bunks five-deep, playing cards, on deck, attending religious services, units shown include WAC's, Chinese American and Japanese American (100th Provisional Infantry Battalion) soldiers; vehicle on a lighter; troops arriving home: pillar at Pier 90 decorated with Mauldin cartoons, troops throng deck of Queen Mary, WAC band aboard "Dixonia," G.I.'s (including African American) calling home, eating ice cream sodas, liberated P.O.W.'s receiving part payment of money due, nurse with hat from Paris; wounded: hospital ships and trains, in litter for transport from ship, deplaning, being entertained, being carried in litters, includes African American wounded and litter bearers; French refugees and sailors; German prisoners of war; dependents shipping out to join troops during the occupation; European and Pacific theaters, including radio-telephotos: Gen. de Gaulle in Algiers, Eisenhower and Sec. of State Cordell, Nov. 1943, sisters who are nurses, Bronx soldier with relatives in Italian village where he was born, men working on pontoon bridge, aerial views of bombing raids, Europe and Asia, soldier in India oiling train, band concert and religious service on S. Pacific Island, showing islanders, landing at Kiska, water purification plant; packaging exhibit, showing cold packaging for serum transport.
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United States. Army Air Forces.
United States. Army. Signal Corps.
United States. Army Pictorial Service.
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MFY 94-345
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