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[Album of photographs of Pakistan, Egypt, and European locations]

[Album of photographs of Pakistan, Egypt, and European locations] [graphic].

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Additional Authors
  • Sébah, Pascal.
  • Holmes, R.B.
  • 21 photographic prints : albumen, b&w; 22 x 28 cm. or smaller on mounts 30 x 39 cm.
  • 18 photographic prints : silver gelatin, b&w ;
  • Views in Europe: Cologne Cathedral; Kilkenny Castle; Brikeen Bridge, with two men in boat in foreground, Killarney, Ireland; women with dog pulled carts, one of them made of wicker, possibly Belgian milk sellers [See "Belgique," MFY 81-781]; pebbly beach, hotels and house in the middle distance; Land's End Hotel on rocky promontory; large house, and interior views; views in Egypt: cart with young Arab women; boys sitting on the ground, books on wooden stand at Arab school; two men, woman and boy by carved door; Mosque Sultan Hallan; camels, men and wares; bullock being used to raise water with water wheel; camels and young men in front of Cheop's pyramid; Temple Chafra, Sphinx and Great Pyramid; "Fellahine," two women, one veiled with jugs on their heads; Mosque Mohammed Ali, Cairo; people perched on corner edge of Great Pyramid.
  • Views of Pakistan and Afghanistan taken during the Afghan War, 1919: Jamrud Fort and the entrance to the Khyber Pass; camel caravan entering Khyber Pass; camels and trucks on road at east end of pass; Ali Musjib Gorge looking south; men, including one on a motorcyle at pumping station near Landi Kotal; road switch-backing up, view from Michni Kandao, last blockhouse on Khyber line; Jangi Gorge; Ghurka sentry above Khargati Ridge and Bagh Spring and village, battleground May 11, 1919; cassons, tents and livestock at Ali Masjid Camp; Kharjati Ridge and Kapirkate from Michni Kandao; Landi Khana Camp just visible from Jangi Gorge; mountains and posts in Khurd Khyber pickets; Landi Khana Camp; Dacca Plain, Afghanistan, man on camel in foreground; squadron of mounted KDG's [King's Dragoon Guards] on road to Landi Khana, Dacca; looking across plain from emergency picket during action, June 21, 1919; Dacca camp, Fort Roberts and Kabul River; looking across Kabul River from Dacca to Lalpurh.
  • Albums.
  • Albumen prints.
  • Photographic prints.
  • Silver gelatin prints.
  • Includes views by J.P. [Pascal] Sebah and Holmes. Images of Egypt by Sebah signed, captioned in French and numbered in negative. Images of Pakistan and Afghanistan by Holmes signed and numbered in negative, captioned in pencil on mounts.
  • Mounts tabbed into red half-leather album.
Access (note)
  • Restricted access;
Provenance (note)
  • Received at Bronx Reference Center, 1981.
Call Number
MFY+ 93-6335
[Album of photographs of Pakistan, Egypt, and European locations] [graphic].
Restricted Access
Restricted access; Photography Collection; Permit must be requested at division indicated.
Received at Bronx Reference Center, 1981.
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Added Author
Sébah, Pascal. Photographer
Holmes, R.B. Photographer
Research Call Number
MFY+ 93-6335
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