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Photographs of World War I battlefields, captured German installations and allied installations

Photographs of World War I battlefields, captured German installations and allied installations [graphic].

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195 photographic prints : silver gelatin, b&w; various sizes on 66 mounts, 25 x 33 cm.
  • Box 1: Portraits of soldiers; scenes in trenches near Verdun: German dead, including skeletal remains; medical H.Q. and Red Cross at Thierville; Bismarck tunnel at "Deadman's Hill," showing entrances and devasted slopes; captured artillery and mortar; officers quarters, German monument at Forges-wood; Gercourt: church used as P.O.W. camp; Drillencourt: American observation post, ambulance dressing station, observation post in tree; devastated village of Septsarges; Sivry-sur-Meuse: pill box, destroyed church with crucifix on beam outlined against the sky, ruined crucifix on road to village; captured German locomotive and mobile dressing station on flatcar; Bois de Chaume: German artillery observation and control post, camouflaged huts and machine gun nests, entrance to dugout that could accommodate 1500 men; man in trench with hours posted as "watchmaker" and watches on display; wrecked railcars; fortified shell hole on hill 377; grenades; chalk pit at Braybant; Saulx: village and pillbox; ambulance dressing stations in Braybant, Chattencourt, Cumieres, Donnevaux; German ammunition camouflaged among trees; battlefields at Forges and Bethencourt; gas mortars and containers; Donnevaux: general view, church and cemetery views, including German monument, prison camp, ambulance dressing company; captured Austrian 77 gun.
  • Box 2: Consenvoye: corner of church used as blacksmith shop, bridges and roads; Vilosnes: flooded valley of the Meuse, chapel, bridge, shell hole in pill box, damaged railroad and German ammo dug-outs, streets, interior of church; concrete and stone dugout, flash photo of interior of dugout; Dommartin: ambulance dressing stations, unexploded German mine; view of destroyed village of Marcheville; church at Saulx showing machine gun nest, pillbox; panoramic view of destroyed Fresnes; Mountfaucon: devastation, trenches, view through porthole of machine gun nest; captured pictures showing the Kaiser reviewing and decorating troops, Americans going over the top, transporting the dead by rail car; Hannonville: general view showing American graves, women doing laundry, German cemetery; panoramic view of St. Maurice; camouflaged road; rustic bungalows; balloon shed between Vilosnes and Donnevaux; aerial views of trenches, railhead at Conflas, review of 33 Division by General Pershing, troop movement and village; hand grenade exploding in shallow water; Americans advancing through artillery; plane from above, burning observation balloon, wrecked German and Allied planes; captured gun, Donnevaux; German brick kiln, bridge across shell hole; taxi in shell hole, Paris; ruined churches: Natillois, Bapaume, Albert; view at dusk of searchlight; first American graves at Romagne-sous-Montaucon.
  • Subjects of drawings include: eagles with ribbons, doughboy bayonetting German; engineers building; helmet and bayonet; destroyed trees; ambulance; rosary; men cutting barbed wire; men at observation post; loading artillery; trenches; communication post; battle scene; caduceus; assisting wounded from field; German machine gunner; gas container; Corps of Engineers symbol; column of marching soldiers; bombs exploding; caissons, tank; airplanes; observation balloon; church at Ypres; men receiving blessing from priest in the field; church; telephones; men firing salute over American grave, French and American flags.
  • Panoramic photographs.
  • Aerial photographs.
  • Drawings.
  • Flash photographs.
  • Photographic prints.
  • Remarques.
  • Silver gelatin prints.
  • Title devised by cataloger.
  • Photographs from various sources mounted on matboard, most embellished with pencil drawings of related subjects, borders or remarques. Some drawings signed by Dudley J. Nelson. One view credited to Air service, Treves Airdome, 9th Aero Squadron.
  • Mounts numbered variously, recto and verso. Arranged by numbers on recto.
Access (note)
  • Restricted access;
Provenance (note)
  • Wallach Purchase Fund, 1989.
Exhibitions (note)
  • Exhibited: New Acquistions, NYPL, 1992.
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MFY 94-347
Photographs of World War I battlefields, captured German installations and allied installations [graphic].
Restricted Access
Restricted access; Photography Collection; Permit must be requested at division indicated.
Wallach Purchase Fund, 1989.
Portions Exhibited: New Acquistions, NYPL, 1992.
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MFY 94-347
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