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German World War I photographic postcards

German World War I photographic postcards [graphic] / Paul Hoffman & Co.
Paul Hoffmann & Co., publisher.
Berlin-Schönberg : Paul Hoffmann & Co., 1914?-1918?

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Additional Authors
  • Benninghoven.
  • Berger.
  • Klühlewindt.
  • Lichte.
  • Kilophot. pht
197 photographic prints : silver gelatin, b&w; 12 x 17 cm.
  • German photographic postcards made during 1914-1918, primarily views of military operations, troop movements, etc. Includes views of military life: field mass before battle in Russia, bathing, eating, sides of beef being unloaded from truck, roasting bread over a fire, displaying fish caught on Polish-Russian border, beer being delivered for Kaiser's birthday celebration, receiving Christmas packages, field post cart, field kitchen being hauled through a small stream, transporting drinking water, an underground stable, shoveling snow, building bridges, digging trenches, building dugouts, a dugout decorated with lace curtains and furniture fashioned from tree limbs, men asleep in a dugout, hunting rats in the trenches, playing cards, burying dead, erecting monuments, inspection of troops by various dignitaries; troops (German, Bulgarian, Turkish, British) on the march and in action: in France, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, on parade in Weduyne, changing the guard in Thielt, ferrying horses in Albania, cavalry on patrol in France, armored trains, troops on engine to protect train, steam tractor transporting mortars, troops training for Zeppelin service, Turkish forces firing on the Suez Canal, battle field on the Aisne-Canal, France, communications and observation posts, coastal defenses on North Sea, other artillery and machine gun emplacements, view of Royal Scots Highlanders in the dunes.
  • German troops in various occupied areas, including in a street in Bialystock, in Serbia, by a Russian church, in Warsaw, collecting bridge tolls in Gordno, accepting surrender of Montenegrin troops; views of ruins and war damage at Görz, in Flanders, Rethel, Suchaczew, Josefow, Ossowicz, Dixmuiden, Wilna, Brest Litovsk, Lich, Gorlice, Neuville, Vigneulles; Naval aspects: u-boats, including one captured by the Turks and renamed, ships on patrol in the Baltic, the crew and Captain Burggraf und Graf zu Dohna Schlodein of the Möwe, the cruiser Königsberg; aerial aspects: float plane being brought aboard a gangplank, tranpsorting and using searchlights, anti-aircraft gun emplacement; medical: medics and baggage wagons at Douai, medical troops and first aid dogs, German doctor treating Belgian woman, Russian medical train and personnel, wounded (German, English) being transported, treated, man with artifical limbs; Russian and English dead; English and French prisoners, including wounded, recently captured, and prisoners in camps; Russian deserters; Russian refugees in village destroyed by Cossacks, others searching for salt and other goods in ruined grocery; persons pictured include: Crown Prince of Bavaria, Crown Princess Cecile, wedding portrait of Prince Friedrich Sigismund of Purssia to Princess Marie Luise zu Schaumberg-Lippe; Elisabeth, Queen Consort of Charles I of Rumania; Prince Heinrich, the King of Saxony, including a view of a bison hunt in Bialowieska forest in Poland.
  • Persons pictured, cont.: Oberst von Feldkeller, Paul Von Hindenburg, Erick Ludendorff, Josias Heeringer, Admiral von Tirpitz, Otto Emmich, including view of his burial in Hanover, Governor-general Hans Hartwig von Beseler, General Max von Gallwitz, Archduke Friedrich of Austria, Czar of Bulgaria, Graf Felix von Bethmer, General Carlo Porro of Italy, Marshall John French of Great Britain, Fieldmarshall Joffre of France and General Glinsky of Russia, Ottoman commander-in-chief Enver Paşa, General of the cavalry Herman, Baron Von Kövess von Köveshaza, pilot Max Immelman; other views: the café in Belgrade where the assassin of the Archduke hatched his plot, Conell Bridge in Dublin, site of Sinn-Fein uprising, women window washers in Berlin dressed in mens clothing and carrying ladders, portable kitchen dispensing soup in Berlin, women carrying icons in Easter procession in Lida, Poland, Bulgarian wagon drivers, and exhibit of captured guns and vehicles in Berlin, sunset over the Pyramids, people waiting for ferry in Warsaw, a flood in Holland.
  • Portraits.
  • Group portraits.
  • Photographic prints.
  • Postcards.
  • Silver gelatin prints.
  • Title devised by cataloger.
  • Photographic postcards published by Paul Hoffmann & Co., each with censorsip notice, publisher and caption (in German) in negative. Some views have photographer's name in negative. Photographers include Kilophot., Berger, Benninghoven, Klühlewindt, Lichte.
  • Views are numbered: 1215-1220, 1222, 1223, 1226-1233, 1235-1244, 1246-1259, 1261-1273, 1275, 1276, 1278-1282, 1284, 1286, 1291-1326, 1328, 1330-1334, 1343-1394, 1399-1418, 1423-1435, 1437, 1439-1444, 1486.
Access (note)
  • Restricted access;
Provenance (note)
  • Gift of Leonard Lauder, 1986, 1988.
Exhibitions (note)
  • Exhibited: New Acquistions, NYPL, 1992.
Call Number
MFZ (Paul Hoffmann & Co.) 94-346
Paul Hoffmann & Co., publisher.
German World War I photographic postcards [graphic] / Paul Hoffman & Co.
Berlin-Schönberg : Paul Hoffmann & Co., 1914?-1918?
Restricted Access
Restricted access; Photography Collection; Permit must be requested at the division indicated.
Gift of Leonard Lauder, 1986, 1988.
Der ersten Frühlingstage in Polen Exhibited: New Acquistions, NYPL, 1992.
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Added Author
Benninghoven. Photographer
Berger. Photographer
Klühlewindt. Photographer
Lichte. Photographer
Kilophot. Photographer
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MFZ (Paul Hoffmann & Co.) 94-346
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