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Photographs of Japan

Photographs of Japan [graphic].

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110 photographic prints : albumen, col.; 19 x 25 cm. in window mounts, 27 x 38 cm.
  • Views of Japanese landscapes and cityscapes: lakes, mountains, rivers and waterfalls, including Lakes Biwa, Chiuzenji, and Hakone; Fujiyama from Tokaido; Katsuragawa rapids at Kyoto, a river near Miyanoshita, a river at Tonosawa; Nunobiki falls, Ichinotaki falls, Sano Waterfall; cave near Enoshima; torii and street at Chuzenji; bronze bell at Ikigami; Kamakura: front and rear view of Daibutsu, a street of thatched buildings, Hachiman shrine; a cherry tree at Kanazawa; Kyoto: general view from Maruyama, Maruyama at Kyoto, Gion street and the Bund, interior views of Sanjiu-Sangendo and Chion'in temple, Kiyomizu temple, the Castle; general view of Miyanoshita; Mogi Road; a general view and a view of the castle, Nagoya; Nagasaki: Maruyama, Takaboko showing ships in the inlet; bronze bell at Nara; Nikko: Yomeinon gate, Niwomon gate, pagoda, Dainichido Gardens, Imachi Road; street in Osaka; beach with boats, Tomioka; homes and river at Tonosawa; Tokyo: general view of city, lanterns and gates at Shiba; interior view of Asakusa Temple, temple at Uyeno Park, gardens including cherry blossoms and a maple garden at Takinogawa; Yokohama: main street, a bridge, the road above Mississippi Bay, a private garden and European ships in the harbor.
  • Views of Japan, genre and occupationals: man and woman winding silk or yarn; women picking [tea] leaves; women collecting shellfish (?); women on porch and in garden; women musicians and dancers; women serving tea, having a meal, playing instrument and dancing, arranging flowers, playing a game, sitting in a garden, bowing to one another; children in costume; priests; tattoed ricksaw driver and view tattooed man's back; an actor; men and women planting rice; boats on a beach; kago with woman passenger; bullock carts; irises; chrysanthemums, including display with figures with theater masks; peonies; wisteria vine over pond with high arched bridge, and vine in a garden; prosession with man high atop decorated cart; shops, including fruit sellers, sandal makers, textiles and others.
  • Albumen prints.
  • Albumen prints – colored.
  • Photographic prints.
  • Hand-colored albumen prints slipped into window mounts. Mounts with photographs were removed from two half-leather post-bound albums.
  • Most views are numbered and captioned in English in negative.
  • Views are numbered: 53A, 79B, 87A, 110A 129A, 129B, 137A, 144B, 146B, 158A, 190B, 212, 213, 215, 266, 274, 275, 339, 382, 397B, 424, 460, 463, 522, 541, 560, 572, 583, 584, 601, 613, 617, 641, 729, 741, 908, 912, 930B, 962, 974, 984, 1006, 1008, 1009, 1013, 1016, 1040A, 1055A, 1064, 1065, 1080, 1087, 1101, 1124, 1136, 1153.
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Photographs of Japan [graphic].
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